Wednesday, 31 May 2006

England doesn't exist!

On 16 April 1975, Margaret Thatcher said this to the Conservative Group for Europe:

“It is a myth that our membership of the Community will suffocate national tradition and culture.”
By 26 August 1997, however, The Daily Mail was saying this:

“The European Union has a map showing Britain divided into areas such as the European Region of Scotland with ENGLAND NO LONGER SO-CALLED, but divided into four 'European regions'."
On 15 April 1999, The Sun added:

“The EU has mapped out its dream of the future - a Europe without England. A chart sent to businesses, schools and libraries shows Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as parts of Europe. But cheeky Eurocrats, hell-bent on a federal superstate, HAVE NOT MARKED ENGLAND. Instead it is simply represented by nine regions.”
On 13 November 2001, The Wirral Globe, no less, chipped in patriotically:

“THE ENGLISH NO LONGER EXIST, according to the European Commission's publication of maps of the United Kingdom.

They show Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, BUT NOT ENGLAND AS AN ENTITY OR COUNTRY. Instead, it shows where England used to be - from Northumbria to Cornwall as nine different 'regions of the European Union'.


The EU denied these accusations thus:

"The regions used by the European Union for Statistics for maps ARE CHOSEN BY MEMBER STATES. In the case of the UK, the EU uses the regional division CHOSEN BY THE UK GOVERNMENT…

The regions of England are referred to as Economic Planning Regions as PREVIOUSLY DESIGNATED BY THE UK GOVERNMENT. If England was designated as a separate regional entity (as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are) BY THE UK GOVERNMENT, then it would have been mentioned on the map. The internal administrative boundaries of a Member State IS A MATTER FOR EACH MEMBER STATE to determine.”

Which denial says just one thing to me: our own treacherous politicians are as happy as the EU Eurocrats to have old England gone.

The Liberation Magazine tells us this:

“The abolition of The United Kingdom by the European Union is… set for May 2009.In 1998, a court case prosecuting Tony Blair, the Queen and 3 former Prime Ministers, under the Treason Acts, was coming to a conclusion. The charge was that as they had illegally signed 4 treaties abolishing our nation, they were guilty of treason and faced life imprisonment.

Shortly before the final hearing, the laws of treason were repealed under the Crime and Disorder Act section 36.3 and the case was dismissed. In 2002 the Queen signed a fifth treaty. The sixth and final one, meaning the abolition of Britain, is scheduled for May 2009. This final treaty will adopt the EU Constitution.”

So, according all of the above, the abolition of Britain is almost complete and England doesn’t exist. Well, I do seem to recall hearing that 80 per cent of our laws now originate in Brussels, so we know that the nameless, faceless folk have a lot more power over us than they ought to have, but abolition? Well, the good ship Britannia didn't exactly sail off the edge of the world in May 2009 but with the Humman Rights Act and the bail outs and the must-take-more-migrant edicts, it might as well have.

As for England, I don't remember hearing that our green and pleasant land had been done away with. We all know they don't like us writing 'English' on government forms and the government jobsworth uses the word 'England' as little as possible these days but have 'England and the English,' as The Wirral Globe claims, really 'been ethnically, racially and nationally cleansed without a single shot being fired?'

This is what the Encyclopaedia Britannica tells us:

“Despite the political, economic, and cultural legacy that has secured the perpetuation of its name, ENGLAND NO LONGER OFFICIALLY EXISTS AS A COUNTRY. Unlike Scotland and Wales, which have their own departments of state and Cabinet ministers, and Northern Ireland, which has self-government in domestic affairs, ENGLAND ENJOYS NO SEPARATE POLITICAL STATUS WITHIN THE UNITED KINGDOM.”

“CONSTITUTIONALLY, ENGLAND DOES NOT EXIST. It is not mentioned in the title of the sovereign who rules the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have certain governmental institutions of their own, but ENGLAND, HAVING SUBSUMED OR CREATED THOSE INSTITUTIONS AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER, NEEDS NO SPECIAL MENTION”.

Pop down to your local library and look up 'England' in the aforementioned tome, ladies and gentlemen.

As the men say, 'you couldn't make it up' and 'I don't belieeeeve it!'

Check out, 'Do you know the Truth About the EU?' here:

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