Monday, 18 November 2019


The video isn't so much an advert for the Brexit Party as a condemnation of the anti-democratic movement to REMAIN!
Many within the political, media and business establishment have shown, by their various manoeuvrings over the course of the last three years, that they couldn't care less what the majority want, or what they vote for. As Ken Livingston once said: 'It doesn't matter who you (or what) vote for, the government always gets in!
And, once in, it will do as it, and those own it, damn well please!
"When our overlords ignore
What 17 million voted for
It's a recipe for civil war
We're not gonna take it any more!
The EU's playing us all for suckers.
Why do we kowtow to these f***ers?
Two fingers up, just say "NO!"
Take NO DEAL and then let's go!
Hey, ho, let's go!
Boris got a new deal,
A glossy but untrue deal.
A good for the EU deal.
Brexit pop.
Was it just pretend? Um...
This effing referendum?
When's it gonna end? Um...
Brexit stop!
Hey, ho - let's go
We don't want your BRINO.
The 17 million are still here
And we'll be voting for the Brexiteer!
Remainer goes and wrecks it.
Closes off the exit.
'Bollocks to your Brexit.'
Brexit stop!
No matter how you sex it,
Boris didn't fix it.
We need a proper Brexit
Brexit Bop!
Hey, ho, let's go!
We don't want your Brino.
A plague upon the political class
Go stuff your globalism up your arse!
Sought the Holy Grail
Got a great betrayal
They should be in jail
Call a cop!
Barniers and Junkers
Soros and the bankers
What a lot of wankers,
At the top!
Hey, ho, let's go
Hey, ho, let's go
Hey, ho, let's go
Hey, ho, let's go!"
The backing track for this video was nabbed from the Ramones' 1976 debut single in the United States, 'Blitzkrieg Bop.' 

Apologies to Joey, Tommy, Dee Dee and Johnny for massacring their song.

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