Friday, 9 December 2016

Ruth Smeeth and the Battle of Cable Street

Ruth Smeeth's great-Uncle Hymie, a Jewish gangster, took part in the Battle of Cable Street.

She thinks what occurred there 80 years ago was a big victory for the good against the bad.

I beg to differ.
"Great Uncle Hymie was part of the Aldgate Mob. (The Aldgate Mob was a powerful gang of Jewish criminals operating out of the East End of London) When it became clear that the government wasn't going to block Mosley's march... a group of Jewish men and women got together and COLLECTED WEAPONRY... Everything that was wood that could be turned into a weapon was collected.

Hymie then collected money in order that they could BRIBE... THE POLICE TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY and they got ready for what was, eighty years ago, a great street battle... Great uncle Hymie did what needed to be done.

We've seen politicians for decades use vile hate, political rhetoric, the BNP, now UKIP... Donald Trump in The States."
Since Mosley's time, the violence has emerged, almost exclusively, from the Left, the immigrant and the criminal.

In other words, from Ruth Smeeth's side of the argument.
"Evil, hate-filled rhetoric hasn't gone away... It's had a real impact since Brexit. We've got to be standing firm, I'm doing some work on a cross party basis to see how we can encourage other colleagues to manage their rhetoric in this period of negotiations."
You're policing what your fellow MPs are saying now?

In case they say something you don't like? Well, that's nothing new, is it? You've been managing what we say, do and think for quite some time now via your control of the media, political correctness, which Jewish intellectuals of the Frankfurt School foist upon the world, and ownership of the political process.

Who forced the race laws upon the British people, Ruth? You know, in order to shut us whilst you were filling our country full of people we never wanted here? Fancy coming clean on that?

Hey, Ruth! What if the MPs whom you instruct to 'manage their rhetoric' are telling a truth that the general public ought to know? Will you be encouraging them not to say it again? Just because you, a Jew, don't want it said?

It's all gone quiet over there.
"We've got to be really vigilant. And social media's made it easy for people to write down, put on record, what they really think!"
Oh, my word, call out the SAS, people are writing down what they really f***ing think!

I mean, ladies and gentleman, do you truly want this ghastly creature, who applauds violence done by her Jewish mobster in-laws, telling us what to be, do and think and creating law in the mother of parliaments? Even if you're still too brainwashed or scared to say what you really believe, I don't honestly think you do, do you?
"We've killed the BNP... but we haven't beat their ideology."
A question for you, who do you think Ruth would care for most, a million Britons who voted for the BNP?

The four million who voted for UKIP? Or a Jewish gangster?

Not rocket science, is it?

Ruth Smeeth is the Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent North.

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