Monday, 31 October 2016

Denise Scott and the Social Justice Warrior

After Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star was destroyed, Denise Scott, a homeless black woman, took it upon herself to squat upon the remains, in order to defend it from further abuse.

In the first video she can be seen holding up placards defending her hero. In the second, Paul Joseph Watson, of Prison Planet fame, runs us through the physical and verbal assault she endured at the hands of a crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters. (In his own colourful style)

Anyway, this video shows the hard left Social Justice Warrior (SJW) up for what he and she really are. Anyone who disagrees with their happy, clappy, meek and mild fantasy of what ought to be, is fair game for the viciousness that lurks a hair's breadth beneath the surface.

Even a homeless black woman.

Donald Trump has said that he will be rewarding Denise for her efforts on his behalf.

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