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The murder of Kriss Donald

On 15 March 2004, 15-year-old schoolboy Kriss Donald was murdered in Pollockshields, Glasgow.

Kriss was out walking with his friend Jamie Wallace when five Muslims leapt out of a Mercedes, dragged Kriss into the car, and drove off. As Jamie escaped, one the kidnappers said, ‘you'll be next!’

Zahid Mohammed told the court that he and his friends drove around the Pollokshields area of Glasgow looking for anyone young and white. One of them said they would ‘chop them up and take their eyes out and stab them.’ As soon as they chanced upon Kriss and Jamie, they jumped out of the car and began to beat them up.

Advocate deputy, Mark Stewart, asked Mohammed, if it was it an Asian boy, a Chinese boy, a black boy they sought? Mohammed replied:
Kriss was taken on a 200-mile journey before returning to Glasgow. The car drew up on waste ground behind the Celtic Supporters Club in the east end of the city. Kriss, who was described in court as a defenceless, young, slightly built schoolboy who experienced 'extreme terror' before he died, was then beaten again, stabbed 13 times and, after petrol was poured over him, set on fire. His badly burned and naked body was found the following morning by a man who thought it was an animal's carcass.

Two days after Kriss's death the police said it was still too early to say if the murder was racially motivated. Four day's after his death the BBC said:
Mohammed Sarwar, MP for Glasgow Govan at the time, acknowledged that there had been problems in the area six months before, but added:
"We have to be very cautious that we don't allow the BNP and other right-wing organisations to exploit this tragedy."
Local businessman, Jamshaid Raja, said:
"It was not an Asian on white attack, those thugs would carry out the same act on an Asian person."
Gordon Jackson, the Member of the Scottish Parliament with responsibility for the area where Kriss was killed, stated that young men got into 'bother' from time to time in every city and warned against any speculation that there was a racial motive to the incident in an area with a 'substantial' Asian population. He added:
"WHAT I DO NOT WANT TO DO IS PUT DOWN YOUNG MEN's BEHAVIOUR TO A RACE PROBLEM. I am horrified that all of a sudden people want to suggest that is what it is about and that is a problem."
Hanif Rajah, of the Pakistan Forum Scotland, told BBC Scotland that he, too, did not believe it was a racist crime, adding:
"I think the trouble... is a gang fight among youths. It is not a racially motivated killing."
However, at the High Court in Glasgow, the jury took just two-and-a-quarter hours to find Daanish Zahid guilty by a unanimous verdict of the charges of racially-aggravated murder. He was jailed for life.

Zahid Mohammed, who admitted abducting Kriss, was jailed for five years. (Released after just two)

Warrants were issued for Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Mustaq, who were incriminated in court by Zahid and Mohammed. These three fled to Pakistan immediately after Kriss was killed. The Strathclyde Police applied to the Home and Foreign Offices for help in extraditing Shadid and co. at this point. These applications were turned down. A police source admitted:
"We have encountered serious problems with our attempts to seek extradition for these suspects and it has caused a great deal of frustration among the officers involved in the case."
Despite the 'problems', in July 2005, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Mustaq were detained by the police in a village near Faisalabad. Imran Shaid was arrested a few days later in Lahore. They were extradited to the UK that October.

On 8 November 2006, the Shahids and Mushtaq were found guilty of the racially motivated murder of Kriss Donald and jailed for life. The judge, Lord Uist, said this before pronouncing sentence:
“You have all been convicted by the jury of the racially aggravated abduction and murder of Kriss Donald, a wholly innocent 15 year old boy of slight build. He was selected as your victim only BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE and walking in a certain part of the Pollokshields area of Glasgow when you sought out a victim.

This murder consisted of the premeditated, cold-blooded execution of your victim by stabbing him 13 times and setting him alight with petrol while he was still in life. It truly was an abomination. 
The savage and barbaric nature of this notorious crime has rightly shocked and appalled the public. Your victim must have been in a state of extreme terror while held by you during a four hour car journey across Central Scotland and back, and the agony which he must have suffered during the period between being stabbed and set alight and his death is just beyond imagining.”
Nowadays, if a five-strong gang from a minority community murder a white boy from the majority community in cold blood, it's just 'young men's behaviour', a bit of 'bother' and 'a gang fight among youths' to some.

The one thing it most certainly can never be is 'a racially motivated killing', or a 'a race problem', and we must all do our politically correct bit to 'play down suggestions the killing was racial.'

If, however, a five-strong gang of white youths were to murder a black or an Asian youth, it's banner headlines in the press, it's politicians on the bandwagon, it's questions in Parliament, it's 'institutional racism' and it is The McPherson Report. It is also a never-ending media and parliamentary campaign to demonise the fundamentally law abiding majority for the benefit and encouragement of the comparatively lawless, irresponsible and destructive minorities.

Wikipedia tells us this about the media and constabulary reaction to Kriss' murder:
"The BBC has been criticised by some viewers because THE CASE FEATURED ON NATIONAL NEWS ONLY THREE TIMES (How many times has the BBC mentioned Stephen Lawrence?) and the first trial was later largely confined to regional Scottish bulletins including the verdict itself. 
Although admitting that the BBC had ‘got it wrong,’ the organisation's Head of News gathering, Fran Unsworth, largely rejected the suggestion that Donald's race played a part in the lack of reportage, instead claiming it was mostly a product of ‘Scottish blindness.’

In preference to reporting the verdict the organisation found the time to report the opening of a new arts centre in Gateshead it its running order. THE BBC AGAIN FACED CRITICISMS FOR ITS FAILURE TO COVER THE SECOND TRIAL IN ITS MAIN BULLETINS, WAITING UNTIL DAY 18 TO MENTION THE ISSUE and Peter Horrocks of the BBC apologised for the organisation's failings.

However, Peter Fahy, spokesman of race issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers noted that THE MEDIA AS A WHOLE TENDED TO UNDER-REPORT THE RACIST MURDERS OF WHITE PEOPLE, stating it was a fact that it was ‘HARDER TO GET THE MEDIA INTERESTED WHERE MURDER VICTIMS WERE YOUNG WHITE MEN’…

An article in The Scotsman newspaper alleged A LACK OF RESPONSE BY AUTHORITIES TO CONCERNS OF RISING RACIAL TENSIONS and that Strathclyde Police had felt pressured to abandon Operation Gather, an investigation into Asian gangs in the area, FOR FEAR OF OFFENDING ETHNIC MINORITIES.

In a January 2005 interview with a Scottish newspaper, he had previously claimed that ‘fear and intimidation’ had allowed problems with Asian gangs in some parts of the city to go unchecked. The article also quoted a former senior Strathclyde police officer who criticised ‘A CULTURE OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ WHICH HAD ALLOWED GANG CRIME TO ‘GROW UNFETTERED’…

The case drew attention to the issues of prisoners automatically being released from prison early when it emerged that one of the murderers, Shahid, was on early release from a prison sentence at the time of the killing. He had previously been jailed for two and half years for a road rage attack BUT ONLY SERVED NINE MONTHS OF HIS SENTENCE.”
And Imran Shahid's response to the rehabilitation offered by Her Majesty's Prison Service?

On 2 June 2011, The Daily Record reported thus:
"Kriss Donald killer Imran 'Baldy' Shahid was put in solitary for his own protection, prison bosses told a judge yesterday. The whining thug is suing taxpayers for £6000, claiming his human rights were breached when he was kept in segregation for more than four years.

But counsel for the Scottish Prison Service told the Court of Session that other cons sickened by Shahid's racist murder had made 'serious threats' against him...

Counsel Douglas Ross said bodybuilder Shahid helped make the case for keeping him segregated by repeatedly bragging that he would 'respond violently to any threat.' Mr Ross also disputed Shahid's claims that being in solitary had caused him psychological harm."
In February 2013, Shahid was violently attacked in Kilmarnock jail. 

This was captured on CCTV.

I would describe the above in just two words:


On 23 February 2013, The Daily Record said this:

"Kris Donald murderer Imran 'Baldy' Shahid has glorified his brutal life of violence in sick poetry which has been entered for a national award scheme for prison art. It opens a window on the warped mind behind one of Scotland’s most horrific crimes, and shows all the boorish arrogance that has made Shahid a marked man behind bars.
Shahid, now 36, led the gang who abducted Kriss in Pollokshields, Glasgow, in 2004, dragging him into a car simply because he was white. The thugs took the terrified schoolboy on a four-hour terror ride across central Scotland before stabbing him 13 times, dousing him in petrol and leaving him to burn to death.

Shahid’s revolting writing shows no remorse for Kriss or his grieving family. Instead, he justifies his depraved behaviour and tries to portray himself as a fearless gangster, rather than a coward who murdered a defenceless boy…

One poem, called 50 Levels of Wrath… is marked as an entry for the Koestler Awards, run by prison charity the Koestler Trust. It is accompanied by a drawing, apparently a stylised self-portrait mimicking gangster rapper Ice Cube, which repeats his chilling phrase, ‘the world has to pay’.”
The Koestler Prize was instituted by 'Darkness at Noon' author, Arthur Koestler, in 1962. 

Here's what the Koestler Trust has to say about its founder:
"Koestler was the only child of middle-class Jewish parents. He gave up his undergraduate studies in Vienna to become a Zionist pioneer in Palestine. At 22, he secured a prestigious job in journalism in Berlin, but 4 years later RESIGNED TO JOIN THE COMMUNIST PARTY.

He moved to Paris TO WRITE FOR LEFT-WING JOURNALS, co-authored some GROUND-BREAKING SEX MANUALS and made a year-long VISIT TO THE USSR. In 1936, while reporting on the Spanish Civil War, he was arrested by Franco's fascists, condemned to death FOR ESPIONAGE and spent 3 months in prison in Malaga and Seville. THE BRITISH FOREIGN OFFICE SECURED HIS RELEASE...
Koestler was arrested in Paris at the outbreak of World War Two, as the French AUTHORITIES SUSPECTED HIM OF SUBVERSION. After 3 months in the brutal Le Vernet Detention Camp, he was RELEASED THROUGH BRITISH INTERVENTION...

Aged 77... he took his own life by overdose. His third wife, Cynthia, aged 55 and in good health, committed suicide with his...

In 1998, a biography by David Cesarani detailed Koestler's sexual affairs and drinking. It included a disclosure by Jill Craigie, wife of Labour MP Michael Foot, that SHE HAD BEEN RAPED BY KOESTLER in 1952.

At the Koestler Trust, we acknowledge that our founder was a controversial figure. We maintain his name because his idea of cash prizes for prisoners' artworks was far ahead of its time and a brilliant way of valuing offenders' creativity. We are a charity which CELEBRATES THE BEST ACHIEVEMENTS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE GRAVE MISTAKES IN LIFE and ARTHUR KOESTLER CONTINUES TO BE AN APPROPRIATE FIGUREHEAD FOR THIS WORK."
Koestler Trust’s Board of Advisors:

Prof Douglas Dunn; Mark Eban; Roger Graef; Anna Guggenheim, QC; Sir Martin Jacomb; Baroness Linklater of Butterstone; Rt Hon Alan Moses; Nigel Whiskin, MBE.

At least four of the above are, like Koestler, Jewish.

Listen up, all you kind, tolerant, decent, honourable, fair-minded British people.

If the sad tale related above has given you pause for thought, do me a favour, for once in your life put yourselves first. Don't keep doing what the establishment tells you to do. Don't let the foreigner push you to the back in the land your ancestors made for their descendants. Put yourselves before the Zahids, the Mohammeds, the Shahids and Mushtaqs. Look out for your own family, your own neighbourhood, your village, your town, your society, culture, heritage, tribe, people and country.

It's yours, it's not theirs!

The PC Crowd persuaded you to give almost everything away that your ancestors fought for, died for and sacrificed so much for. Do you think really they'd have wanted you to do that?

Next time a politically correct politician, a media darling or an immigrant chancer mentions the word racism ladies and gents, remember what happened to Kriss Donald.

And sharpen your pitchforks.

P.S. Just one parliamentary Early Day Motion mentions Kriss Donald. Apart from this, no MP and no Lord or Lady has ever spoken of his tragic death in the Houses of Parliament.

Stephen Lawrence has inspired more than 20 Early Day Motions and has been mentioned in Westminster over 2,000 times by more than 500 MPs, Lords and Ladies.

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