Thursday, 19 May 2016

The German future: You must have an immigrant background!

Don't say you weren't warned, folks.

Evil 'racists' like me have been warning you of the actual state of affairs since Oswald Mosley's time.

However, instead of heeding those warnings, or at least checking them out, you chose to believe what the bought-and-paid-for politician and the media hack told you.

There used to be an excuse for this. Until recently, all we had to go on was news and opinion churned out by the mainstream media. Which, of course, has always been dominated by unprincipled 'hack.' But for decades now we have had the internet and social media, where you can find out almost everything worth knowing. And so, for the last ten years at least, there has been NO EXCUSE not to be aware that the Western politician (and those who own him) have your WORST interests at heart much of the time.

Not your best.

Your aggressive inattention has produced creatures like Lamya Kaddor. How many of these are now sounding off nastily in our world? How many couldn't care less what we want or feel? We also, of course, have ghastly, PC chat show hosts like Bettina Böttinger giggling and nodding on cue as the ungrateful alien spouts contempt for those who gave her and her co-religionists sanctuary.

Don't ever say you weren't warned, folks, because you were.

You just chose to follow the wagtail fashion of the times and ignore the warnings.

Your children and grandchildren must now live with that choice.

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