Monday, 22 February 2016

We will continue to come in the hundreds of millions!

On 19 February 2016, London-based 'political analyst' and blogger, Sukant Chandan, of Global Civilians for Peace in Libya, said this on RT TV:
"The New migrants... when they come here from Africa and Asia and Latin America... everyone obeys the law, they respect the law, they respect their neighbours but there's a very dangerous, pernicious new Fascism emerging that's essentialising these new migrants and refugees as all rapists, all criminals, all terrorists, it's a nonsense.

I'll tell you one thing: black and Asian people should come here in the hundreds of millions. It’s not right that for 500 years, imperialism has looted our countries of all our wealth, has destroyed our countries. We will come here, we have been coming here, and WE WILL CONTINUE TO COME HERE IN THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS until, indeed, as Gaddafi said, EUROPE WILL TURN BLACK!"

So you see, you can be nice as pie, you can be the loveliest, fluffiest immigrant imaginable.

You can be the kind of non-native who 'obeys the law' and respects your neighbours, you can be one of those who bears us no malice, despite all the looting and destroying our elite forbears allegedly engaged in, and yet, if you, with 'hundreds of of millions' of others, continue to descend upon us, you will, in short order, turn our white world 'black.'

That wouldn't be very nice, would it? Blotting out those who gave you sanctuary in the world their ancestors made (as you fled the one made by your own) really wouldn't be all that lovely or fluffy. And that, as Sukant so gleefully points out, is the inevitable consequence of unfettered mass migration.

Ladies and gentlemen, no matter how law-abiding they were (the British authorities turned a blind eye as Sharia law was established in our country), from the early 1950s onwards, when the British people began to make it plain that they wanted ALL immigration from the third world stopped, those who came here as adults have known all along that the indigenous population DID NOT WANT THEM TO COME!

But the oh-so law-abiding, ab fab foreigners put two fingers up at what the British people wanted and came anyway. That really wasn't all that nice of them, now was it?

Sukant describes the descendants of those who, despite their instinctive desire not to be overrun by outsiders, tolerated the incomer, as the incubators of a 'very dangerous, pernicious new Fascism.'

There is a point, I think, (long-passed in this country) where tolerance becomes cowardice. Those native Britons who would tolerate, not the just the unwanted mass migration of snarling ingrates like Chandan, not just the descent of our cities and towns into multi-racial hell holes, not just the Rotherham, Rochdale and Keighley paedophiles, but the genocide of their own kith and kin, are gutless sheep wholly deserving of the oblivion Chandan's prediction threatens.

Their children and grandchildren, however, do not deserve to pass into the black hole of unremembered history.

There are many now who will fight to see that they have a future, despite the best efforts of the Chandans, the politicians, the PC Crowd, the media darlings, the civil servant jobsworths and the global overlords who own them all.

Dying quietly just isn't an option for us.

P.S. If you think Chandan's 'turn-Whitey-black' moment was just some psychosomatic, alien blip, you might want to check out his Sons of Malcolm (Malcolm X) blog. Here, for example, Chandan offers, amongst other things, 'a free one year long liberation school on deconstructing white supremacy!' Contact: for more details.

Chandan is not alone in wanting us gone.
Here's another instructive essay: Taking Over the West!

Sukant Chandan - @sonsofmalcolm - Twitter

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