Friday, 26 February 2016

EU conspiracy - Britain on the brink!

In this 2009 film, various learned folk, including astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore, journalist Christopher Booker, former MP Christopher Gill and Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, tell us why they think we should get out of the European Union.

Patrick Moore says this:
"Traditional customs, familiar and trusted patterns of a liberal, compassionate society, the British way of doing things, all are disappearing and being replaced by a frustrating avalanche of alien regulation and bureaucracy... As a result of British membership of the European Union, the very character of our unique way of life is being destroyed...

Almost all of what you are about to hear has been hidden from you. Everything you are about to hear is the truth."
Christopher Gill introduces Vladimir Bukovsky thus:
"Vladimir Bukovsky spent a total of 12 years in Russian psychiatric prisons and labour camps for defending human rights during the 1960s and 1970s... He now lives in Cambridge. He has experienced first hand a system which he considers ominously similar to the one being imposed upon us.

If he is right, then the Britain you and I know truly is on the brink of extinction."
Bukovsky himself opines:
"It is really puzzling to me that, having just buried one monster, the Soviet Union, another remarkably similar one, the European Union, is being built.

The Soviet Union was governed by 15 unelected people who appointed each other and who were not accountable to anyone. The EU is governed by 28 people who also appoint each
 other, meet in secret and are not accountable to anyone and whom we cannot sack.

One might say the EU has an elected parliament; well the
 Soviet Union had a sort of parliament too. 
The Supreme Soviet who just rubber-stamped Politbureau decisions pretty
much like the EU does and where speaking time is restricted to political
 groupings and with a time limit of just one minute per speaker.

In the EU there are hundreds of thousands of Eurocrats with their huge
 salaries, pensions, servants, privileges and lifelong immunity from
 prosecution, simply shuffling from one position to another, no matter what they
do or fail to do. Is this not exactly what life in the Soviet Union used to be

The Soviet Union was created by coercion and very often by 
military occupation; the EU is being created, admittedly not by armed force,
 but by coercion and economic bullying...

We were told that the purpose of the Soviet Union was to
 create a new historic entity the Soviet peoples and we must forget our
 nationality, our ethnic traditions and customs. The same thing appears to be true of the EU as they don’t
 want you to be British or French, but want you to be a new historic entity, a 
European, to suppress all your national feelings and live as a multi-nation

After 73 years the same system in the Soviet Union resulted 
in more ethnic conflict than anywhere in the whole world. In the Soviet Union one of the grand purposes 
was the destruction of the nation state and that is exactly what I observe
 Europe is doing today. Brussels intends 
to absorb national states so they should cease to exist.

Corruption was built into the Soviet Union system from the
 top down and so it is in the EU. The 
very same endemic corruption activity that destroyed the old Soviet Union 
thrives now in the EU. Those who oppose it or expose it are silenced or punished, nothing changes.

In the Soviet Union we have a gulag. I think we have a gulag in the EU as
 well – POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. When anyone tries to speak their 
mind or air views that differ from those approved on race or gender they are
 ostracised. This is the beginning of the gulag, the beginning of your loss of your freedom.

In the Soviet Union they told us we needed a federal state to
 avoid war. In the EU they are telling us
exactly the same thing. In short the
 same ideology underpins both systems.

The EU is an old-style soviet model presented in western

The old Soviet Union system was incapable of reform. So is the EU. But there is an alternative to
 being ruled by these two dozen self-appointed officials in Brussels... independence.

You don’t have to accept what they have planned for you...

Remember I have already lived in your future and it didn’t work.”
One of the things I say most often, here and elsewhere, is this.
"THEY are at war with us, ladies and gentlemen. They really are. Immigrants are their footsoldiers, political correctness and the media brainwash, their weapons of mass destruction."
Not just me who thinks this, is it? Oh no. Plenty of p***ed off big shots have been sounding off similarly for quite some time now.

In order to keep us in the EU, THEY will have to fix things, and I'm not just talking media propaganda, spin and smear. I mean good, old stuffed ballot boxes, millions of interestingly filled in postal votes, dead granddads rising up out of their graves to register and opinion, lots of people who can't speak English, or even spell the word, putting an "X" in the box marked "IN."

THEY will do what Joe Stalin would have done. Do you remember what the second greatest mass murderer of all time (the greatest was his fellow Marxist, Mao-Tse Tung) said?
"I care not who votes in an election. I care only who COUNTS the vote."
Never mind. If THEY fix things too ostentatiously, and they will have to, they WILL be found out.

At which point, the good guys take their world back by whatever means necessary.

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