Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Salwa El Mtayri wants to open the door for slavery

After visiting Mecca and seeking the advice of the highest religious authorities in Islam, Kuwaiti woman, Salwa El Mtayri, wants to make Christian women sex-slaves!
"I went to Mecca to get the recommendation of the Muftees. I asked them about the regulations concerning sex slaves. The Mufti explained that the way once acquires sex slaves is for a Muslim country to attack a Christian country, or a non-Muslim country, and enslave the prisoners of war... he assured me that, in Islam, slavery is permitted. 
I also asked religious people in Kuwait. They certified that the only solution to protect Muslim believers from adultery is for the believers to buy sex slaves. Personally, I hope Kuwait legitimises sex slavery... I really hope... to open the door for slavery. 
Caliph Harun Al Rashiid... possessed 2,000 sex slaves but only one wife. It is something to be proud of! Our Shariaa permits it! And, thanks to Allah, our country has many pious businessmen interested in this trade!"
Nice one, Angela! 

Nice one, Dave, Jeremy, Tim, Ed, Nick, Gordon, Tony, Harriet, Jack, Peter.

Nice one, Barack, George, Dick, Paul, Richard; Condoleeza; Madeline.

Nice one New World Order; global elite; Antifa; PC Crowd; do-gooders.

Nice one traitors.

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