Saturday, 9 January 2016

The European white man still possesses too much

On 7 January 2016, following the nastiness perpetrated by, for the most part, recently admitted refugees in Cologne, leading economist and former politician, Dr. László Bogár said this on Hungary's Háttér-kép (Echo TV):
"Global power... your fundamental goal for everything is the annihilation of all that is still human, that has dignity. You believe that, for now, the European white man still possesses too much of this... You want to prove that you can do whatever you want. According to your desires you can blow up, break apart, destroy Europe most organised and richest countries...

This global scum, this global filth... that has been pumped over here with aid of gigantic resources... and, naturally, at the very end, we need the cheap, underhanded...cynical collaboration of Europe's ruling elite. Also that of the British Prime Minister... Sarkozy back then and Monsieur Hollande... the German Chancellor... they participated in the destruction of Syria, Libya...

You were dragged into the projects known as WWI and WWII by the same unspeakable world power. And you are now idly watching, misled, letting it drag you into another identical one, a third world war...

We must stand up against this... this can only lead to civil war. But that is the goal... This global power doesn't want anything more than... a never ending, brutal 30 years war."
Dr. Bogár says quite a bit more than this here and you should most definitely check it out.

When someone who has as much credibility as this chap steps forward to spill the beans, we should all take considerable note.

As it happens, what he says is spot on.

Since the reckless and, to many, bewildering interventions in Libya and Syria, and Merkel's subsequent decision to admit more than a million supposed refugees from these conflicts (more have come Africa and Turkey than Syria/Libya) in less than a year, many of those who would once have accepted the establishment's dishonest narrative as gospel, are now asking questions and seeking answers.

The answers provided here by Dr. Bogár will satisfy a great many more now than would have been the case back in 2003.

It's no longer a select few telling tales on the establishment, is it? Everyone's at it nowadays.

Hurrah for those that dare! Hurrah for those that dare all right. If any can prevent a third world war, it will be them.

Attention paid by those who once routinely ignored the harsh realities will, of course, also be crucial.

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