Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Disgusting pork eaters and outsiders!

Indigenous German schoolchildren are taught to embrace multiculturalism and embrace diversity. Anyone who doesn't is likely to face severe censure.

However, the same standards are not applied to the beneficiaries of diversity. Indeed, some immigrant schoolchildren don't even know what the word 'integration' means.

When asked here what they think of their German contemporaries, one says they're 'disgusting pork eaters' and 'outsiders.' Only one of these suggests he has or wants a German friend. The student is subsequently ridiculed.

One immigrant girl goes on to say that no one in her neighbourhood would notice if the Germans disappeared.

Thanks, Angela.

1 comment:

  1. They would notice, because without civilised people, they would be living amongst their own people, you know, the ones they left their own countries to get away from.

    Also, very quickly, their streets would be trashed by their disgusting behaviour of dumping rubbish anywhere other than assigned dumps, they would have no decent health care, and the infrastructure that they couldn't develop in their own countries, would collapse.

    They'd be in the very same third world state that they left when they came to OUR countries. These specimens should all be deported, each and every one of them, so they can live amongst their own people, as they so clearly wish.

    What a joke these intellectually stunted things are.