Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Don't follow those who want to exclude others!

"Every country has always benefited from successful immigration. It has... societal benefits... The migration and integration of such a large amount of people is a true chance for tomorrow...

It is crucial not to follow those who want to exclude others and, with coldness and even hate in their hearts, demand that 'being German' belongs to them alone!"
Germany for Germans!

And everyone else on the planet that might be a danger to them.

Did I say 'might?' WILL be a danger to them. Invite more than a million Muslims into a Christian country and everything will be hunk-dory? It will be 'a true chance for tomorrow?'

And pigs might fly.

Merkel is a traitor. She is an East German Commie whom the German people trusted to do the right thing by them. As a result they have been sold down the river. What she has done is beyond betrayal.

Merkel has imported war.

On the same day that she gave this speech, her immigrant pets sexually assaulted and mugged young women en masse all across Germany. 

They were also attacked elsewhere in Europe, leading the authorities to conclude that these events were coordinated.

The same authorities did their best to cover up what the 'refugees' had done but the truth soon emerged via social media and, by 4 January, the mainstream media were catching up.

Beginning with the events in Cologne, where most of the assaults appear to have taken place, here are some of the press reports:

Up to 1,000 men 'of Arab and North African origin' sexually assault many at Cologne station
Cologne sex attacks: Merkel disgusted?
New Year's Eve: British woman in Germany on being intimidated by over a hundred Arabs
'Angela Merkel invited us!' Asylum seekers taunt police after robbing/raping women
Violence of Cologne is 'nothing new,' it's routinely hushed up, says ex-cop
Post Cologne, Breitbart critics have fallen silent
German cops cover up extent of crime committed by migrants!
Asylum seekers who participated in Cologne depravity could be deported?
Governments cover up but Cologne proves many Muslims have NO respect for our women
NAZIR AFZAL: Why Britain should be worried by this flood of young male migrants
COLOGNE ATTACKER! “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me!"
COLOGNE: "Xenophobes are fanning the flames!"
Did German cops cover up refugee involvement in Cologne sex attacks on NYE?
"Women ran a gauntlet that words cannot describe!"
COLOGNE: "I always dismissed this stuff as right-wing propaganda but this was REAL!"
COLOGNE! Austrian police have covered up identical gang assaults!
FARAGE: 'Women there ("in Brussels") are sadly now molested regularly in certain districts'
‘Brussels won't admit migrant policy caused Cologne’
Cologne police chief fired as witness says NYE violence was coordinated
German minister says right-wingers are just as 'awful' as Cologne migrant sex attackers
COLOGNE: Traitor cops fire water cannons, pepper spray at PEGIDA protesters
Cologne out of control! A week since migrant attacks another girl hospitalised by gang!
COLOGNE: Germany's women are angry, scared and tired of excuses
Cologne migrant attacks cover-up shames the BBC
COLOGNE - 516 attacks reported! COLOGNE - A city gripped by fear!
Cologne sex attacks were planned, says German justice minister
COLOGNE - Similar attacks took place in Stockholm this summer - MSM did not report!
#Rapefugees trending on Twitter after Cologne NYE attacks
Fondled and groped: More victims reveal horror details at hands of Cologne sex attackers
ISIS supporter shot dead in Paris was arrested for sexually assaulting women in Cologne

Immigrant criminality throughout the rest of Germany

Eritrean Migrants warn Germans their days are numbered
Anti-Merkel banner on A40 bridges in Essen and Mülheim
Why Germany can't face the truth about migrant sex attacks 
BIELEFELD: 500 men molest and grope women in New Year's Eve discoteque
'Integrated' immigrant opinion of Germans: 'Disgusting, pork eating outsiders nobody would miss!'
HAMBURG - "Southerners" groped woman in bus
LEIPZIG: 'Refugees not welcome' - Thousands protest
Merkel admits European refugee crisis is 'out of control!'
Germany 'out of control' Syrian teens arrested for rape of girl in pool amid more attacks


HELSINKI COPS: ‘Widespread’ sexual harassment by ‘asylum seekers’ on New Year’s Eve
Did 1,000-strong sex gang ALSO strike in Zurich? 
Migrant rape fears spreads: assaults in Sweden/Finland/Germany/Austria/Switzerland
Salzburg and Vienna: More sex victims - 4-YEAR-OLD GIRL and mother molested!
Fear of the immigrant spreads across Europe!
Swedish cops covered up mass sexual assaults as well?
Mass sexual assault covered up in Sweden too
Terrified Scots school kids attacked by immigrants in Calais!


Muslim terror attack in Canada

AND, in the wake of the mass sex attacks by Merkel's refugees, what does she do?

Clamp down on OUR free speech!

What do her officials do?

Another German woman evicted to make room for immigrants!

And what do her Ministers say?

German minister: Facebook posts criticizing migrants “at least as bad” as mass rape!"

Gaddafi foretold rise of ISIS in phone calls to Blair, warned Europe would be attacked
Cherie Blair's sister now a cheerleader for Islamic zealots!
Unassimilable Muslim migrants crash Europe’s fantasy Islam
The larger motive behind the groping Jihad
African immigrant brutally assaults woman returning from helping immigrants

Thanks, Angela (@Angie_Merkel)

Thanks, those who own her. You, pretty obviously, think you can do anything to us. You think you can inflict any and every indignity on White World in your quest for the final solution.

So you sow the wind.

As night follows day, the whirlwind will surely follow.

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