Thursday, 31 December 2015

We spit on her! Sperm and dirt all over!

The guy who translated the above into English thinks the gentlemen present when this video was made are probably second-generation immigrant Turks.

These are the words of one of seven men who gang raped a German girl recently.
"Dude, we were seven guys... Adim switched off the light and f***ed her. He deflowered her. She was a virgin. You must iamgine that! Virgin...

She screams and, of course, she was fighting back... We had her legs, dude. Bang! One held here over there, the other over there, dude. And, then, dude, Sinan and the others. One after another, dude! Virgin, dude... I swear to you!

She cried... She couldn't go on any longer. And we, like pigs we spit on her. Sperm and dirt all over her. We really got milked!

Dude, it was a virgin and we destroyed her with seven guys, dude!"
On behalf of the past, present and future virgins who have been, are being and will be gang-raped in future, thanks for inviting a million more like this into Germany in the last year, Angela!

We know you had the best interests of the German people at heart when you did so.

Hey, Dave!
"Religion of peace?"
You must think we're nuts.

How many times has Cameron said 'religion of peace' or something similar since the events in Rotherham became common knowledge. How many times has he mentioned Muslim paedophilia in the House of Commons?

Did he actively try to brush it under the carpet, as so many others did?

Almost certainly.
The men and women who covered up crimes such as these, perpetrated upon the children of the United Kingdom by, for the most part, first and second-generation immigrant paedophiles are traitors. They put the happiness and welfare of the alien pervert before that of the children of Britain for more than three decades.

Those who still vote for such creatures aid-and-abet their treachery. That much should be obvious by now.

"Religion of peace," Dave?

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