Thursday, 8 October 2015

Our children are in danger. It is unforgivable!

On 7 October 2015, David Cameron said this at the Tory Party conference in Manchester.
"For too long, we’ve been so frightened of causing offence that we haven’t looked hard enough at what is going on... British children, going to Pakistan in the summer holidays,... and forced to marry a man they’ve never met… British children having their genitals mutilated, not just in a clinic in Lagos but the backstreets in Britain. 
This passive tolerance has... put our children in danger. It is unforgivable. We’ve passed the laws – now I want them enforced. People who organise forced marriages – I want them prosecuted. Parents who take their children for FGM – I want them arrested."
Who encouraged the 'passive tolerance' that 'put our children in danger,' Dave?

Who legislated against the intolerance of those who actively tried to warn the British people of the reality? You did. LibLabCon did whatever it could to dissuade us from from protest and shore up its decades-long multicultural fantasy.

Unforgivable? Oh, yes. We'll never forgive you, Dave. Never.

Compare what Dave has said in the recent past to the above and you'll get an idea of the kind of two-faced phoney the New World Order likes to see slither to the top of the greasy pole.

I want an Asian PM!

Muslims make Britain a success!

On 26 June 2015, Seifeddine Rezgui carried out 'the deadliest terror attack against British citizens since 7/7,' murdering 30 Britons in Tunisia.

On the same day, Yassin Salhi, having cut the head off his boss, rammed his vehicle into 'an area containing flammable liquids' in a French factory; ISIS murdered 27 people in an attack on a Shia mosque in Kuwait City and killed at least 145 civilians in an attack on the Syrian town of Kobani,' al-Shabab killed at least 30 people in an attack upon an African Union military base in southern Somalia and David Cameron said 'Islam is a religion of peace.'

Dave has a penchant for such insensitivity. Check it out:
"There is nothing in Islam that justifies acts of terror.." (After Lee Rigby was murdered by black Muslims) 
"They don’t represent Islam or Muslims in Britain or anywhere else in the world." (Reaction to the massacre by Al-Shabab in Nairobis’s Westgate shopping centre)
“It is nothing to do with one of the world’s great religions, Islam, which is a religion of peace." (Following the slaughter of 132 children and 9 adults at a school in Pakistan in December 2014)
“These people in Iraq and Syria doing these appalling things, they have nothing to do with the great religion of Islam, a religion of peace. A religion that inspires daily acts of kindness and generosity." (At the Eid festival in 2014, following the beheading of British and American hostages by ISIS)

Cameron also said this at the Conference:
"When I read what some young people born and brought up in this country are doing, it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Girls not much older than my eldest daughter, swapping loving family homes and straight-A futures for a life of servitude under ISIL...
Boys who could do anything they wanted in Britain – who have benefitted from all this country stands for – instead ending up in the desert wielding a knife. 
This ideology, this diseased view of the world, has become an epidemic – infecting minds from the mosques of Mogadishu to the bedrooms of Birmingham. 
Here’s what we need to do.  
One: tear up the narrative that says Muslims are persecuted and the West deserves what it gets... No-one should get away with this politics of grievance any more. 
Two: take on extremism in all its forms, the violent and non-violent. People don’t become terrorists from a standing start. It begins with preachers telling them that Christians and Muslims can’t live together... It progresses to a website telling them how to wage jihad, fight in Syria, and defeat the West. And before you know it, a young British boy, barely 17, is strapping bombs to his body and blowing himself up in Iraq...
There are parts of Britain today where you can get by without ever speaking English or meeting anyone from another culture... Did you know, in our country, there are some children who spend several hours each day at a Madrassa?.. In some Madrassas we’ve got children being taught that they shouldn’t mix with people of other religions... These children should be having their minds opened, their horizons broadened… not having their heads filled with poison and their hearts filled with hate...
Be in no doubt: if you are teaching intolerance, we will shut you down."
Fine words.

But is it just Cameronian rhetoric? You know like the cynical 'down to the tens of thousands' promise he made before the 2010 election? As many unwanted (by us) foreigners have piled in since then as came under Labour in the previous five years.

My money's on rhetoric.

There's another thing. When the powers-that-be aspire to 'take on extremism in all its forms,' what do you think they mean? Will they be concentrating solely on what 99 percent of us believe terrorism to be? I guarantee that if LibLabCon introduces legislation that stamps down on 'terrorism IN ALL ITS FORMS,' our rulers will interpret those forms as widely as they are able. They are very perturbed by the proliferation of informative sites like this one on the internet. They hate it when their lies and deceit are exposed, it limits their ability to lead the sheep up the garden path and, where necessary, over the edge of the cliff.

Sites such as these could easily fall foul of legislation designed to 'combat Islamophobia and 'anti-Semitism.' Telling the truth our politicians are disinclined to tell would register negatively on any newly defined terrorism scale. Trust me, if alerting the majority to the danger inherent in the establishment's 'passive tolerance' of the intolerable can lawfully defined as terrorism, it will be.

Wherever the government feels their best laid plans may be exposed by inconvenient truth, they will create law to bear down on the truth-teller.

THEY want total control. They want things back the way they were before the internet and social media levelled the playing field. THEY want that field cleared for good old spin and propaganda.

Never doubt it.

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