Monday, 19 October 2015

ISIS is a non-structural division of the CIA

Colonel Alexander Zhilin explains why it is in Russia's national interest to support Syria's President Assad.

"Around a month ago it became known that the US had set a target of not only deposing Assad and not only to install a controllable chaos but, more importantly, to free up ISIS forces with the purposes of transplanting the ISIS problem into our Caucusus region; to the Ukraine and some to Tartarstan, in order to re-ignite that flame... 
Smart states do not have wars on their own territories... 
We absolutely must support Assad. We must ensure he has all he needs to defeat ISIS in the understanding that ISIS IS A NON-STRUCTURAL DIVISION OF THE CIA."
America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Tony Blair wagged his tail, told the necessary fibs and went along for the ride, getting 634 British military personnel killed in the process. Perhaps a million Iraqis and Afghans, most of them innocent of any crime, have died as a result of these invasions.

Cameron voted to make war on Iraq and he and Clegg invaded Libya.

These two wholly unnecessary wars have destabilised the entire region and resulted in largely uncontrollable 'chaos.'

As opposed to the 'controllable' variety.

Cameron wanted to invade Syria but parliament, to its credit, wouldn't let him. America muscled its way into bits of it, promising much, and then did sweet bu**er all for a year or so.

Russia was invited in by the Syrian government and, within a fortnight, has the bad guys on the run.

Spot the difference.


  1. Great video, have shared it, and your page, on facebook. I have great admiration for Putin. IS are on the run, probably over here, shaved and disguised in burqhas, but at least they have been greatly weakened. Now people have to become aware of how IS started, and many people are aware already. Love the Pegida marches in Germany recently. Hopefully, the tide is turning, and Bliar and Merkel will meet the end they deserve.

  2. "Hopefully, the tide is turning, and Bliar and Merkel will meet the end they deserve."

    Amen to that.