Saturday, 5 September 2015

If Jews leave Europe, Europe will have lost its soul

On 10 July 2015, Lord Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi, said this at the PoliticsHome web site:
“Antisemitism… it’s a form of pathology. Wherever you see antisemitism it's a sign of something else going on, and Jews then come in as the scapegoat...

We're going through one of the strangest experiments in all of history. We are one of the very few cultures that has ever attempted to abolish identity.”
Has anyone tried to abolish Islamic, West Indian or African, much less Jewish culture? Would’t those who attempted such a politically incorrect manoeuvre get called all the nasty names under the sun? You know, ‘racist,’ ‘Fascist,’ ‘Nazi,’ ‘bigot,’ ‘anti-Semite?’

I think we know who and what Rabbi Sacks was alluding to. It is the British identity alone that the strange experimenation has tried to abolish.
“God actually loves diversity.”
If so, Johnny, why did people like you try to abolish the British bit of it with your ‘strange experimentation?’
“If Jews leave Europe, Europe will have done more than lost its Jews it will have lost its soul.”
Just because you’re a former Chief Rabbi, any other variety of Rabbi or just Sollie down the market, doesn’t mean to say you can't be a bighead.

Or that you won't think your own folk are the only ones with a soul.

I’m supposed to be a racist and I wouldn’t reserve such an exclusive accolade for my tribe alone. In the corridors of Jewish power, however, one might be forgiven for thinking that such thought, if not normally voiced so obviously, is routine.

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