Thursday, 2 July 2015

The savage threat from the religion of peace!

On 29 June 2015, The Daily Express journalist, Leo McKinstry, said this:

"In the face of the savage threat from militant Islam, European civilisation has embarked on a programme of assisted suicide. The lethal medicine comes in the form of uncontrolled immigration and the dogma of multiculturalism. This deadly cocktail is administered by treacherous politicians who refuse to defend our society and instead dress up their cowardice as tolerance.
The scale of the peril that now confronts us was brutally illustrated by a string of atrocities carried out last week by Muslim extremists. At the tourist resort of Sousse on the coast of Tunisia, 39 holidaymakers were cold-bloodedly gunned down by a smiling assassin. Up to 23 of the victims were British, (30 are now known to have been British) making this the worst terrorist outrage perpetrated against our citizens since the London bombings of July 2005.

This massacre was accompanied by the decapitation of a businessman at a gas factory in southern France, the bombing of a Shia mosque in Kuwait and the slaughter of 200 people in an Islamic State attack on the Syrian town of Kobane.

The relentless cycle of violence is likely to reach soon into the heart of Britain... It is almost inevitable that the terrorists will succeed at some stage particularly because there are estimated to be at least 350 jihadists in our midst who have recently returned from Syria.

In response to the grim and relentless catalogue of butchery David Cameron at the weekend appeared to adopt a tone of Churchillian defiance. The deaths, he declared, 'will only unite us more strongly in our determination to defeat these Islamist extremists and all they stand for.'

Fine words but in practice they amount to empty rhetoric. For European governments have shown no such resolution or courage against Islamism. Their pusillanimous attitude was encapsulated in Cameron’s claim last week that Islam is 'a religion of peace,' (GRAPHIC IMAGES) a fatuous remark that is contradicted by the deluge of evidence about Muslim brutality.
The ideology of groups like Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram is driven by religion, using the Koran as a textbook for a remorseless war on non-believers. Tragically the theocratic goals of these organisations are supported by all too many Muslims in Europe who yearn for the triumph of their creed.

Contrary to all the fashionable talk about 'the vast majority' of moderates, 40 per cent of Muslims in Britain want to see Sharia law formally established here, while 30 per cent of Muslim students on British university campuses desire a caliphate and think that killing in the name of Islam is justified.

Far from taking the fight to extremism our political class has allowed it to flourish. The vital work of our security forces has been undermined by human rights legislation and by anxiety about accusations of so-called Islamophobia.

Soon after the Tunisia massacre the Government of Prime Minister Habib Essid announced that 80 mosques in the country would be closed for 'spreading venom.'  Can you imagine any British politicians or authorities ordering the closure of mosques for promoting radicalism?

Indeed in 2007 when Channel 4 made a documentary about hate preachers operating in Birmingham’s mosques, the West Midlands Police urged that the producers should be prosecuted for stirring up racial hatred.

The same cowardly spirit can be seen in the growth of immigration which has now reached the incredible annual total of 641,000 new arrivals, the majority of them from Asia and Africa. That total can only increase dramatically thanks to the chaos in Europe fuelled by free movement and the vast exodus of migrants across the Mediterranean.

Uncontrolled immigration, allied to a soaring birth rate, has seen the Muslim population of Britain rise to almost three million. The tragedy is that far too few of this burgeoning Muslim population have integrated into British society and accepted the traditional values of our civilisations, including pluralism, democracy and freedom of speech. Instead they have been encouraged to cling to the superstitious, misogynistic practices of their homeland.

That is why in 21st-century Britain our public authorities have allowed the import of alien obscenities, like the prevalence of the burka, the growth of sharia courts, the tribal corruption of the ballot box and the systematic abuse of white girls, as occurred in northern towns like Rochdale and Rotherham.

Supporters of mass immigration like to prattle about the joys of cultural enrichment but what is actually happening is the Islamification of large swathes of urban Britain. Typical is the experience of Savile Town in Dewsbury, where an area that was once used for allotments and the local bowling club’s green is now the site for the giant Markazi mosque, built with Saudi Arabian cash.

None of us were asked if we wanted so many of our neighbourhoods to resemble Islamabad. It was a transformation imposed by our supine political class without any mandate.

Wailing about Islamophobia, Muslim community leaders love to pose as victims. But the real victims are the British people, who see their national identity destroyed and their society threatened by division, sectarianism and violence."

Don't imagine that the chattering classes are all as bought-and-paid-for as our politicians, ladies and gentlemen.

Nowadays, truth-telling, establishment-bashing journalists like Leo abound.

War IS coming ,'our supine political class' and their mindless, my-gang-right-or-wrong supporters in the country (23 million voted for LibLabCon in May 2015) have assured it.

When that war finds its way from Tunisia to our city streets, from the London underground to our towns and villages and from 'Rochdale and Rotherham' to the gated communities of Fortress Britain and the stockbroker belt, as a 'pusillanimous' and 'treacherous' elite cuddle up to and encourage the 'religion of peace,' you can at least be sure that journalists like McKinstry will be pointing an accusatory finger, and perhaps even the odd Kalashnikov, in the same direction as the patriot.

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