Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Rabbi Sacks and the sleeping giant

On 10 May 2015, the essay from which the following quotations were taken published at the PoliticsHome website. 

 The former Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sachs, was the author of the cited quotes.
“We're going through one of the strangest experiments in all of history. We are one of the very few cultures that has ever attempted to abolish identity!”
So, we were right all along!

Some malign culture or other has actually been trying to abolish our identity! Which culture was it? Was it yours, Johnny? Has the Jewish culture been attempting to destroy the identity of the West? Let’s have a look, shall we?
Back in 1925, the bloke who invented the original edition of the EU was a big fan:
“Can there be identity without violence?… God actually loves diversity…"
Your God might love diversity when its being forced on we white folks in White World but, hey, in Israel, he appears to hate it, given the age-old maltreatment of the Palestinians and the recent unpleasantness focused on the black population.
“Start loving the stranger and stop fearing the stranger…”
Tell it to your relatives in Israel, Johnny.
“I don’t think we can afford to wait, God forbid, for another holocaust…”
Here’s it comes!

Old chestnut time is here again. And again and again and again. Hey, Johnny! How many Jews died at the hands of the Nazis during the course of WW2? If you tell the truth and admit that a lot less than six million died, I promise not to call you a Holocaust denier!
“The politics of today are not the politics of the 1930s, the politics of the nation state…” 
Yeah, the elite of world Jewry and their parliamentary factotums have forced globalism and internationalism on all of us who loved our own nations and folk, that’s for sure.
To our detriment you may have noticed. Did you notice, Johnny? Were you aware of what your machinations against the nation state have done to we originals?

Come on, Johnny, admit it. You’ve known all along how much we were suffering as a result of globalisation and its vicious consequences for the indigen. The mass immigration of unwanted and often criminal 'difference' into a formerly ordered and homogeneous world comes straight to mind.
“If Jews leave Europe, Europe will have done more than lost its Jews it will have lost its soul...” 
That’s a bit f***ing arrogant, Johnny. Who do think you are? Ah, I was forgetting, you self-Chosen types have a bit of a problem with your ego, don’t you?
“So what I'm really asking is can you build some of those concepts the made the West after the 17th century, respect for difference.”
There’s that ‘difference’ thing. 

I was wondering when you’d get round to that. Difference like this, Johnny? Is this what you mean?
F*** you, Johnny.

Difference is right. You and your crew are very, very different to us. We build, you destroy. We give, you take. We love, you hate.

Not forever though, Johnny. That’s the thing. You always get found out. Always.

That’s what history tells us.

And we always stand up in the end.

Standing up now, Johnny.

Opening our eyes.
 “I don’t want you to be interested in antisemitism because it’s about Jews but because it’s a form of pathology… Whenever you find a major outburst of antisemitism you're dealing with cognitive breakdown. When you get that you get demonisation of your opponents.”
Seeing is not anti-Semitism, Johnny.

Acknowledging the reality before us is not pathological.

It’s not ‘demonisation of your opponents’ or racism or Fascism or bigotry or any of the other bogey words you dreamt up to deceive us all those years ago either. Seeing is just seeing. And, of course, when you’re eyes are open and you’re standing up, guess what?

You can see ever such a lot further.
"People ask me should Jews leave Europe and my answer is no. Totally no. We stay, we fight!”
Up to you, Johnny. But until now you’ve been fighting a sleeping giant. One with his eyes closed.

One that wasn’t standing up and seeing.

He’s seeing now. He’s seeing everything you’ve done to him and his whilst he was asleep. In my humble opinion, Johnny, I think the ‘stay and fight’ thing is a considerable no-no. If I were you I’d get.

Get while the going is good. That’s what I’d do if I were you.

You and the Yanks helped create ISIS to defeat Assad in Syria. And you used 9/11 as a pretext to wage war upon Iraq.
You also sowed the seeds of ‘radical Islam’ in the West by importing the alien hordes.

ISIS and Islamism are not your biggest problems, Johnny, nowhere near.

Your biggest problem by far is the Giant who once was sleeping…

But now is not.


  1. Are you aware of the Heretical 2 case where two British men were jailed over holocaust cartoons? Where were the politicians and media talking heads who mouthed off about freedom of expression for the Muhammad cartoons and later Charlie Hebdo? Nowhere to be seen!

  2. Oh yes. Simon and Luke. The Heretical Press was already well established when I first went on line in 1995. It's VERY informative.

    Most of what Nationalists and patriots have said over the years happens to be true or close to being so. Much of what politicians and journalists have said, particularly when they are responding to such truth, was false.

    Best thing for all concerned (except the politician and those who profit from his lies), is to seek the truth for yourselves. To check and double check and then disseminate your findings.

    You'll come in for the usual nastiness from all the usual suspects but honesty in a dishonest time is reward enough for those who practice it.

    It's a kind of religion really. In the same way that weak and venal folks get hooked on political correctness, the courageous and the decent get hooked on the truth after a while.

    I'm not a great advert for courage or decency but I'm up there when comes to the facts, that's for sure.

    So, of course, are Simon and Luke.