Sunday, 12 July 2015

One and a half million British Muslims support ISIS?

On 8 July 2015, Liam Deacon told us this in Breitbart:

"Despite the horrific actions of the Islamist terror group over the past 12 months, one and a half million British Muslims have been identified as potential supporters of Islamic State in a recently conducted poll.
Support for the group in the UK has grown from seven per cent to nine per cent since 2014, the ICM poll of 2016 people commissioned by The Mirror revealed.

Three per cent of Britons now declare a 'very favourable view' of IS – rising from one per cent last year – which means numerically up to half of Britain’s three million Muslims may be supporters. Astonishingly, fully six per cent of the population register a 'somewhat favorable' view of the group, up by one per cent...

The Mirror poll follows a study released last week, based on four recent polls, which revealed that worldwide 8.5 million people view ISIS positively, and around 42 million somewhat positively. 
Haras Rafiq of counter-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation said:

'It is deeply worrying that after a year of carnage and cruelty, there is still this support for Islamic State. But I’m not surprised. For decades now, Islamists have been been indoctrinating young Muslims with extremist ideas without being challenged...
The sheer numbers of people going out there to Syria and Iraq indicate that this support is there'."

Oh yes, the support is there all right.

The traitorous mass immigration policies of the Tories, the Lib Dems and, in particular, Tony Blair's New Labour, have seen to that. The same political organisations were responsible for seeing to it that young Muslims were indoctrinated 'with extremist ideas without being challenged.'

Those who did challenge them were vilified as racists.

War is coming, ladies and gentlemen. It won't stay in Tunisia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. It's coming here, to your door.

Of course, it's already here for some.

You signalled your lack of interest in the welfare of the above in May 2015, when 23 million of you voted for those who oversaw, not only the gang rape and prostitution of the above and the tacit encouragement of their rapists but also the importation into our world of at least one and a half million Muslims who sympathise with ISIS.

Well done, ladies and gents, if you can ignore the horror when it's happening to the youngest and most vulnerable members of our tribe, just don't expect any of us who actually care to give damn when it happens to you.

P.S. Omer El-Hamdoon, President of the Muslim Association of Britain, responded to the publication of the above statistics thus:

“ISIS represents an opponent to the West and those who are dissatisfied or disenfranchised with the new Tory policies of further cuts and civil rights strangulation.”

The Tories didn't make ISIS, Omer, the Yanks, the Saudis, Qatar and Turkey did that. You know, to destroy Assad? Cameron and co. wanted to join in and grab their share but, with a lot of encouragement from the British people and a last minute intervention from the Syrian parliament, enough politicians did the right thing and prevented the our very own parliamentary Jihadis from involving themselves in even more hell on earth.

Nice to see you blaming anybody but the beasts in your own back yard though. A little bit of consistency in a world of lunatic change is comforting.

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