Saturday, 20 June 2015

The diversity scam and what THEY don't want you to see

The 19 June 2015 edition of The Bradford Telegraph and Argus informed us that West Yorkshire Police's Facebook page, was saying this at one point:
“Police would like to ask the public to refrain from posting a video of an alleged attack on a youth, which is believed to have occurred in Bradford."
The 'youth' in question is a 10-year-old boy.

I wonder if the same cops were responsible for YouTube removing the original video of the incident from its pages? YouTube says this:
Elsewhere, YouTube explained themselves thus:
"This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten."
Unfortunately for the censors, those who think we should we apprised of such information are not as easily dissuaded as they once were and the video can still be found in several places on YouTube and LiveLeak.

Bradford beasts 1
Bradford beasts 2
Bradford beasts 3
Bradford beasts 4
Bradford beasts 5

Why would YouTube want to keep evidence of this kind to itself, do you think? I mean, they don't seem to have a problem with Saudi Arabian decapitation.

Presumably, the censors don't think someone getting their head chopped off is as likely to upset us as a boy being beaten up. It's more likely, I reckon, that YouTube is in on the diversity scam. You know, the one where white folks are horrible and every last immigrant is a truly fabulous chap?

You see, ladies and gentlemen, if the powers-that-be can manage to keep the dreadful proof of immigrant brutality to themselves, then the airheads amongst us, the easily led seventy percent, will believe it when the politicians and the media insist that immigration is, not only necessary, but enriching.

The cops are certainly 'in on' the 'scam.' They have played their part to the max in the destruction of our world. Most, unfortunately, will do whatever they must to progress up the greasy careerist pole.
The plodding jobsworth, similarly, is happy to do as he's told. His conscience would never be bothered by this young lad's plight. Just as the terrible things that happened to our little girls at the hands of Muslim paedophiles throughout West Yorkshire (and elsewhere) didn't bother him either. If the boss says forget about it, that's exactly what he does. If the boss says it never happened, it didn't. He really doesn't give a damn. If he did, he wouldn't have made sergeant, would he?

One or two, perhaps, are as ideologically motivated as some of their left-wing counterparts in national and local government. It'll be all right in the end. In the melting-pot Utopia of the future all will be wonderful in happy-clappy, white-less world.
And then there are the immigrants who now police us. How many of these ever spoke out about what their fellows were doing to our youngest and most vulnerable citizens in Rotherham, Rochdale, Keighley, Derby, Oxford, Sheffield, Peterborough etc.?

Those who swept such matters under the carpet for more than two decades are even less likely to want incidents like this broadcast. Here we actually get to SEE what the alien is capable of, what happened to our 11 and 12-year-olds can only really be known by the girls themselves and the brutes who drugged, raped and prostituted them.
There are many in politics, the media. academe and the civil service who want us to remain forever in the dark about these things. They do NOT want us warned. In my opinion, ALL of these should, at some point in the near future, stand trial for treason. However, fate is only likely to catch up with the bad guys at the point where they are no longer able to con the seventy percent. If they can carry on deceiving a supine and disinterested majority they're home free. If they cannot, the game's up. Evidence like that which we see in this video might just alert that majority to the fate a traitorous establishment has in mind for them. 

Majority awareness, more than anything else, is what the elite minority that rules over us is afraid of. That is why, no matter how they spin it, the cops don't want you to see this video. They, along with their political masters, do not want you to know the truth about the terrible effects mass migration has had upon our world.

They don't want you to know that immigration enriches none but our enemies. For them the truth exposed is a battle lost.

For us diversity is death.


  1. Were the perpetrators of the Asian persuasion? You would have to suspect so, it being Bradford.

  2. The brute is palpably "Asian," Most, I reckon, would gamble a pound to a penny on his being Muslim also,.