Monday, 22 June 2015

Ram Z Paul's take on Dylann Roof's Manifesto

On 17 June 2015, Dylann Roof, shot dead nine black people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

I think many angry white patriots would secretly (or not so secretly) rejoice if a white man declaring himself to be a fellow patriot, assassinated Tony Blair, George Bush, the Clintons, Obama, Dick Cheney or Binyamin Netanyahu.

I don't think they'd disapprove of a guy who executed a non-white who murdered a white person, or one who took part in the serial gang rape and prostitution of the nation's children either.

But the people Dylann Roof murdered were churchgoers. They may well have been entirely innocent of any of the inter-ethnic crimes that infuriated him to point where he felt he must seek revenge. Indeed, Roof has admitted that the people he killed were nice to him before he gunned them down.

The twentieth and twenty first centuries saw and still see great powers making genocidal war upon the innocent. Saturation bombing, the A-Bomb and all manner of state of the art weaponry has killed tens of millions of non-combatants and will continue to do so. Politicians, the worst of us, arrange this slaughter.

When we go to war we should not target the innocent. Apart from the obvious immorality, it makes no sense at all when there are so very many bad guys out there for vengeful Whitey to punish. Ram Z Paul says, 'violence works.' It's a fair point. However, to take the most notable examples from recent history, violence could be said to have worked for Lloyd-George, Poincare, Clemenceau, Woodrow Wilson, Zionism, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Churchill, Roosevelt, America, Israel, Zionism and the international financier, it most certainly did not work for the Tsar, Kaiser Bill, Mussolini, Hitler, Tojo and a hundred million innocents who perished at the hands of all the above.

If you can frighten the slaughterman into backing away from his slaughterous endeavours by making HIM pay the ultimate price, you may, in the end, save a life or two. But, if you make the innocent suffer, yet again, for the crimes of their political masters, who profits? Well done, son, not only did you save the bad guys a job, hand them a propaganda victory and kill a lot of people who never did you any harm, your morally indefensible actions will, almost certainly, fuel unjust reprisal in their turn.

War is coming. Violence, similar to that suffered by so many others at this present time, cannot now be avoided by us, I reckon. The politicians, the media, and the international financiers who own both, will bear the responsibility for any such war.

If you must seek revenge, be revenged upon the guilty, not the innocent.

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  1. I don't like to see innocent black women killed. But, nothing else seems to work. In amerika blacks randomly kill the most innocent of whites. Never any retribution. Dylan gave his life to make a statement. When that becomes regular, it might cause a pause. Cause joo media does not report/ hides black crime. Most whites are oblivious. But, the kike does report white crime.
    The us needs to be balcanized.