Monday, 18 May 2015

Jack Sen at the London Forum

Jack Sen is an angry young man. 

A little while before he was due to stand as a UKIP candidate against Rosie Cooper in West Lancashire, the BBC got in touch and told him that he'd been suspended by the party. It was the first he'd heard of it.

The 3 May edition of The Liverpool Echo takes up the story:
"Jack Sen, UKIP candidate for West Lancashire, has been suspended...
UKIP said that they suspended Mr Sen over messages directed at Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger.

Mr Sen... denied they were either racist or anti-Semitic and said he only found out about his suspension through the media.

In messages Ms Berger deemed 'clearly anti-Semitic,' Mr Sen reportedly wrote:

'You’re about authentic Labour as Ed Miliband. Protect child benefits? If you had it your way you’d send the £ to Poland/Israel.'

Another tweet reportedly from Mr Sen said:

'Britain’s youngest Jewish MP, Luciana Berger, is facing criticism over her record of.... loyalties.'

Mr Sen also reportedly said that South Africa was being 'ethnically cleansed' of people of European origin and that other governments are not doing enough to stop it.

UKIP party leader Nigel Farage apologised for the comments attributed to Mr Sen, while in a statement, the party said Mr Sen 'has expressed views that in no way reflect the views of the party... in the light of these and other comments, Mr Sen has been suspended from UKIP with immediate effect.'

Despite his party’s actions, Mr Sen has said that he will still be representing UKIP in Thursday’s General Election. He said...

'While party elite confirm that one of my volunteers, a former Labour supporter running my Twitter account, made the Tweet, I am still representing UKIP on the ballot. The person who made the tweet has assured me she meant no harm and I stand by her right to voice her opinion...

I am disappointed at how UKIP has handled this issue... When the Tweet was made I was in fact speaking to 6th Form students in Ormskirk at a scheduled event. That’s why I only found out about my suspension from the BBC...

This is yet another example of the London elite throwing the north of England under a bus so they can kowtow to their financiers and special interest groups in the southern part of the country'."
At Twitter, along with the above video of Jack at the London Forum, I posted the following tweets:
"UKIP hijacked by Friends of Israel? Jack Sen speaks! Is UKIP controlled opposition or genuine Nationalism?"
"Jack thinks UKIP Friends of Israel wonk, @ShneurOdze (UKIP EU election candidate), & @lucianaberger may be behind recent troubles."
"I guess I always knew that having Jewish porn king, Richard Desmond, (owner Express & Star) as your top donor would be a problem."
"When Nigel began using that infamously botwag meme "Judaeo-Christian," in respect of our culture & religion, I knew then."
"Kept backing them because, whatever UKIP is up top, the vast majority are British patriots & it had to be better than #LibLabCon."
"Now, ALL truths will be told. I advise UKIP faithful to investigate. And then tell it ALL also."
 GoodnightVienna ‏@CallingEngland responded thus:
"Like so many others at the moment, Jack Sen is a disaffected former member of #UKIP. He's recently been booted out."
I replied:
"Disaffected, it would seem, for very good reason. Angry young men can do established order a deal of harm. Go for it, Jack."
Regarding the Judaeo-Christian 'botwag meme,' @spanner5232, wanted to know:
"How in yr opinion shd he hv described the community he was referring to?"
I replied:
Check out a little of Jack Sen's South African reality here.

Look's like Jack and his pals have been telling a little too much of the unvarnished truth about the way things really work at the top of democracy's undemocratic tree, doesn't it?

Pity about the UKIP bigwigs. I've backed them to the hilt over the course of the last couple of years. As I say in the tweet, they appear to be much better than the alternative. But if characters similar to those cited below are still in charge if and when a UKIP government assumes power, how much better off would we really be?

Now ask yourselves this: 

Why would 80 percent of the Conservative Party and 50 percent of the Lib Dems and Labour parliamentarians choose to cuddle up to such an unwholesome bunch of moral degenerates as these?

Why would the UKIP hierarchy do so? Expediency? Realpolitik? In politics, you have to deal with the reality, (the one they never tell us about) and the reality is - Jews rule?

Well, yes, I get it. But here's something I, and perhaps Jack now gets, that his UKIP superiors do not.

Jews shouldn't rule. They should not control our lives. Even decent folks like those below should not be in charge. Helping out maybe, but not in charge. Those who lead a nation should be OF the nation, not detached from, or superior to, it. And certainly not inclined to favour another over their own.

Just to even up the score then (no anti-Semite me, I just don't like horrible people), here are the thoughts of a few Jewish worthies that, I hope, might fit in rather more with those of most of humanity.

Finally, let's take a look at what one non-Jew said back in 1920.

Honestly, folks, what is laid out before you here really ought to make you wonder why those we elect to serve OUR interests have not only never warned the British people about any of this, but also seek to curry favour with those who have done (and are still doing) such terrible things.

The fact that our politicians do their damnedest to ensure the status quo remains forever as they and those who own them require it, ought to cause you to regret the way you cast your vote earlier this month. If it doesn't, and you're not bought-and-paid-for yourself, you really do need your head examined.

P.S. The aforementioned big anti-Jack cheese, Schneur Odze, isn't about to compromise his Orthodox Jewish beliefs for something as prosaic as party advantage. Check out why the gentleman below refused to shake hands with half the electorate here.

P.P.S. Suspended or no, it was too late for UKIP to replace Jack as the UKIP candidate in the West Lancashire constituency and he carried on campaigning. His efforts won him 6,058 votes, 12.2 percent of the turnout and an 8.5 percent improvement on UKIP's previous General Election effort.

This result was well ahead of that of the Greens with 1,582 votes and the Lib Dems with just 1,298.

If you wish to have words, encouraging or otherwise, with Jack Sen, here is his Twitter handle:


If you wish to have words with me, here's mine:


If you wish to have words with Schneur Odze or Luciana Berger, see above.


  1. I'm interested in finding the exact source of that quote about the BOD: "The Board has been at the forefront of developing...". Do you, by any chance, know the precise name of the document that comes from or have an internet link to it?

  2. I'm the source of the quote. I lifted it from the Board of British Deputies web site (, I think around 2005-6 (perhaps before) when it was still there. It's been gone for quite some time now.

    You can refer any sceptics to me. The BoD would not dare say they had never said these things (when they have) in a court of law. There's always a record. Always an archive somewhere.

    And decent people have memories.

    It's bona fide. And you can quote me on that.