Saturday, 9 May 2015

If you always do what you always did...

During the course of the 2010 General Election, David Cameron promised faithfully to reduce immigration to 'the tens of thousands.'

He lied.

Around 600,000 people came here to settle every year between 2010 and 2015. Immigration was much the same as it had been during the latter half of New Labour's time in power.

So, two of the things that those who ushered David Cameron into power can be said to have voted for were 1) mass immigration, and 2) a Prime Ministerial liar.

Those who voted for the Lib Dems, in power alongside the Tories between 2010 and 2015, could, likewise, be said to have voted for mass immigration and a Deputy Prime Ministerial liar. Nick Clegg (and every single LibDem MP) pledged not to raise student tuition fees.

They did so.

As for those who voted for the Labour Party, they voted for a party that set the enormous levels of immigration that we now must endure in train. Deliberately.

So, it can be said that anyone who voted for any of the three mainstream parties voted for mass immigration because that is what we have been subjected to by all of them.

As none of the three main parties wish to leave the EU, and most of our laws these days are drawn up by that organisation, those who voted for them also voted to remain subject to the rule of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

New Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems made war upon Afghanistan. New Labour and the Tories signed up for the war with Iraq. All three were up for regime change in Libya. Most Conservative and Lib Dem MPs voted for the same thing in Syria.

Despite Israel's ongoing ill-treatment of the Palestinians, 80 percent of Tory MPs and approximately half of the rest belong to the various 'Friends of Israel' groupings.

The latter day wars, Israel's cavalier behaviour and the uncritical acceptance of it by the Western powers have destabilised the Middle East, led to the emergence of ISIS and bred up anger, resentment and sympathy for those prepared to retaliate in the Muslim communities now embedded in the West.

Despite most insisting that they didn't want the government donating £12 billion of British taxpayer's cash to a variety of often unproductive and inefficient projects in the third world, they also voted for this parasitical drain on our reserves to continue, as none of the three main political parties suggested that they would curtail this expenditure.

Anyway, despite the fact that almost all British people wanted an end to mass migration, that most didn't want to make war on countries that were not threatening us, that a clear majority did not care for the EU or foreign aid, and they were well aware that politicians lie to them routinely, they voted for all of these things in 2015 when they opted for Lib, Lab and/or Con. In placing their trust, yet again, in the political establishment, the British people also gave the thumbs up to gay marriage and turned a blind eye to homosexual paedophiles in Westminster and the mass rape and prostitution of England's little girls by the heterosexual equivalent in the Muslim community.

Here are a few of the other things that, in 2015, the British people decided would not deter them from voting the way they always had:

Homeless ex-servicemen; asylum seekers put to the head of the council housing queue for almost 50 years; immigrant benefit scroungers living in mansions; the proliferation of mosques; Sharia law; ‘honour’ crime, polygamy, child marriage, genital mutilation; brutality in children’s homes; paedophile priests; on-line grooming/porn; child porn; government-funded groups teaching 5-year-olds ‘the pleasures of gay sex;’ ‘shag bands’ in schools; childhood obesity; sexting; the imposition of gay marriage; cyber crime; white flight; terrorism; no-go areas; riots; race law; anti-social behaviour; mugging; knife and gun crime; gangs; gang-rape; prostitution; trafficking; criminals indulged, victims ignored; hard drugs; legal highs; mass medication; teenage suicide; self-harm; mass truancy; violence in schools; dumbing-down; student debt; tuition fees; playing fields sold; cohesion; multiculturalism; enrichment; diversity; political correctness; positive discrimination; health-and-safety; compensation culture: GCHQ spies; Thought Police; 4.5 million CCTV cameras; promotion of the ‘mixed-race ideal;’ homelessness; care-in-the-community; MRSA; ADHD; hospital death rates; patients dying of thirst and starvation; Liverpool Care Pathway; c-difficile, asthma; infection of thousands with Hepatitis-C and HIV from contaminated NHS blood; organ theft; Mad Cow Disease; faulty breast implants; post code lottery; care home scandals;  pollution; foot-and-mouth disease; contempt for patriotism, heritage, culture, traditions and Christianity; call centres based in India; no EU referendum; ‘human rights' law; rule from Brussels; spin; Fat Cat non-doms paying little or no tax; cash for questions, cab-for-hire cabinet ministers; cash for peerages, expenses; postal vote fraud; privatisation; the destruction of British industry; pit closures; pub and post office closures; fishermen and farmers forced out of business; the Big Bang; Black Wednesday; the ‘prudent Chancellor’s’ sale of gold at rock bottom prices and the disastrous raid upon our pension funds; Blair/Brown cuddling up to international financiers; sub prime; the credit crunch, world-wide recession; national debt in the trillions; bankers’ bonuses; pay-day loan companies; globalisation; reliance on Russia and France for energy; the power of Murdoch’s media; the influence of the Jewish lobby in Westminster; hackgate; $12bn in international aid every year as ‘cold weather death toll’ in Britain ‘expected to top 40,000;’  armaments (chemical weapons et al) to dictators and the never-ending Chilcot inquiry into Iraq following other inquiries that whitewashed the guilty.

A recent ComRes opinion poll told us that:

60 percent of the British people believe we should hold an immediate referendum on whether or not the UK should be a member of the European Union. 72 percent believe we should introduce a new system of control for immigration using an equivalent of the Australian points-based system. 81 percent of believe we should commit an additional £3billion of annual spending on the NHS in England and Wales. 70 percent believe we should cut the amount spent by the Government on overseas aid. 74 percent believe we should ensure people on the national minimum wage do not have to pay income tax.

On 7 May 2015, 78 percent of the British people voted, in the main, for policies they did not believe in. For example, all but 14 percent did not vote for this:
And thus, despite the fact that, in a system based on proportional representation, UKIP would have been represented in parliament by 83 MPs, just one was elected.

As the wise man said:
"If you always do what you always did,
You'll always get what you always got."
Only worse.

78 percent of the British people deserve everything they get as a result of the way they voted in 2015.

Their children and grandchildren do not.

P.S. I tweeted thus on 9 May:

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The electors of Rotherham, Rochdale and a host of other working-class, Labour supporting constituencies voted for a status quo that had seen the powers-that-be in England cover-up the mass rape and prostitution of their own daughters and granddaughters by, for the most part, alien paedophiles.

You cannot cater for such blank-minded disinterest in the health and happiness of their own most vulnerable kith and kin. Forgiveness of the terrible crimes committed by the foreigner, the civil servants that turned a blind eye and the politicians whose policies convinced the civil servants to do as they did, is beyond immoral. It is beyond cowardice or self-service.

In voting for the same old uncaring ideologues who set this evil in train, the adult population of these towns KNOWINGLY aided and abetted the betrayal. NO ONE in these towns could have failed to notice the recent damning revelations.

When we take back our world we will tell the victims of the Muslim paedophile what their parents and grandparents did and did not do. 

If they, subsequently, come to despise their own elders, such contempt will be richly deserved.


  1. I can't believe people are so stupid, but then again, I can. I voted UKIP, I voted for them in the last local election. Prior to that, I voted BNP in the last general election. Guess the idiots who happily believe endless lies are similar to those who believed Churchill's lies, it never ends.

    They do deserve what they get. When people complain to me about things, I ask if they voted BNP or UKIP, and when they say no, Labour or Cons, I tell them they should shut up and they deserve what they are whinging about now.

    Overcrowded buses and elderly who can't get a seat? I look at them, tend to believe they voted Lies or Cons, and remain in my own seat.

    Their children and grand children will ask why they allowed all this to happen, and will despise them for it.

  2. I'd go one step further. If and when we take our country back, I'd want their children and grandchildren TAUGHT to despise them.