Friday, 29 May 2015

Expertise? What expertise?

On 26 May 2015, Richard Littlejohn said this in The Daily Mail:
"The refusal of those in a position of authority not only to take any responsibility for their failures but also the way in which they expect to be rewarded for their incompetence is mind-boggling. In the latest case, a blundering child protection chief has walked off with a six-figure redundancy payment and strolled straight back into a lucrative consultancy in the same Government department.  
At the end of April, Sue Berelowitz was allowed to take voluntary redundancy from her £99,333-a-year role as Deputy Children's Commissioner. She received a golden goodbye of £134,000. Miss Berelowitz had been roundly condemned for writing a report which denied there was a disproportionate problem with gangs of British Asians grooming young girls for sex.  
As numerous recent court cases have illustrated alarmingly, this was seriously at odds with the true picture. But the day after she resigned, she was immediately rehired as a £960-a-day consultant to lead an inquiry into child abuse, which is exactly what she had been doing in her old job...  
Oliver Berman, from the Office of the Children's Commissioner, said she had been reappointed because of her 'particular expertise'. What expertise? This is the same woman who was criticised for her 'highly emotional' conclusions about grooming by predominantly Pakistani predators, crimes for which dozens of men from all over the country have subsequently been convicted." 
Here's what Sue Berelowitz was saying before the Jay report and Rotherham (but NOT before decades of patriotic truth and warning).

Those who perpetrate these crimes come from every community and every level in society!

Margaret Hodge, MP, was the boss of Islington council from 1982-1992.

Children were greatly abused in the Islington care home system at this time.

Tony Blair created the post of Children's Minister in 2003. Despite Hodge's softly-softly, do-absolutely-nothing-about-it approach to paedophilia in Islington, he appointed her as his very first Minister in this department. Wikipedia tells us this:
"Privacy International awarded Margaret Hodge the 2004 Big Brother Award for 'Worst Public Servant' for her backing of controversial initiatives including the Universal Child Database. At a keynote speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research on 26 November 2004, Hodge strongly defended the idea of greater state regulation of individuals' choices, stating that 'some may call it the nanny state but I call it a force for good!'
She added:
"For me it's not a question of whether we should intrude in family life, but how and when."
Big, let-paedos-get-on-with-it Sister knows best, eh?

Margaret Hodge is an Egyptian immigrant. 

Born Margaret Oppenheimer, she is a multi-millionaire and Jewish.

Sue Berelowitz is also Jewish.

I'm not sure whether Oliver Berman, the gentleman who praised Berelowitz's 'particular expertise,' is a Jew but Berman is a common Jewish name.

Just saying.


  1. Your above 'collection' omits Richard 'Littlejohn' btw.

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  2. If Littlejohn is certifiably Jewish I'd gladly add him to the "collection." Always happy to trumpet the racial origins of a truth-teller. However, I don't think he is.

    Do you have a link or several?