Monday, 27 April 2015

The Thoughts of Comrade Grintz

The following tweets were observed in the Twitter timeline of Dominic Grintz between 21 and 28 April 2015.
Dominic Grintz

If this is what Labour counts on for support these days, I think the party may be on its way out.

Whatever else Dominic is, he is certainly not a 'horny-handed son of toil.' What your average hard-working English dinosaur might make of this contemptuous anti-Fascist, who, so he says, will be organising an ANTIFA rally against Nigel Farage in the next few days, one can only imagine.

For that matter, I doubt that his opinion of Red Ed's promise to promote 'LGBT rights... so much more' will go down all that well either. 

When those who follow these things complain that the Labour Party has lost touch with its working-class roots, I think a brief study of the sentiments expressed above will have many conceding that the critics may have a point.

PS. Those who would inflict 'open borders' on a community would hardly have that community's best interests at heart. All the world could pile in with the blessing of the anti-indigenous zealot.

Grintz is a true anti-patriot. The rest of the commentators cited above appear to be little better.

The way things are now, eh? Well, folks, this is what many of you, almost certainly without realising it, have consistently voted for over the course of the last fifty years. Sadly, many are still unaware of the reality and these will vote for even more of it a week on Thursday.

There will be blood, I reckon.


  1. Sky News Monday 27/4 pm featured 'al yahud ' [*] Miliband being rapturously received by (mainly White) Labour supporters in Stockton-on-Tees.

    The Labour Party Candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster is a City Gent. who has worked in finance in London and in China, and presumably thereby assisted in the ongoing de-industrialisation of the UK.

    "Enjoy the war, for the peace will be terrible."

    [*] © Gulzabeen Afsar (Con.), 2015

  2. You ought to see his postings now! He's now hit rock bottom by threatening a fifteen year old boy.

    Why has nobody reported this individual to the police?

  3. What a pathetic individual. Play the race card, you have lost the whole debate.