Monday, 27 April 2015

Muslim gent admits Islam teaches him to hate non-Muslims

I admire the guy's honesty.

I don't think many would care to voice such an honest opinion. In fact, outside of your average gun-toting Jihadi, I can't ever remember anyone being quite so forthcoming.

As for the PC Crowd and LibLabCon, well, their business is sneering at and intimidating all who would dare to point out what many are actually thinking. They have never been interested in warning us of the dangers.

I regularly suggest that the powers-that-be are at war with us, that the immigrant is the footsoldier of the establishment and political correctness and the media brainwash are their weapons of mass destruction.

This chap's testimony is, I think, sufficient proof of the truth of that conclusion.

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  1. Can someone kindly explain what is going on here and irrespective of its purpose, why it is considered desirable or if not desirable, why it is allowed?

    Another symptom of the same disease?