Saturday, 7 March 2015

Philip Hammond wants us to believe ISIS and Assad are on the same side!

At around 9 a.m. on Saturday the 7th of March 2015, Philip Hammond, the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary, tweeted this:
Hammond is actually asking us to believe that Syria's leadership is in cahoots with those who have been destroying their country and slaughtering its inhabitants for the last four years!

The Western elite is drunk with power. Drunk to the point of insanity. They are the enemies of all of us, not just those they murder by the hundreds of thousand in the Middle East. Oh yes, we should ALL be keeping a VERY close eye on these.

A little while back, Hammond and co. made out that they were intervening in Syria in order to rid the world of ISIS. If that had been true, America's fire power is such that ISIS would have been removed in very short order. However, ISIS is still here and doing what they do best, which should surprise no one seeing as the USA and Saudi Arabia created it in the first place.

In order to get rid of Assad.

Hammond's tweet suggests to me that the animals at the top of the tree are readying themselves for the next big thing. TOTAL control is what the bad guys are after and they'll stop at nothing to get it.

You should hate them, ladies and gentlemen. You should hate their bought-and-paid-for warmongers. You should want Philip Hammond tried for treason, found guilty and punished to the max. You should want those who own him buried deep.

The fact that you don't allows him to tell the lies he tells and them to murder worlds.

P.S. Here's something those of you who still give a damn should find instructive. From Philip Hammond's 5 March 2015 Twitter diary:
So Philip Hammond (looks happy, doesn't he?) discusses stuff with the President, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister (also Speaker and Chairman of the Supreme Council) of Ukraine. What, you may ask, is 'instructive' about that?

All three are Jewish.

Still no big deal? How about the fact that only 1-in-500 Ukrainians is Jewish? Does that also mean nothing to you?

Three Jews occupying the three top positions in Ukrainian politics is a 125-million-to-one chance. You get this? The USA sponsors a coup in Ukraine ($5 billion invested beforehand, God knows how much since) just to see their favoured 125-million-to-one shot win the prize!

Anyone out there find all of this just a little bit remarkable? Especially in a country that lost around seven million of its inhabitants to the depredations of Kaganovich, Yagoda (both Jewish) and co. in the 1930s?

Never mind. I can assure you that neither Hammond nor his parliamentary counterparts in Russia's next door neighbour would find any of it the least bit remarkable either.

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