Friday, 10 July 2015

The Chairman of the Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation

On 4 June 2015, Tamara Cohen said this in The Daily Mail
"Tony Blair will today announce he is taking up a new role heading an organisation dedicated to fighting racism and anti-Semitism in Europe.
The former prime minister stood down from his position as Middle East envoy for the Quartet – the United Nations, the US, the EU and Russia – just a week ago after criticism of his record and global business interests.
But last night it emerged that he is to become chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, which encourages countries to 'fight such evils as racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia'. It campaigns for European nations to pass laws to criminalise hate speech and Holocaust denial, provide funding for security at places such as synagogues and religious schools, and examine the causes of extremism.
Set up by former Polish president Aleksander Kwasniewski and Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, the group aims to carry out seminars for thousands of school and university students across Europe in the next two years - about tolerance and the role of religion in society. 
In a joint article announcing his new post, Mr Blair and Mr Kantor - a businessman and philanthropist, write: 'Racism and discrimination in the name of religion must be tackled with tough new laws'. 
They add: 'We live in dangerous times. There have been three periods in the past hundred years when the annual GDP growth in Europe went below 1pc : first in 1913 just before the First World War, second in 1938 just before the Second World War and third in 2014. Economic decline fuels instability and we know these concerns are being felt across the world.' 
One of the areas the Brussels-based Council claims to focus on is reconciliation 'post-conflict' which is likely to trigger criticism of Mr Blair's decision to invade Iraq in 2003 and the disastrous consequences of it.

In the article in The Times, the former Labour leader urges governments and other organisations to act to tackle hate and intolerance because, he and Mr Kantor say: 'If we wait for our armies, to act, it will be too late... ANTI_SEMITISM IS NOT A JEWISH PROBLEM BUT ONE INFECTING THE WHOLE OF SOCIETY'...
Blair's decision to invade Iraq in 2003 sits at odds with his new role which includes a focus on reconciliation 'post conflict'. Mr Blair stood down from his Middle East role after EIGHT YEARS OF CONTROVERSY in the role he was handed in 2007. The appointment raised eyebrows around the Middle East because of his role as an architect of the 2003 Iraq invasion and the fact he continued to defend it... 
His resignation followed criticism about potential conflicts of interest between Mr Blair's role in trying to further peace in the troubled region, and his business activities which have earned him tens of millions. His clients include PetroSaudi, an oil firm with links to the ruling Saudi royal family, the bank JP Morgan, and Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi wealth fund. 
Critics pointed out that peace between Israel and the Palestinians is as far away as ever, there is civil war in Syria and the continued incursion of Islamic State into Iraq."
There is 'criticism of his record?' 

Yeah. Prostituting oneself at the feet of a billionaire who enriched himself at the expense of the Russian people during the orgy of unfettered privatisation that symbolised Yeltsin's presidency, is liable to draw the odd critical comment. That and all the other ghastly crap he's mired in.

Since he became the President of the European Jewish Congress in 2007, Moshe Kantor has been busy trying to drum up extra privileges for his Jewish brethren. For example, on 16 May 2012, The Washington Post quoted him thus:
“Before calling on European leaders to act against hate on the street, they must clear their own house and that means BANNING AND OSTRACISING ANY POLITICIANS AND POLITICAL PARTIES THAT PREACH HATE AND VIOLENCE. While we highly value freedom of speech, we all recognise that there must be restrictions and the visceral hatred propagated by the Golden Dawn is surely outside the boundaries of appropriate political discourse. WE HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE… That’s why we’re here.”
 The Post added:
“A major European Jewish organization is urging European governments to quickly adopt measures to tackle anti-Semitism and far-right extremism, including possibly BANNING A HARDLINE GREEK PARTY THAT DID UNUSUALLY WELL IN RECENT ELECTIONS.  
Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress... expressed concern about Golden Dawn, a party that did well during Greece’s May 6 election... Kantor plans to meet with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, and the congress consulted with Francois Hollande a few weeks before he was elected president of France.”
Democracy, eh? 

Democracy as long as it suit’s the Jew. Then it’s 'ban' and 'ostracise.' In December 2013, The European Jewish Congress presented Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras with an award for his government’s support of a ban on Golden Dawn. On 25 January 2015, the Greek General Election took place. Left-wing party SYRIZA won 149 out of the 300 seats. The ruling New Democracy party lost 53 seats. PASOK, New Democracy's coalition partner, was reduced to just 13 seats, losing 20.

Despite all the intimidation and the ongoing imprisonment of its leading lights, Golden Dawn became the third force in Greek politics with 17 seats.

After the Charlie Hebdo and kosher grocery killings in Paris, on 27 January 2015 Kantor said this at another conference organised by the EJC and the Czech government:
“Recent atrocities in Paris, Brussels and Toulouse are visible manifestations of the deep structural problems embodied in European society today. This, coupled with the continuing electoral successes of extremist parties in Europe, demonstrated in recent elections across the continent, shows that unfortunately, Europe is on a dangerous path… 
In the immediate term, intelligence-gathering and sharing across Europe must increase… Police and law enforcement also need to be strengthened. This includes actively enforcing laws against incitement and anti-Semitic speech and taking a firmer approach against those who promote hate and violence."
After Binyamin Netanyahu's election victory, Kantor said this at the EJC website:
“Israel and the Jewish communities of Europe share, not just a common history, religion and culture, but also a united position against many of today's challenges, which include religious fundamentalism, anti-Semitism and the Iranian nuclear threat.”
Nice to know you and the Israeli genocide-merchants are singing from the same hymn sheet, Moshe.

28 January 2015, the BBC told us this:
"The European Jewish Congress... wants Europe to move beyond acts of solemn commemoration, towards TANGIBLE CHANGES IN LEGISLATION IN EVERY EUROPEAN COUNTRY, to protect Jews not just from classical anti-Semitism or an increasingly MAINSTREAM NEO-NAZI MOVEMENT, but also the threat of Islamist radicalism...  
The EJC has spent the last four years drawing up what it calls a 'European Framework Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance.' Mr Kantor wants every parliament in Europe to adopt it... The idea is to go further than the existing anti-racism legislation, enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights...  
Civil libertarians will gasp at the proposals... Wearing a full-face veil would essentially be a criminal offence in every European country, as would denying the Holocaust."
Well, I'm up for the face veil ban, such secrecy-enhancing costume ought not to be part of our world. As for 'denying the holocaust' becoming a criminal offence, it already is throughout much of Europe.

I wonder what 'denying the holocaust' will mean in Moshe Wonderland? Will it mean that anyone who says that less than six million died is committing a crime? If that was to be the case then the British government would be in the business of criminalising honest men and women in favour of those who have imposed an enormous 70-year lie upon the gullible majority.

Many Jews died during the course of World War II but six million did not. That statistic has been known to be false for a very long time now. And yet it is still being taught to schoolchildren throughout the western world. Getting close to an exact estimate of the number of Jewish dead at the hands of the Nazis is likely to remain, as long as the facts matter less than the myth, more a matter of luck than science. However, you can be sure that the actual figure is likely to be much closer to five hundred thousand than six million. Take a look at the YouTube video 'Secrets and Lies' for proof of this.

And yet, Moshe appears to be intent on enshrining the six million lie in law here, just as they have elsewhere. Any MP who bows to the will of this self-serving alien in this matter will demonstrate that the myth is preferable to the actuality and the Jewish lie matters more than the truth of the honest Briton.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me be clear: anyone who conspires to see a 'Holocaust denial' law imposed upon the British people is a traitor. As previously stated, it is known that six million did NOT die. It is documented. Meticulous historians, many of them Jewish, have, for may years, rubbished the six million stat.

If this legislation comes before parliament (and it will - the Kantors and their parliamentary facilitators will see to it) you should let your MP know, in no uncertain terms, that you, and many others, will regard accession to this demand as an act of institutionalised treachery.

By 10 March 2015, Kantor was issuing direct threats. 

Russia Today reported thus on that day:
"European leaders should be quick in adopting real measures to counter anti-Semitism or witness Jews leave, taking away their money and businesses, says the President of the European Jewish Congress... 'If Jews do it, that would trigger a serious economic crisis in Europe, Kantor warned.  
'I think out of three million Jews that are living in Europe at least one million... are going to leave and it will be a disaster, an economic disaster for Europe in general because first of all some supporters, non-Jewish supporters will come with Jews. It's a lot of cash and money currents are going to leave Europe and also businesses,' he said.  
He added that there is 'a strong demand from civil society to modify the legislation fighting against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism'."
No, Moshe, that's not true. 'Civil society' does not want more control ceded to those who would curtail our freedoms even more. It's only you and the bought-and-paid-for politician who want more prohibitive legislation inflicted upon the fractious European herd.

As for you and yours leaving, well, don't let us stop you, Moshe. Really, outside of the brown paper bag merchants in Westminster, most of us would happily swap your influence-purchasing billions for less law, less threat and more control of our own affairs.

So you, and any who feel the way you do, just go with our blessing. We got by without you once, we'll do so again. Honestly Moshe, you and your interminably self-serving demands will not be missed.
Before we remind ourselves what Blair once said about 'weapons of mass destruction,' Iraq and the absolute necessity to make war upon a faraway place minding its own business, here's an example of just how wrong a bent politician can be:
"Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war." (May 1997)
Four years later, however, the guy so many now love to hate was fully formed and breathing fire upon the world stage:
"We know, that they (the Iraqis) would, if they could, go further and use chemical, biological or even nuclear weapons of mass destruction. We know, also, that there are groups of people, occasionally states, who will trade the technology and capability of such weapons. It is time that this trade was exposed, disrupted, and stamped out. We have been warned by the events of 11 September, and we should act on the warning." (September 2001)
Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11. When Blair and Bush said things like this they knew the conflation of Iraq and 9/11 would mislead. That was the intention. Sixteen months later the lie was a lot less subtle.
"There is some intelligence evidence about linkages between members of al-Qa'ida and people in Iraq." (21 January 2003 - to the House of Commons Liaison Committee)
Whereas, in fact, he had just seen an intelligence report which said al-Qa'ida was 'in ideological conflict' with the 'apostate' Iraqi regime, and there were no known links.
"Saddam Hussein's regime is despicable, he is developing weapons of mass destruction, and we cannot leave him doing so unchecked. He is a threat to his own people and to the region and, if allowed to develop these weapons, a threat to us also." (April 2002) 
"It [the intelligence service] concludes that Iraq has chemical and biological weapons, that Saddam has continued to produce them, that he has existing and active military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons, which could be activated within 45 minutes... and that he is actively trying to acquire nuclear weapons capability." (September 2002)
"What I believe the assessed intelligence has established beyond doubt is that Saddam has continued to produce chemical and biological weapons, that he continues in his efforts to develop nuclear weapons." (Ditto)
"The document published today is based, in large part, on the work of the Joint Intelligence Committee... in light of the debate about Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction... Despite his denials, Saddam Hussein is continuing to develop WMD, and with them the ability to inflict real damage upon the region, and the stability of the world... 
The picture presented to me by the JIC in recent months has become more not less worrying. It is clear that... the policy of containment has not worked sufficiently well to prevent Saddam from developing these weapons. I am in no doubt that the threat is serious and current, that he has made progress on WMD, and that he has to be stopped. 
Intelligence reports make clear that he sees the building up of his WMD capability, and the belief overseas that he would use these weapons, as vital to his strategic interests, and in particular his goal of regional domination. And the document discloses that his military planning allows for some of the WMD to be ready within 45 minutes of an order to use them... Unless we face up to the threat... we place at risk the lives and prosperity of our own people... 
The UK Government has been right to support the demands that this issue be confronted and dealt with... It is an 11-year history, a history of the UN will flouted, lies told by Saddam about the existence of his chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programmes... 
Saddam's weapons of mass destruction programme is active, detailed and growing. The policy of containment is not working. The weapons of mass destruction programme is not shut down. It is up and running.... The intelligence picture... is one accumulated over the past four years. It is extensive, detailed and authoritative... 
We know, again from our history, that diplomacy, not backed by the threat of force, has never worked with dictators and never will. The threat of Saddam and weapons of mass destruction is not American or British propaganda... Disarmament of all WMD is the demand. One way or the other it must be acceded to." (Ditto) 
"There has been a real concern on our part not to exaggerate the intelligence we get." (Ditto)
"We have no quarrel with the Iraqi people. We want you to be our friends and partners." (November 2002)
"Defy the UN's will and we will disarm you by force. Be in no doubt whatever over that." (Ditto -  message to Saddam Hussein)
"I do not want war. I do not believe anyone in this house wants war." (February 2003)
Regarding this last major porkie, as early as November 1998, Blair was saying this:
"Now, with the Americans, we are looking at ways to bolster the opposition and improve the possibility of removing Saddam Hussein altogether."
During the twelve years between Gulf Wars 1 and 2, more than 1,5000,000 Iraqis, most of them children, died unnecessarily. Disease and malnutrition caused by sanction and the destruction of Iraq's infrastructure by UK and US air strikes killed them. I don't think the people of Iraq would have believed Tony B when he made the above statements and they certainly won't believe him after everything that's happened in their country since the invasion.
"We are the ally of the US not because they are powerful, but because we share their values... the US are a force for good". (January 2003)
Tony B Liar was the ally of, and shared the values of, the US Neoconservatives, who were (and still are) very powerful, but they were a 'force' for evil not good. They cared only for themselves, Israel and total US dominance.
White man's burden

On 20 March 2003, Tony Blair addressed the nation thus:
"Removing Saddam will be a blessing to the Iraqi people… I hope the Iraqi people hear this message. We are with you".
'A blessing?' Tell that to those who are still waiting for their sewage system to be fixed. Tell that to those who are still waiting for the electricity to be turned on permanently. Tell that to those who are still waiting for a regular supply of clean clean water. Tell that to those who have no job.

Tell that to those who suffer from the depredations of the new elites you imposed upon them, Tony. Tell that to the many hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis that you and the smirking chimp never bothered to count. Tell that to those who loved them.

Tell your lies to the victims of ISIS.

You're not 'with them' and you're not with us either. You are with Big Brother, Big Business, Big America and Big Israel. You know it, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Palestinians know it, Libya knows it, Egypt knows it, Syria knows it and and, after 7/7/2005 and Tunisia, a great many British people are aware of it as well.

The lies cited above led directly to the deaths of over a million people and the murderous horror that is now the Middle East. ISIS would not exist if Tony Blair hadn't conned the British people into a war that only the bought politicians of the US, UK and Australia, Israel and the US Neocons wanted.

Soon after the invasion Blair was reining back on the tub-thumping rhetoric:
"Before people crow about the absence of weapons of mass destruction, I suggest they wait a bit. I remain confident they will be found". (April 2003)
"The idea that we authorised or made our intelligence agencies invent some piece of evidence is completely absurd." (May 2003)
"I have said throughout and I just repeat to you, I have absolutely no doubt at all about the existence of weapons of mass destruction". (Ditto)
That month, he also reiterated his 'support' for America:
"We regard the United States as our allies and partners. We are proud of what we have achieved together against tyranny and in defence of freedom, most recently in Iraq... The United States is not wrong but right to be tough in dealing with them. We must support the United States". 
He also clued us in to the fact that, as early as 2003, he and his fellow monsters were contemplating the Syrian Holocaust.
"The ending of Saddam's regime in Iraq must be the starting point of a new dispensation for the Middle East... Iran and Syria, who give succour to the rejectionist men of violence, made to realize that the world will no longer countenance it".
In June 2003, he told us that:
"The point of our politics is to exercise power for the good of the people". 
Whereas, the point of Tony B's politics was 'to exercise power for the good' of the bankers, the US military industrial complex, the leaders of world Jewry and the movers and shakers of the New World Order. These days, of course, this gruesome bunch are often synonymous.
"We're not fighting for domination. We're not fighting for an American world". (Ditto)
On the contrary, the US Neocons were happy to admit that they were 'fighting for' a 'New American Century,' which they aspired to dominate through military and economic might.
"Iraq in March 2003 was an immensely difficult judgement... I have never disrespected those who disagreed with the decision... there was a core of sensible people who faced with this decision would have gone the other way, for sensible reasons. Their argument is one I understand." (Ditto)
On 16 February 2003, however, Tony B described the two million who marched against the looming war in February 2003, thus:
"I read the anti-war sites and listen to the protesters and I realise that they haven't a clue, or worse, they just don't give a damn."
By July 2003, the lack of any evidence of WMD was beginning to grate and Blair was counselling patience.
"Let us wait and see... let us actually allow this Iraq Survey Group to get going and to do their work... The Iraq Survey Group that is the group charged with going and finding the evidence of these programmes is only just beginning its work now... 
I have no doubt whatever that in the end these people will talk to us about the programmes and we will have the evidence of those programmes... I have absolutely no doubt that we will find evidence of weapons of mass destruction programmes." 
"The question of whether we produced intelligence, though, was a very, very difficult question. I mean, on the one hand it is not normal for you to do this... I think that we described the intelligence in a way that was perfectly justified... There was absolutely no reason for us to doubt that intelligence at all". (August 2003 - At the Hutton enquiry)
By September, statements such as the following were beginning to sound decidedly odd:
"We have won a magnificent victory in Iraq."
By December, and still WMD-light, he was implying that the intelligence might have been at fault. He, of course, was not.
"I don't concede it at all that the intelligence at the time was wrong... I have absolutely no doubt at all that we will find evidence of weapons of mass destruction programmes." 
"I don't think it's surprising we will have to look for them. I'm confident that when the Iraq Survey Group has done its work we will find what's happened to those weapons because he had them." (Ditto)
"We received that intelligence about Saddam's programmes and about his weapons that we acted on that... I remember having conversations with the Chief of Defence Staff and other people were saying... we think we might have a potential WMD find here or there... These things didn't actually come to anything in the end." (Ditto)
Intelligence, intelligence, intelligence. (February 2004)
"I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the intelligence was genuine. It is absurd to say in respect of any intelligence that it is infallible, but if you ask me what I believe, I believe the intelligence was correct." 
Shiny-eyed self-justification, dribbling slightly. (March 2004)
"From September 11th on, I could see the threat plainly. Here were terrorists prepared to bring about Armageddon... who saw WMD as a means of defending themselves against any attempt external or internal to remove them... 
The global threat to our security was clear. So was our duty: to act to eliminate it. First we dealt with Al Qaida in Afghanistan... then we had to confront the states with WMD. We had to take a stand... We know now, if we didn't before, that our own self interest is ultimately bound up with the fate of other nations... If it is a global threat, it needs a global response, based on global rules... It is a new type of war." 
"We should do all we can to spread the values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law, religious tolerance.. however painful for some nations that may be... at the same time, we wage war relentlessly on those who would exploit racial and religious division to bring catastrophe to the world". (Ditto)
In June 2004, Blair grudgingly admitted that there were no WMD in Iraq:
"Although I was confident that those weapons existed last year, I have to accept that they have not been found. However, let me tell my honourable friend that there is clearly no doubt at all that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction... 
It is also true that we have not found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq... I simply say to my honourable Friend that it is sensible to wait for the outcome of the work of the Iraq survey group, but I certainly do not accept in any shape or form that Iraq was not a threat to the region and the wider world. 
I repeat again what I have said on many occasions, I believe that the world and this country are safer without Saddam Hussein in power...  
I have to accept the fact that we have not found them... Whether they were hidden, or removed, or destroyed even, the plain fact is he was undoubtedly in breach of United Nations resolutions... a lot of people they will say 'Saddam Hussein is an evil person. You got rid of an evil person, that is fine'."
"What is true about (Iraq Survey Group head) David Kay's evidence, and this is something I have to accept... we have not found large stockpiles of actual weapons." (Ditto)
"What we also know is we haven't found them in Iraq, now let the survey group complete its work and give us the report... They will not report that there was no threat from Saddam, I don't believe." (July 2004)
"I have to accept, as the months have passed, it seems increasingly clear that at the time of invasion, Saddam did not have stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons ready to deploy". (Ditto)
"I have searched my conscience... and my answer would be that the evidence of Saddam's WMD was indeed less certain, less well-founded than was stated at the time." (Ditto)
"For any mistakes made, as the report finds in good faith, I of course take full responsibility. But I cannot honestly say I believe getting rid of Saddam was a mistake at all." (Ditto)
"We went to war to enforce compliance with UN Resolutions... Our primary purpose was to enforce UN resolutions over Iraq and WMD". (Ditto)
"Though we know Saddam had WMD; we haven't found the physical evidence of them in the 11 months since the war. But in fact, everyone thought he had them". (Ditto)
I didn't think he had them, did you? Neither did the Butler report. On 13 July 2004, this stated:
"We were struck by the relative thinness of the intelligence base... on Iraqi production and possession of chemical and biological weapons."
In July 2004, in response to the report, Blair said this:
"No one lied. No one made up the intelligence. No one inserted things into the dossier against the advice of the intelligence services".
Whereas, the Panorama programme of 20 March 2005, saw the former Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, say this:
"He saw the evidence. He probably saw more of the intelligence than any other single person in government. Therefore he was well placed to judge how thin it was... What surprised me, astonished me, about the September dossier was how one sided it was. It was propaganda, it was not an honest presentation of intelligence".
Tony B Liar mentioned the phrase 'weapons of mass destruction' over a hundred times in a variety of public forums in the run up to Gulf War 2. It is likely, because his intelligence analysts were not able to provide him with any definitive proof that WMD still existed, that, all the time he was being so categorical in front of the cameras, he was only hoping for the best.

Here's another lie.
"Had we backed down in respect of Saddam, we would never have taken the stand we needed to take on WMD, never have got progress on Libya." (July 2004)
And yet, Martyn Indyk, Bill Clinton's Ambassador to Israel, told us this in the 9 March 2004 edition of The Financial Times:
"Libyan representatives offered to surrender WMD programmes more than four years ago, at the outset of secret negotiations with US officials... From the start of Bill Clinton's administration, Gadaffi had tried to open back-channels, using various Arab interlocutors with little success. 
Disappointed, he turned to Britain, first settling a dispute over the shooting of a British policewoman in London and then offering to send the two Libyans accused in the Lockerbie PanAm 103 bombing for trial in a third country... 
Libyan representatives offered to join the Chemical Weapons Convention and open their facilities to inspection. In a subsequent meeting in October 1999, Libya repeated its offer on chemical weapons and agreed to join the Middle East multilateral arms control talks taking place at the time."
Since Blair's Libya lie, Cameron and Clegg invaded the country and Gaddafi was executed. Now look at the place. Some might say 'they never learn.' Actually, I think it may be the other way around. (Blair sowed chaos, his masters were pleased, and, in 2012, his successors wanted to show the big shots that they were just as ready, willing and able to do their masters' bidding)

On 26 September 2006, in Blair's final address as Prime Minister at the Party Conference, he said:
"This terrorism isn't our fault. We didn't cause it. It's not the consequence of foreign policy".
And yet, on 24 September 2006, The New York Times had published the declassified parts of a US National Intelligence Estimate report which came to precisely the opposite conclusion. The N.I.E. report (a summarised overview of all 16 US intelligence agencies) stated that the Iraq conflict had become a 'cause celebre' for Islamic militants worldwide and had helped recruit 'supporters for the global jihadist movement.'

It also said that the conflict had bred 'a deep resentment of US involvement in the Muslim world' and that 'perceived jihadist success there would inspire more fighters to continue the struggle elsewhere.' It added:
"The Iraq Jihad is shaping a new generation of terrorist leaders and operatives... Militants, although a small percentage of Muslims, are increasing in both number and geographic dispersion. If this trend continues, threats to US interests globally will become more diverse leading to increased attacks worldwide."
Pretty categoric, wouldn't you say? And not exactly the conclusion that Blair arrived at. He also said this at the Conference:
"I don't want to live in a police state, or a Big Brother society."
And yet by then Britain had more security cameras per head than any other country. There are more than four million of these checking up on us as we speak.

Blair also reiterated the biggest lie of all:
"Immigration has benefited Britain."
Check out some of the other whoppers this pathological spin-merchant told along the way:
"I would expect ministers in any government I lead to resign if they lied to parliament." (1994)
"People want honest politics and they are going to get it." (1997)
On election night in May 1997, Blair said:
"I feel a deep sense of responsibility and humility. You put your trust in me and I intend to repay that trust. I will not let you down."
I voted Labour in 1997. I voted Labour in order to get rid of the Tories. I didn't vote Labour so that we could have another nine years with a party in power whose first principle was to cuddle up to big business and the Fat Cat.

Nor did I vote for an elite within New Labour who would send our boys to fight and die in five different wars. As for the melting-pot Utopia built on the back of a 'deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000… to open up the UK to mass migration,' I didn't vote for that either.

Tony B Liar did not 'repay the trust' of the British people and he did 'let us down.' He was lying on that day in May 1997.

In June 1998, Blair said this:
"I was delighted to be part of the Windrush celebrations. I agree entirely with what my hon. Friend (Oona King) says about the nature of our society and the desire to see it as a multicultural, multiracial society. She will know that in the Crime and Disorder Bill, which is presently before the House, there are new measures to deal with violence that is racially motivated and aggravated... 
We will certainly apply both that law and the existing provisions under the law to make sure that we root out any racism and any violence wherever we can. 
I think that this country is proud of the changes that we have made over the past number of years... That is the type of country I wish to bring my children up in. I think that it is the type of country that the vast majority of British people believe in."
The 'racists' Blair was keen on rooting out were the BNP and NF types who, for decades before he took over, were trying to warn the rest of of us about immigrant criminality and violence. You know, the kind of stuff Blair, most of the rest of parliament, local government, social workers and the cops were intent on covering up?

As for rooting out 'any violence,' well subsequent events have demonstrated that they couldn't have cared less about violence inflicted upon British children by the immigrant. For that matter, do you know of a politician who ever warned us about the inter-racial homicide rate?

Interracial Homicide Statistics - England and Wales

Yet more chilling statistics those the sheeple vote for do not want known.

In May 2002, Blair said:
"In GM crops I can find no serious evidence of health risks".
In fact, he was so enamoured of GM that he ennobled David Sainsbury, just about the leading spokesman for the technology, as soon as he came to power in 1997. The fact that the Sainsbury heir was the Labour party's leading donor will, of course, have had nothing to do with his elevation.

All told, Sainsbury donated £18.5 million to the Labour Party between 1996 and 2008. The Baron Turville title wasn't his only reward. Blair brought him into the government as Science Minister in 1998. From which lofty position the chap who found himself at the top of the scientific pole in the UK (despite having no qualifications at all in this area) was perfectly placed to lead the debate on GM engineering.

In November 2006, after eight years in the job, he resigned as Science Minister. A few months earlier he had been the first government minister to be questioned by the police in the 'Cash for Peerages' inquiry.

Sainsbury is Jewish.

In June 2002, Blair introduced a traitorously deceitful meme, oft repeated since:
"Britain must have controlled immigration. We need 150,000 immigrants a year... to look after us in our old age."
And, in May 2007, after ten years of blithely ignoring what the British people wanted, he blessed us with this prize whopper:
"The people are the masters. We are the servants of the people. We will never forget that." 
What you have to remember, ladies and gentlemen, is this: politicians are the worst of us. They will say anything to get into power and, once there, they'll say anything to keep it.

Outside of Iraq, Blair signalled his priorities with the following statements:
"I have long believed this, interdependence defines the new world we live in... This is the politics of globalisation ... globalisation is a fact". (October 2001)
"Globalisation is a fact... ... we celebrate the diversity in our country, get strength from the cultures and races that go to make up Britain today." (Ditto)
"I think it is vitally important that people who believe in democracy, who loathe those policies of racism and narrow-minded nationalism, fight it at every level, politically, organisationally, and culturally." (April 2002) 
"Internationally, we need a new global partnership, that moves beyond a narrow view of national interest... Interdependence is obliterating the distinction between foreign and domestic policy... Interdependence is the core reality of the modern world. 
It is revolutionising our idea of national interest. It is forcing us to locate that interest in the wider international community... The 20th Century was a century of savage slaughter, insane ideology, and unparalleled progress... with globalisation, a new era has begun". (October 2002) 
"My vision of Britain is not as the 51st state of anywhere, but I believe in this alliance and I will fight long and hard to maintain it... For Britain to help shape this new world, Britain needs to be part of it. Our friendship with America is a strength...
Our new world rests on order... Europe must take on and defeat the anti-Americanism". (Ditto)
That would be THEIR New World Order, ladies and gentlemen, not ours.
On 27 April 2004, as 10 more countries prepared for EU membership, Blair said the following to the pro-immigration, Big Business bigwigs of the CBI:
"Those who warned of disaster back in the 1960s and 1970s if migration was not stopped, who said Britain would never accept a multi-racial society, have been proved comprehensively wrong".
So, it wasn't a disaster for the 52 people who died in the London bombings? It wasn't a disaster for the thousands of British people who have been murdered and manslaughtered by first and second-generation immigrants over the last five decades? It hasn't been a disaster for those many thousands of British girls who have been gang-raped and prostituted and the girls and women seduced by immigrants who never bothered to tell them that they were HIV-positive?

How about the many millions 'turned on' to the drugs brought in and distributed, for the most part, by black, Asian and South American men in the last five decades? Was it not a disaster for them?

It wasn't a disaster for those who have caught diseases imported into this country by the politician and the immigrant? It wasn't a disaster for the millions of British people who have been ethnically cleansed out of there own ancient neighbourhoods by the aggressive and anti-social behaviours of those you like best, either?

It hasn't benefited the tens of thousands involved in road traffic accidents with unlicenced, untaxed and uninsured immigrants who were prepared to flout our laws and road safety traditions either. Nor has it benefited the many millions who wanted a home of their own as they shuffled backwards in the council housing queue to make room for an immigrant population automatically promoted to the head of it as soon as he and his family arrived.

And, as the harassed schoolteacher did her desperate best for all of those children who couldn't even speak English when they arrived, is there anyone out there who really believes that our own kids got the attention and schooling that they should have?

And as for those who lost out in the job market because the immigrant would work for less and the worker whose boss took the Government's positive discrimination edicts, regarding the promotion and encouragement of everything alien, seriously, well, has it not been a disaster for them?

It wasn't a disaster for those who once had free speech but now have to endure a massive raft of immigrant-favouring race law? Many's the Briton who now has a criminal record because the immigrant has been extra-specially protected at his expense.

And, of course, the families who had to share the disasters cited above will also have suffered.

It wasn't a disaster for the immigrant, I grant you that. And, boy-oh-boy, it wasn't a disaster for you.
But it was and is an ever-increasing disaster for those who never wanted mass immigration changing the ethnic composition and culture of their nation.

You're a liar, Tony Blair. You know it, I know it, the man in the street and the Faustian gods you pray to know it. Unfortunately, in this accursed age, the psychopath in charge doesn't seem to give a damn whether the dumb, disenfranchised herd knows it or not.

Blair also said this:
"Britain as a whole is immeasurably richer, and not just economically, for the contribution that migrants have made to our society."
He also said that measures were being implemented to ensure that 'public support for the controlled migration that benefits Britain is maintained.'

'Public Support?' The public support of the British people who have been telling traitorous politicians for over 60 years that they wanted all immigration brought to a halt? Interesting, don't you think, that he thought there was a need to implement 'measures' to ensure that our 'support' for migration was 'maintained?' You'd think, if we were as four square behind the mass invasion of our territory as he makes out, that such 'measures' wouldn't be necessary.

Blair also said:
"Those who say migration is out of control… are simply wrong".
No explanation necessary.
"Those who do come here make a huge contribution".
Ah, right. The bullies, the nuts, the rapists, the pimps, the drug dealers, the scroungers, the diseased, the ethnic cleansers, the Rachmann-like landlords, those we Brits have to kow-tow to by law, those who kill and rape us for kicks and all of those extremely nice people who have landed upon us over the last 60 years, who knew before they arrived that the British people did not want them here and whose presence has put such an enormous strain upon our infrastructure, all of them 'make a huge contribution,' do they?

Not every Labour MP is prepared to deceive us as brazenly as the Dear Leader once did.

In April 2004, Blair eulogised thus:
"The East African Asians who fled Uganda in the 1970s have contributed immeasurably to British society and in just 30 years have become one of the most economically successful migrant groups this country has ever seen".
More than 100,000 retail outlets have been taken over by Asians in recent years and whenever a property comes up for private auction in this country you are likely to see more faces of Asian origin at that auction than native British ones. How has African-Asian ownership of companies British effort and sacrifice built profited those who haven't ever had the chance to progress from the hard slog to something a little better? How has this helped the British businessman who finds himself up against the Hindujas or Lakshmi Mittal?

Apart from Tony Blair having had huge bungs from both the Hindujas and Mittal, it appears to me that the 'East Africans Asian who fled Uganda in the 1970s' helped themselves pretty exclusively.

He also said:
"Our borders are now more secure than they have ever been... The move from a Europe of 15 countries to a Europe of 25 with a population bigger than that of the North American Free Trade Area is to be warmly welcomed not feared."
'Welcomed' by Big Business, Big Brother and the gangster elite of the New World Order, 'feared' by the rest of us. In the lead up to accession to the EU by the new eastern European states, Blair's crowd were assuring us that no more 5,000 to 13,000 migrants would descend upon us annually from this area of the world. The reality, as patriots warned, and everyone else now knows, was very different.

Tony Blair and the world-changers are at war with the British people. They have been importing their pet footsoldiers into this country since the 1950s and most of these are nothing like us. In order to bring impose their melting-pot philosophies upon a stable, ethnically homogeneous population, the Tony Blair type has lied and lied and lied again.

By 2014, 558,000 foreigners (that we know of) came here to stay. Similar figures were posted from 2000 onwards, when Labour's secret plan to flood our world with aliens was hatched.
Don't listen to the whingers: London needs immigrants

Cameron promised to lower the arrivals to tens of thousands. However, during his first term in office, the immigration statistics were, if anything, worse than those of his predecessors.

We have been betrayed, ladies and gentlemen. Those we elected to represent us have been representing others all along.

So, who's side is Tony Blair really on? Why did he do the terrible things he did? Via Tamara Cohen, Moshe Kantor has already provided a substantial clue. Here are a few more:

On 25 April 1997, The Jerusalem Post reported thus:
"British Labor Party leader Tony Blair has assiduously courted the Jewish community... After 18 years of unremitting Conservative government... The British Jewish community appears ready to join the stampede and sweep the Labor Party's Tony Blair to power... 
Blair has repeatedly pledged that he would 'not repeat the MISTAKES of previous Labor leaders during the Eighties,' who were regarded as insensitive, if not antipathetic, to Jewish causes, notably Israel... 
Blair, a lawyer by training and by instinct... established New Labor as the natural inheritor of a free-enterprise, free-market Britain that had been the clarion call of the Conservatives. Blair's message appears to be playing well among the Jewish community, which... views the institutions of the European Union as a safeguard against xenophobia and future outbursts of anti-Semitism... 
British Jews... have become so accustomed to 'Jews in high places' that they appear unmoved even when the Conservative banner is carried by such prominent figures and friends as Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind and Home Secretary Michael Howard, both of whom are Jewish... 
British Jews, particularly since the Thatcher era, have become comfortable and confident in their British skins... Moreover, the proliferation of Jewish politicians at the most senior levels in British politics - five in Thatcher's cabinet... served to reinforce an assertive self-confidence... 
The party is... expected to be represented in parliament by a member who has been described as the 'mother of all candidates' - Oona King, a 30-year-old, right-wing, black, Jewish, woman candidate."
On 15 April 2002, John Kampfner wrote the following in The New Statesman:
"The roots of the British government's current policy towards the Middle East can be traced back to... Brighton in the autumn of 1994. 'To define yourself as new Labour, you had to prove your credentials as pro-business, anti-tax and pro-Israel,' says one party official. 'Palestinian sympathies were the preserve of the old left and we quite simply had to get rid of ours if we wanted to get on.'
At Blair's first party conference as leader, Labour Friends of Israel assembled in a huge turnout for its main meeting of the week. Every aspiring young apparatchik felt the need to attend. They did then. They still do... 
Enter Lord Levy. According to those who have seen them together, Blair simply feels comfortable in the opulent home of the one-time pop impresario who turned Alvin Stardust into a household name. Levy brought with him, not just large donations from other wealthy, London Jewish business figures, but their values, too".

On 25 July 2002, The Mirror reported thus:
"PM Accused Of Backing The Death Merchants... Britain sold military equipment worth £22.5million to the Israelis last year, almost doubling the deals since the Palestinian uprising began two years ago. A total of 299 separate contracts were agreed by the Government in 2001 alone."
On 26 July 2002, The Mirror quoted Adrian Lovett, the Campaigns Director of Oxfam, thus:
"How can we explain Tony Blair's answers to this moral dilemma to the innocent people killed and maimed by British components used in Israeli air strikes? The reasonable majority of British people will find this a very depressing admission which negates our claim to be a moral force in the world."
In the same edition of The Mirror, Richard Bingley said:
"The Prime Minister's emphatic defence of the indefensible raises questions about his sense of morality... The near-doubling of sales to Israel at such a time of tragedy is scandalous... the Government is facilitating this trade in death."
On 9 August 2002, Alison Swersky reported thus at the Totally Jewish website:
"The Labour Friends of Israel is routinely consulted by Tony Blair on Middle East policy. The pro-Israel lobby group is also seen by budding backbenchers as a way of climbing the ministerial ranks."
Here are some of the things Richard Perle, a man who has been described alternatively as the 'eminence grise' and the 'Prince of Darkness' within the Bush junior government, and the man who, more than any other, oversaw the push for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, has said this about Tony Blair:
"Tony Blair has shown extraordinary courage in defending Western values in the Balkans, in combating international terrorism, and in the current confrontation with Saddam... Neither the president nor the British Prime Minister will be deflected by Saddam's diplomatic charm offensive, the feckless moralising of 'peace' lobbies or the unsolicited advice of retired generals."
"It is to the credit of Prime Minister Blair that despite that antiwar sentiment, he is leading in the direction that he believes is right for his country... I make no apology for the fact that public opinion is not solidly behind the thinking of the American president or the British Prime Minister... There is leadership in Europe and there is a failure of leadership in Europe".
"I think Tony Blair's moral sense is, very much reflected in the thinking of many Neoconservatives... Tony Blair does have a fundamental understanding of this. That for justice and liberty to prevail in the world, force sometimes has to be used... I think Tony Blair is a kind of Neoconservative."
Perle is Jewish.

In January 2003, Robert Kagan, the Neocon co-founder of PNAC and Associate Editor of the Rupert Murdoch owned Weekly Standard, said this in The Washington Post:
"To appreciate fully the unparalleled political and moral courage of Tony Blair... you really have to live in Europe and feel the mood out here. 
Never mind that Blair, Aznar, Silvio Berlusconi, et al. planted themselves at the side of President Bush in the coming confrontation with Iraq, at a time when polls in Britain, Spain, Italy and elsewhere around Europe show opposition to American policy running at 70 percent or higher. And never mind that they insisted America's war on terrorism must be Europe's war, too, at a time when... most Europeans do not feel the slightest bit threatened by international terrorism... 
This was nothing compared with the unabashed pro-Americanism of their declaration. The eight European leaders actually wrote of 'American bravery, generosity and farsightedness'... Such sentiments are pure heresy these days in Europe, where anti-Americanism has reached a fevered intensity... 
The suspicion, fear and loathing of the United States couldn't be thicker. In London, where Tony Blair has to go to work every day, one finds Britain's finest minds propounding... the conspiracy theories... concerning the 'neoconservative' (read: Jewish) hijacking of American foreign policy... 
At a conference I recently attended in Barcelona, an esteemed Spanish intellectual earnestly asked why, if the US wants to topple vicious dictatorships that manufacture WMD, it is not also invading Israel... In Europe, this paranoid, conspiratorial anti-Americanism is not a far-left or far-right phenomenon. It's the mainstream view... 
The 'European street' is more anti-American than ever before... That is why Blair and his colleagues deserve so much admiration."
Kagan is Jewish.

On 16 March 2003, a few days before Bush and Blair invaded Iraq, Thomas Friedman, the influential New York Times columnist reported thus:
"What does Tony Blair get that George Bush doesn't? The only way I can explain it is by a concept from the Kabbalah called 'tikkun olam.' It means, 'to repair the world'... 
Tony Blair constantly puts the struggle for a better Iraq within a broader context of moral concerns. Tony Blair always leaves you with the impression that for him the Iraq war is just one hammer and one nail in an effort to do tikkun olam, to repair the world."
In December 2002, Friedman stated that the Democratic party in the United States had only one viable candidate for the Presidency in 2004: Tony Blair!
"He's tough on national security, has an alternative global vision, people like him and he is a beautiful, reassuring speaker".
Friedman is Jewish.

In October 2001, TB said this:
"The state of Israel must be given recognition by all".
In October 2001, he said said this:
JEWS, MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS ARE ALL CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM... This is the moment to bring the faiths closer together... The Kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux... let us re-order this world around us".
In July 2003, he said:
"The state of Israel should be recognized by the entire Arab world, and the vile propaganda used to indoctrinate children, not just against Israel but against Jews, must cease."
In June 2004, Blair said this at the annual luncheon of the Labour Friends of Israel group:
"It is good to be among friends... Your community is a beacon on so many core issues, standing for compassion and human rights and freedom... LFI brings Labour's message to the Jewish community and stands up for Israel, while also recognising the needs of the Palestinians. I feel strongly about Israel and admire its many achievements... 
Britain will remain a friend to Israel in tough times and good. Both countries believe in liberty, democracy and the rule of law and share a determination never to give in to the terrorists that threaten our way of life... 
It is all too easy to blame Israel and disagree with its policies... What concerns me is that the conflict in the middle east is used to fuel anti-Semitism in Britain. I will not tolerate this... A stable Iraq will be good news for Israel... 
For the sake of middle east stability Israel cannot remain the region's only democracy...
I assure you that nothing this government does will put your religious freedoms at risk. I will safeguard your religious rights."
'For the sake of... Israel'... we will spend trillions and butcher millions in order to make the world a safer place for 'democracy?' Check out those whose 'religious rights' Our Dear former Leader spent his time in office zealously safeguarding:

Democracy, Israeli-style.

A style, one must presume, that suits a man like our former PM.

In January 2004, writer & broadcaster Tim Llewellyn, a former long standing BBC Middle East Correspondent, said this:
"To Blair, the Israelis are victims of terror, while the Palestinians are their own worst enemies and must do what they are told... 
Blair is very close to Israel. His old crony and party financier, Lord Levy, has been rewarded with the post of special adviser on Middle East matters... Levy is a peer who has close contacts with Israel and a multi-million pound villa near Tel Aviv, his son Daniel Levy worked in the office of Israel's former Justice Minister, Yossi Beilin. 
Israeli security is uppermost on Labour's mind. Squatting in the gardens of Kensington is the Israeli embassy with many powerful friends and supporters. The Israeli version of events is often taken as the prevailing wisdom."
On 10 May 2007, Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel, sent this message to Tony Blair as he was making his resignation speech in Sedgefield:
"Do not desert us… You have been a great friend to us. You may be leaving 10 Downing Street, but we don't want you to leave us. (You are) Israel's best friend in the world outside President George Bush… The whole of Israel will be sorry to see you go." 
In May 2014, Olmert was sentenced to 6 years in prison and fined $430,000 for corruption and bribery whilst in office.

Previously, in December 2011, Moshe Katsav, President of Israel from 2000 to 2007, began a seven-year prison sentence for rape.

Friends in high places, eh? You gotta love 'em. Well, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair feels the need to do so anyway.

On 11 May 2007, in an article titled: Best Friend Israel and Jews Ever Had in Downing Street, The Jewish Telegraph eulogised Blair thus:
"We will rue the day when Tony Blair is gone… Without equivocation or fear of challenge, Jews and Israel have never had a better friend in Downing Street… 
He had already shown empathy with the community's needs as shadow home secretary, before assuming the party leadership in 1994… Long before forming an important partnership with Michael Levy, who he later ennobled and appointed as Middle East envoy, Blair regularly attended Labour Friends of Israel functions. 
Lord Levy's fundraising has been probed by police and the extent of his peacemaking role has often been questioned. But Blair had his own contacts and was never afraid to make friends with Israeli leaders from across the spectrum. He has been strong and consistent condemning anti-Semitism, praising the Community Security Trust… 
One of his most impassioned speeches defending Israel was delivered last year in Los Angeles - against the backdrop of the Lebanon war. 'The purpose of the provocation that began the conflict was clear,' he intoned. 'It was to create chaos, division and bloodshed, to provoke retaliation by Israel that would lead to Arab and Muslim opinion being inflamed, not against those who started the aggression but against those who responded to it.' 
It used to be said that Harold Wilson was a close friend, James Callaghan understood Israel, Margaret Thatcher really empathised with the community and that John Major was always available to help Israel... But it is Tony Blair, who has been the most consistent, thorough, warm and effective. 
On 11 May 2007, Uzi Gafni, Director of the Israel Government Tourist Office in London, said this in The Jewish Telegraph:
"Mr Blair has been a wonderful friend to Israel… The average Israeli has an extremely high opinion of Mr Blair. They see him as being a good friend of their country."
Israel and the warmongers love the man. Me, you and the mothers of a million poor ghosts do not.

At the 1996 New Labour Party Conference in Blackpool, Tony B said:
"The Jewish community's principles are... precisely those things for which Labour stands today... The renewal of our ties with the communities is one of the best things that has happened to us."
On 18 February 2005, Blair said this:
"I've been a very, very strong supporter of the Jewish community and of Israel, and will always be so... We have been staunch supporters of Israel, staunch defenders of the Jewish community and aggressively against any form of racism".
On 4 March 2007, The Sunday Times reported thus:
"Tony Blair is wooing some of America’s biggest billionaires with a Downing Street reception during his final days in power, including the tycoon who hired Bill Clinton after he left office. 
Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, regarded as one of London’s most influential political hostesses, has arranged the select gathering. At least seven billionaires with a combined worth of more than £25 billion are on the guest list. 
Among those invited are Ronald Burkle, the financier and grocery retailer who gave Clinton a multi-million-dollar post as adviser to a private equity fund...
The event will offer a key networking opportunity for Blair as he prepares for life after government. Invitations have been discreetly circulated among the super-rich in New York society in recent weeks…  
Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP, said: 'This might be for a good cause, but selling access is ingrained into this prime minister, as is his obsession with wealth and celebrity... 
Others who have donated enough to attend include Len Blavatnik, the Russian tycoon... and Richard Fuld, the chief executive of the global investment bank Lehman Brothers."
Blavatnik is one of those Jewish Oligarchs who robbed the Russian people blind during Russia's particularly nasty variation on the privatisation scam. Many of these have washed up in Tony's Blair's Oligarch-friendly Britain in recent times.

Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's owner, and Boris Berezovsky, whom Forbes Magazine once described as the head of the Russian Mafia, come straight to mind.

Richard Severin Fuld is also Jewish. 'The gorilla' steered Lehman Bothers deep into the business of subprime mortgages, bankrolling lenders across the country making convoluted loans to questionable borrowers. The bank's investors ended up with billions of dollars in toxic debt as a result. Wikipedia states:

"Condé Nast Portfolio ranked Fuld number one on their Worst American CEOs of All Time list, stating he was 'belligerent and unrepentant'...

'I am soft, I'm lovable but what I really want to do is reach in, rip out their heart and eat it before they die'...

In October 2008, Fuld was among twelve Lehman Brothers executives who received grand jury subpoenas in connection to three criminal investigations led by the United States Attorney's offices... related to the alleged securities fraud associated with the collapse of the firm."

Despite the collapse of Lehman the year after the Downing Steet do, Fuld is estimated to have walked away with a personal fortune of $500 million.

The Times article continued:
"Blair already knows Veronica Hearst, the widow of the publishing heir Randolph Hearst, who is likely to be among the small group at the reception. Blair was entertained by Hearst at her luxurious Palm Beach home during his Christmas break in Florida… 
Rothschild’s husband, the banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, was revealed by The Sunday Times in 2002 to be bankrolling the Policy Network, the political think tank of which Peter Mandelson is honorary chairman… After the reception with the Blairs, guests will be invited to a dinner at the Rothschilds’ London home."
The Jewish House of Rothschild has bankrolled both sides of most of the major wars since the French Revolution, although the Rothschilds are thought to have subsidised the revolutionary side only in that world-changing event.

At the time this gathering was convened, Mandelson, Tony B's original guru, was batting for Britain in Europe with his Brazilian boyfriend. His dad was once the editor of The Jewish Chronicle. 

The Times article continues:
"Those who have bought tables and are also on the Downing Street list are some of the most influential figures in American society, including Calvin Klein, the fashion designer; Leonard and Ronald Lauder, brothers who are worth £2.88 billion and who inherited the Estée Lauder cosmetics empire".
Ronald Lauder, who has also campaigned for more pro-Jewish, truth-censoring law in Europe, is the head of the WORLD Jewish congress. On 28 March 2013, The Jewish Chronicle told us this:
"At the recent WJC Executive Committee meeting in Thessaloniki in northern Greece attended by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras... WJC President Ronald Lauder said that Golden Dawn was a 'a threat to democracy' and called them the 'new Nazis'...  
In response, a post on Golden Dawn’s New York-based blog ‘Xaameriki’ called for a boycott of a list of cosmetic companies owned by Estee Lauder, which is owned by the Lauder family of which Ronald Lauder is a member. Included were Estee Lauder, Mac, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Israeli company Aveda. Many of the companies listed, including Estee Lauder, are Jewish owned. 
 Maram Stern, deputy secretary-general of the WJC, said: 'To announce a boycott of ‘Jewish’ companies a few days before the 80th anniversary of the first organised boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany by the Nazi government, on 1 April 1933, shows the true face of Golden Dawn. Both in words and in actions these fanatics behave like the Nazis did 80 years ago.  
Once again, this is a reminder that they need to be opposed vigorously by all democratic forces, not just in Greece but everywhere they operate'... 
A spokesperson for Golden Dawn said:  'We are not encouraging the boycott of Estee Lauder because it is owned by Jews, if there was a Chinese, Armenian, or Martian international institution that was attempting to undermine freedom and democracy in Greece, we would boycott them too."
So, the World Jewish Congress called for a legitimate political party, popular with those who have suffered most at the hands of the international financiers, to be banned because it isn't prepared to toe the 'democratic' party line favoured by a similar elite body. Responding in kind, Golden Dawn calls for a ban on Estée Lauder products.

The deputy secretary-general of the WJC then plays the nasty Nazi card, complaining that the counter ban is redolent 'of the first organised boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany.'

In other words, ladies and gents, the Jew can call for an entirely legitimate Greek political party to be banned but the Greeks who are thus threatened cannot then call for a range of cosmetics to be treated similarly.

Instead of telling these jumped-up finger-waggers where to go, the Greek Prime Minister was cowed by the implied threat and, subsequently, promised to enact legislation 'completely intolerant to violence and racism.' National governments had to 'be very careful not to let them (Neo-Nazis) gain ground as they did in the 1930s,' he said.

You see, ladies and gents, democracy in the western world doesn't mean what you think it means. It means whatever the Ronald Lauders, the Maram Sterns and their bought Prime Ministers want it to mean.

As previously stated, on 25 January 2015, the ruling party in Greece, that of  Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, was almost wiped out in the Greek General Election.

Boycott Estée Lauder.

The 4 March 2007 Sunday Times article continues:
"The Blairs have been increasingly keen to court America as they prepare for life after No 10. Last July Blair attended a cocktail party in San Francisco hosted by Charlotte Shultz, whose husband George was secretary of state under Ronald Reagan. 
Cherie Blair is represented by the New York-based Harry Walker Agency, which arranges lecture tours for her in the US. There has been speculation the Blairs intend to buy a home in New York after quitting Downing Street, but this has been denied."
Of those mentioned in the Sunday Times article, Lady Lynn and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Ronald Burkle, Len Blavatnik, Richard Fuld, Leonard, Ronald Lauder and Estée Lauder, Peter Mandelson, Calvin Klein and Harry Walker are, or were, Jewish.

Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu, the world's richest man; Veronica Hearst; Donald Marron, Chairman of Lightyear Capital; Sid Bass, a Texas oil tycoon; Charlotte Shultz, Bill Clinton and the Blairs are not.

In my opinion, Tony Blair is the greatest traitor the British Isles has ever produced. 

When I say this in cyberspace nowadays, very few are astounded and even fewer are prepared to engage in a heated debate on the subject.

He's a creature of the Jews, ladies and gentlemen. All the time he was our Prime Minister his support for Israel and the mega-rich Jewish financier coloured his behaviour.

If you ever wondered why the Chilcot enquiry was still huffing and puffing and getting nowhere six years on, now you know. The most powerful people in the world want its findings kept away from the rest of us until it has been sufficiently sanitised.

Did you know that two of the five Chilcot panellists, the historian, Martin Gilbert (a committed Zionist) and Lawrence Freedman, are Jewish? As Jews comprise just 0.5 per cent of the British population, Jewish representation on Chilcot is 160 times more than it ought to be, according to their incidence in the general population. That's if those who assembled the panel members had been interested in being entirely fair.

I'm sure that Tony Blair, an ultra-glib former barrister, would be more than happy to make a case in a court of law for the ultimate fairness of the 160-to-1 statistic. The future Chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (Kantor's baby) was, after all, always going to be the main beneficiary of any prevarication and/or outright censorship of the facts that any friendly member of the enquiry could engineer.

'Censorship,' of course, is meat and drink to those who want 'European nations to pass laws to criminalise hate speech and Holocaust denial.' 

Instead of swanning around the globe coining it and posing as a shining white knight come to rescue the self-Chosen, eternally-put-upon little cringer (who never did anyone any harm) from the clutches of the evil truth-teller, Tony Blair should be awaiting the day of judgement in a Hague jail cell.

If such an unlikely event is ever to take place, the findings of the Chilcot enquiry will be crucial to the process. Those who want freedom of speech outlawed and the facts about the Holocaust buried do not want their star man incarcerated. And so, six years on, Chilcot still struggles towards some kind of conclusion.

And Blair is free to lend his weight to Zion's never-ending quest for total control.

On 23 February 2005, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said this:
"There has not been a bigger supporter of the state of Israel than this Government and this Prime Minister."
Which is just about the most truthful thing a Jew-bought, Jew-paid-for, Jew-run liar has ever said.

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