Sunday, 4 January 2015

What's mine is hers and all hers is mine!

On 3 January 2015, Selina Hinkson confessed thus in The Daily Mirror:
"These men are so good at wooing you and making you feel like the only woman on earth. In reality, they’re using you as a meal ticket to get to the UK...

My kids were too young at the time to understand why their mum wasn’t there for them. Guilt and a sense of loss eat me up every day...

I was flattered, because he was ­gorgeous... He would propose nearly every time we spoke on the phone... I felt so ­attached to him, like I’d known him all my life. It didn’t ­matter that he was so young, he was sexy, passionate and caring.”
The Mirror explained:
"She was 44, more than twice his age, and had two children... In December 2010, she left the children in the care of her sister... She and Nizar married in a Muslim ceremony on Christmas Eve 2010.

But Selina said their plan to return to Britain failed within a month, when it turned out her new husband did not have the levels of English needed to secure a UK visa."
Selina added: “It was a blow. His English wasn’t great but I had assumed he would pass the test. When he didn’t, his mood quickly turned ugly. Suddenly he was short-tempered and aggressive, not the charming guy I’d fallen for... When the revolution started Nizar went off and joined the army...

I didn’t speak Arabic or French, the local languages, so I couldn’t get a lawyer or even find a job to get by."
MIRROR: "Frightened and alone, she slept rough on a beach for weeks."
Selina: "There were two types of poor women in Gabes – prostitutes and beggars. I refused to sell my body, so I sat begging.”
MIRROR: "In March 2013, Selina’s visa expired, making it illegal for her to stay in Tunisia. She turned herself in to the authorities and was deported... Selina returned to London with no money, no home, no job and no possessions. Her son had been convicted of burglary and put in a youth detention centre."
Selina: "I thought Nizar was my soulmate but he would have said anything to get his hands on a visa. The second he realised I couldn’t get him one, he couldn’t have cared less. It’s hard accepting that you’ve been used.”
Is it hard accepting that you're thick, a damned disgrace and a pathologically selfish unfit mum as well, Selina?

It's all gone quiet over there. In the homeless shelter she now calls home.

Hey, Selina, how different it might all have been if you'd been a rich, celebrity slapper, as opposed to one who 'had no savings,' eh?

On 11 July 2010, The News of the World told us this:
"Lonely EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison is to wed a Moroccan goatherd after romping with him in a field. She encountered penniless Yassim al-Jemoni, who is 21 years her junior, on the internet before travelling to North Africa to meet him in the flesh. 'It was electric,' divorcee Cheryl - loveable dimwit Heather Trott in the soap - told a stunned friend. 'He made me feel like a woman.'

Now the 46-year-old actress aims to trot up the aisle next year with Yassim, currently living with his elderly parents in their flat in Agadir...

Cheryl met Yassim, 25, on a social networking site earlier this year. Pals say her life had hit rock bottom after splitting from her husband JAMSHED SADDIQI two years ago. Even at work the mum-of-one has had to play an unlucky-in-love, self-loathing frump... So when she clicked with Yassim they spent hours swapping messages and talking on web phone service Skype.

Cheryl told friends she was fascinated by his love of the outdoors. And love outdoors was exactly what she got when she secretly flew to meet Yassim during a filming break in spring.

The actress - who has revealed she's... clinically obese - adored the attention he lavished on her and they romped in a field where he herds goats because there was no room for her to stay at his mum and dad's flat. He also took her for romantic strolls on the beach.

Cheryl returned home to confide in friends that Yassim had ‘swept the cobwebs away’ from her life. She said: 'He made me feel alive again.'

On a second visit to Morocco at the end of June Cheryl booked a luxurious villa for them both and revealed that she was a famous TV star in Britain.

The goatherd soon proposed to her, insisting it had nothing to do with her wealth. Smitten Cheryl was unsure at first but returned home to confide in friends that SHE'D FOUND 'THE ONE'. After several romantic phone calls and emails from Yassim, she finally agreed to marry him. HE WILL MOVE TO THE UK TO LIVE WITH HER AND HER 11-YEAR-OLD SON at her home in Sidcup, Kent."
So, a ‘clinically obese... dimwit’, who plays a ‘self-loathing frump‘ in Eastenders, checks out the talent on a ‘social networking site’.

‘Penniless Yassim al-Jemoni’ from ‘North Africa’ who happens, quite by chance, to be ‘21 years her junior’, looks like he'll give her one for a few bob and off she flies to Morocco in hopes of a little ‘love outdoors’.

Our ‘loveable dimwit’ isn't disappointed. After one or two ‘romantic strolls on the beach’, (euphemism 1) she progressed speedily to ‘romping with him in a field’ (euphemism 2) where, says the ‘clinically obese... dimwit... 46, the 25-year-old ‘made me feel like a woman’ (euphemism 3).

Thus did a ‘46-year-old actress‘ entertain herself right royally with several helpings of fresh, foreign sausage (ffs) before she ‘finally agreed to marry him’.

What else is new?

And now, yet another unwanted immigrant (by all except the PC Crowd and a few thousand Heathers and Selinas)‘will move to the UK to live with her.’ (This happy event has since been realised)

I wonder whether she met ‘Jamshed Saddiqi’ on a ‘social networking site’? I wonder whether he, too, ‘soon proposed to her, insisting it had nothing to do with her wealth’? I wonder whether she imported him from elsewhere on the planet as well? I also wonder how many more sad, desperate, self-loathing fools have done a Heather or a Selina in recent times?

Speaking of his love for Cheryl, Yassin Al-Jermoni said this to The News of the World on 18 July 2010:
"She is fat…. we all have flaws. hers is the fatness… What does it matter that she is old? Or fat? I am young and she is old but we are in love…

We are in Africa - everyone looks for money and so I look for money. IT IS WHAT WE DO. I WANT MONEY AND I WANT VISA AND TO GO TO EUROPE. THANKS TO MY FAT NEW BRIDE I AM RICH. No more goats for Yassin.

I have done well, no? Thank you Cheryl. She does not want me to talk about goats. My goatherd days are behind me. I have money now from Cheryl. She likes to keep me nice… Do you like my sexy tracksuit? it is very nice. and I have gold jewellery too. Thank you, Cheryl…

She said she will give up everything for me, even the television. she was lonely. now she has love. i will be famous when we are together. I am ready for this. with fame comes many riches. i am ready…

She is a passionate woman. We desire each other. We have the chemistry when we make love. Cheryl will come again in August and we will plan the wedding… Soon we are together and WHAT'S MINE IS HERS AND ALL HERS IS MINE."
Appreciate the honesty, Yassin.

Not the gold-digging what’s-hers-is-mine-come-to-England-get-famous-and-rich stuff, but the honesty is welcome. The gormless braggadocio, in this specific instance, is also a plus.

Oh, yes. I bet Salina wishes she was as well off as Cheryl. Though, for the life of me, apart from the trappings, I can't see much of a difference.

P.S. As far as I know, Cheryl, son Alex and the goatherd hubbie are still living a life of familial bliss in darkest Sidcup.

Scratch 'darkest.'

would be more appropriate.

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