Monday, 12 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo: singing from the same hymn sheet

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings, Bill Maher, said this on the 9 January 2015 edition of his own show.
“We tend to forget how often it happens… when you look at that list just since 9/11. We had the Madrid bombings in '04; London in '05; Mumbai; the Kenyan mall attack; Benghazi, which was one of 20 cities that erupted when that movie the Innocence of Muslims was on the internet; ISIS; Boko Haram, who killed an entire village this week; Pakistan this year, last year, killing all those kids at school..

And that's just the terrorists, let's not forget also governments… It's inside the establishment… Saudi Arabia today, a blogger gets a 1,000 lashes… The president of Turkey said, ‘women are not equal to men. Our religion has defined a position for women - motherhood. And what we've said all along is, and have been called bigots for it, is WHEN THERE'S THIS MANY BAD APPLES, THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE ORCHARD...

The vast majority of Muslims would never do anything like this but they share bad ideas… the terrorists and the mainstream share a lot of these bad ideas.”
Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, also said this:
"A deadly mutation in the middle of Islam. This is not a random mutation… This has been a mutation that a lot of work has been put into. Governments, from the Sunni side the Saudi government, on the Shia side the Iranian government, have been putting fortunes of money into making sure that extremist mullahs are preaching in mosques around the world, and in building and developing schools in which a whole generation is being educated in extremism...

This is a project to seize power within the Islamic world. And whether it’s the Taliban, or ISIS, or Boko Haram, or al-Shabaab, or any of these groups, what they’re trying to do is to create a mindset which allows them to conquer the world of Islam.”

Rushdie says 'extremist mullahs are preaching in mosques around the world.' Which would be no more than the truth. However, when he lumps Sunni (Saudis, Qatar etc.) and Shia (Iran) together in the same mutational equation one is minded to think he is being somewhat economical with it.

Of the four terrorist groups he, himself, names, the Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram and al-Shabaab all are Sunni, none are Shia. Here's what Wikileaks says about Al-Qaeda:
"Al-Qaeda is Sunni and often attacked the Iraqi Shia."
The same article also tells us that:
"A WikiLeaks released memo from the United States Secretary of State sent in 2009 asserted that the primary source of funding of Sunni terrorist groups worldwide was Saudi Arabia."
Perhaps a desire not to single out Saudi Arabia and its symbiotic relationship to the Western world's leadership cabal was the reason why Rushdie included Shi'ite Iran in his summary of Islamic 'extremism.'

The brutal facts on the ground, however, are plain for all to see. The bad guys are Sunni. Those who have funded and encouraged them are, for the most part, Saudi. Whether you want to believe it or not, America also played a major role in the creation and subsequent advancement of these groups.

Previously, on 7 January 2015, Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, said this in Channel 4:
“What happened in Paris today is a result, and we've seen it in London too… of now having a fifth column living within these countries. We've got people living in these countries, holding our passports, who hate us…

It does make one question the whole really gross attempt at encouraged division within society that we have had in the past few decades in the name of multiculturalism."

Farage can also be seen saying much the same thing, and more, on Fox News here:

I don't think they dare use the 'racist/Fascist/Nazi/bigot' mantra any more but Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, along with various other LibLabCon unworthies, were, as you might imagine, all aboard the bash the Fash bus in the wake of Nigel's truthful commentary.

However, when the Muslim (Rushdie) and Jewish (Maher) elite are happy to sing from the same hymn sheet as a British patriot, it occurs to me that the PC Crowd and the politicians really ought to sit up and take notice.

They won't, of course.

But they should.

Here's something else you might want to think about. 

In his 11 January Daily Mail essay, 'The sinister, screeching mob who want to kill free speech (And no, I DON'T mean the Islamist terrorists in our midst),' Peter Hitchens tells us this:
"The French Leftist newspaper Liberation reported on September 12, 1996, that three stalwarts of Charlie Hebdo (including Stephane ‘Charb’ Charbonnier) had campaigned in their magazine to collect more than 170,000 signatures for a petition calling for a ban on the French National Front party. They did this in the name of the ‘Rights of Man’.
You, like me, may dislike the National Front greatly. But lovers of liberty simply do not seek to ban parties they do not like."
Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, when the New World Order gathers together to reaffirm the supremacy of free speech over those who would shoot its spokesmen, such freedom is only free for 'Leftists.'

In France, you end up in prison for saying less than 6 million died.

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