Sunday, 23 November 2014

UKIP: An alliance of the septic and the geriatric

On 22 November 2014, Nick Cohen said this in The Guardian:
“Nigel Farage has created his own stab-in-the-back myth. The treacherous 'Westminster elite' so despised the decent people of Britain that it flooded the land with foreigners who 'took our country from us.' This is the manure in which far-right movements have always grown…

Farage is a rabble-rouser and a coward. He plays with racism, the way Ian Paisley used to play with sectarianism…

If you cannot call Ukip a far-right party, you can at least say that it is an alliance of the septic and the geriatric: a movement of the empty-headed led by the foul-minded.

As late as March 2013, Cameron was careful to preface a speech proposing restrictions on immigration by praising “Polish heroes who fought for us during the war, West Indians who helped us to rebuild afterwards, those who’ve come to our shores seeking a safe haven from persecution’…

Not that Ed Miliband is any better… In this year’s European elections, he preferred to ignore a radical rightwing party, which was heading for victory, and emptied his revolver into the corpse that was once Nick Clegg. You see it was more important for Miliband to remind his Lib Dem Lego bricks that they should stick with Labour rather than fight a foul stain in national life.

Ukip will not be beaten until those in all parties, who know that most immigrants are not the scrounging scum of Ukip nightmare, say clearly that the debate must be about numbers, not race. It will not be beaten until people who believe in maintaining Britain’s place in the world accept the need for reforming the European Union, but tell the electorate that we will founder if we leave.”
'A foul stain in national life;' 'septic and the geriatric;' 'empty-headed,' 'foul-minded.'

That’s us Cohen is talking about. The British people. Those who never wanted huge numbers of foreigners forced upon them. Those who never wanted their communities seeded with people who were wholly unlike them and didn't want the same folk given preference in the council housing queues. Those who didn't want to be ethnically cleansed from their own ancient stamping grounds and didn't care to have their children routinely gang-raped and prostituted by alien monsters, as a traitorous establishment turned a blind eye and, where necessary, covered up.

When 'the manure in which far-right movements have always grown' happens to coincide common sense and the facts you can be sure that there will be many’s the PC commentator who will complain.

As Cohen does so vehemently here.

Here’s a quote from Wikipedia:
“He was an advocate of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and a critic of the Stop the War Coalition.”
The holocaust in Iraq and the radiating horror that followed, emerged from a fanatical clamour of Cohenesque folk in the western world's media and political elite.

Here are a few Jewish worthies happy to back up the accuracy of this statement:

UKIP didn’t exist when Cohen and co were oh-so sanctimoniously stoking up the fires of war in the Middle East, but the BNP and the National Front did. And I can assure you that the vast majority of the members of and sympathisers with these organisations were against any intervention in Iraq. Of course, you would NOT have discovered such information within the pages of The Guardian. Or any other mainstream British newspaper for that matter.

In fact, even now, you would be hard pressed to find any news item that demonstrated the fact that the politically correct politician and journalist posed a thousand light years more of a threat to the foreigner minding his own business in his own land, than the British Nationalist ever did.

We ‘septic’ and ‘geriatric’, ‘empty-headed’ and ‘foul-minded’ Brits want our country back, Mr Cohen. We don’t it languishing in the hands of dangerous men like yourself who would casually devastate the countries of others.

We don’t want a ‘treacherous Westminster elite’ who ‘so despise the decent people of Britain that it flooded the land with foreigners’ running our affairs any longer. They and their immigrant chums, you know, folks like your own immediate ancestors, ‘took our country from us.’

And that’s not democracy, is it? The democratically elected are not supposed to force upon their electors the exact opposite of what they want.

If what we actually want suggests we’re were ‘racist’ and wallowing in ‘manure,’ according to the odd, unsympathetic media darling, so be it. I’d rather wallow in sh*t with my own kind than grovel at the feet of an impeccably perfumed anti-Brit with your slaughterous provenance.

If you want your country back, ladies and gentlemen, UKIP may or may not not be the answer. But if you want the genocidal certainty of an ever-expanding melting-pot, Nick Cohen’s contemptuously anti-indigenous philosophy most assuredly is.

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