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What the Unison activist thinks of UKIP

On 28 September 28 2014, Leo McKinstry commented thus in The Daily Express:
"In its craven surrender to the EU and its destructive belief in mass immigration the Westminster elite displays nothing but contempt for much of the electorate. In recent months public disillusion with our rulers has been further fuelled by developments such as the growth of Islamic jihadism or the appalling Rotherham abuse scandal where the authorities failed to act against Pakistani sex gangs targeting vulnerable white girls. 
Understandably many voters now feel that we are governed by a bunch of self-serving mediocrities who have neither any moral compass nor any sense of the national interest. But the political class is beginning to pay the price. The main three parties have sown the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind. 
Large sections of the British public are turning in ever greater numbers to the UK Independence Party, the only movement that is unequivocally willing to stand up for Britain. In his conference speech in Manchester last week Ed Miliband forgot to make any mention of immigration. That says everything about Labour’s priorities. 
In graphic contrast Nigel Farage put the subject right at the centre of his leader’s speech last Friday at the UKIP conference in Doncaster, promising that his party, unlike the coalition or Labour, will dramatically reduce the influx... 
The political establishment is terrified. For the first time in decades its cartel is threatened. That is why the parties have lashed out so hysterically at UKIP trying to portray it as a group gripped by extremism or xenophobia. But such smears carry no weight. The public knows that it is not bigotry to be concerned about the annual arrival of more than 500,000 foreigners here. 
Support for UKIP continues to grow dramatically. In the European elections in May Ukip topped the poll, the first time since 1918 that neither Labour nor the Tories have come first in a national contest, while the municipal elections also saw them win scores of council seats throughout the country."
So that's the background. 

These days, the establishment isn't just comprised of Lib, Lab and Con. The BBC, the rest of the mainstream press, the unions and the PC Crowd also chip in considerably.

Almost all of these have a vested interest in allowing as little patriotic sentiment to cloud the attention of the electorate as possible. Unfortunately for them, as Leo points out in the above article, the brainwash and the threats aren't working any more.

Jo Cardwell, the ultra-strident Unison activist who features in the video below, is an unabashed Marxist. She shares the 15 September 2014 anti-UKIP platform with the Labour MEP, Julie Ward, and Unison Assistant Branch Secretary, Rena Wood.

Here's a flavour of the vitriol on offer:
"I can think of a lot of mistakes that Labour made that I would have done differently but I'll tell you what, immigration, multiculturalism, this is not one of them...

We've called a national demonstration at the UKIP National Conference in Doncaster on the 27th of September. I think it's really important we get as many people there as possible because I would like to see marching on Farage's conference, his worst night nightmare, there will be Roma community organisations marching up the front, there will be trades unionists, there will be black, white, gay, straight, Asian. It will represent actually what normal people are like in this country... 
We can put a dent in Farage now but, in the long run, actually, I think we can really challenge him and actually push his racist policies into the dustbin of history where it belongs."

So this died-in-the-wool, Marxist anti-Brit thinks 'immigration,' 'multiculturalism,' the 'Roma community,' blacks, gays, Asians and even 'white,' 'straight' people (who, presumably, think like her), are wonderful, whereas Nigel Farage and UKIP belong in the 'dustbin of history.'

I think she belongs in the nuthouse. What do all you 'normal people' think?

Come to think of it, if Ms Cardwell is correct in her definition of what 'normal' is these days, perhaps I ought to be asking the abnormal for an opinion.

Here's a 27 September 2014 photo from the lady's Twitter timeline (@Jo_cee17) which sums up quite nicely whom she favours and whom she doesn't:
For those of a masochistic bent, Cardwell may be seen sounding off in similar fashion in the videos below.

PS. Cardwell's strident anti-British opinionating can hardly be said to be fashionable. The three videos seen above drew a YouTube audience of just 1,293 viewers. In contrast, one of my own offerings, the first part of an edition of Denys Blakeway's brilliant 2008 Enoch Powell documentary, 'Rivers of Blood' was seen by more than 1,400,000 people before the BBC got YouTube's ever ready censors to remove it.

Curiously, the BBC/YouTube crowd have not seen fit to dispense with the second (34,387 views) and third (21,416 views) parts of the documentary. Which does tend to make one think that it wasn't breach of copyright that bothered the powers-that-be. Numbers and effect were the problem.

PPS. It's not just the far left who are 'hysterical' in their condemnation of Nigel Farage's party.

On 29 September 2014, at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said this:
"UKIP defectors are the sort of people who have sex with vacuum cleaners."
On the same day, former Home Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Chancellor, Education Secretary, Health Secretary and Minister without Portfolio, Ken Clarke, said that UKIP attracted 'elderly male people who have had disappointing lives.'

So you see, ladies and gents, the ghastly Marxist minnows of the Unison side street are not alone in their fears. The patriotic backlash is considerably discomfiting the Tory Grandees as well.

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