Sunday, 10 August 2014

MPs, Lords and royalty are on the payroll of Russian oligarchs!

On 24 July 2004, Guy Adams told us this in The Daily Mail:
“A sensational 2009 documentary, Lords, Billionaires And The Russia Connection… laid bare, for the first time, how very rich (and often highly dubious) Russian oligarchs had begun to use extreme wealth to buy political influence on these shores.

Its revelations were deeply embarrassing for, among others, two well-known Tory Party grandees: the former Foreign Secretary, Lord Hurd, and Margaret Thatcher’s old foreign policy adviser, Lord (Charles) Powell…

Five years after the Dispatches programme first lifted the lid on the phenomenon, it seems the Russians are no longer at the gates. Instead, they have successfully bought comprehensive access to our corridors of power.

An investigation of company reports and Parliamentary records today reveals that the programme’s direst warnings have been realised: a host of MPs, Lords, and even members of the Royal Family are now on the payroll of Russian oligarchs.”
I'll say that again: 'a host of MPs, Lords, and even members of the Royal Family are now on the payroll of Russian oligarchs.'

At some point, most of the creatures that now occupy the House of Lords were MPs. MPs are what YOU vote for.

In a democracy, one way or another, you get what you vote for. What they give you may not be what you want, but you get the MP that you vote for.

If you want more of what you want and less of what they give you, try this: vote for those you think MPs, Lords, the Royal Family and the Russian Oligarch would least like to see representing you in parliament.

Whatever you end up with, it surely can't be any worse than the bought-and-paid-for trough-gobblers in charge now.

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