Sunday, 10 August 2014

Israel is now the Jimmy Savile of nation states!

On 15 July 2014, comedian Alexei Sayle said this when interviewed by a representative of the Council for Arab-British Understanding:
"I always try and think of the psychology of the nation and the psychology of the people behind it, and I said it in 2009 during Cast Lead that Israel seemed to me to be like a teenager that's never been given any boundaries, that is endlessly indulged by its doting parents, the West, and has kind of become psychopath as a result...

You could also say that Israel is now the Jimmy Savile of nation states, it clearly doesn't care about damaging the lives of children, it thinks that everybody else is in the wrong, and it is endlessly in the right...

It's a state that is endlessly again indulged by... Western powers, by governments everywhere because they're frightened of it, frightened of it physically in some ways and of its kind of anger and of the power that it wields and its influence."
In January 2009, more than 1,400 Palestinians were killed during Israel's Operation Cast Lead bombing of Gaza.

At a demonstration in London. where over 100,000 marched in sympathy with Gaza’s inhabitants, Alexei said this:
"I think it’s important that Jewish people who have a public profile speak out to say that this is not being done in our name. All the time we hear from Israeli spokespeople that they are angry with the people they have murdered for making them murder them. It is the psychology of the murderer, it is the psychology of the rapist, it is the psychology of the bully. That’s what Israel is in this situation."
Alexei Sayle is Jewish, as are many who speak out against the Israeli psychopath and the 'Western powers' who 'endlessly' and traitorously indulges him.

Professor Emeritus of international law at Princeton University, Richard Falk, said this when interviewed recently:
"Israel periodically 'mows the grass' in Gaza as one right-wing Israeli advisor to Sharon distastefully expressed the goal of Israel policy toward Gaza several years ago. There were factors present in the context of this Israeli attack that help explain why now.

The main two factors in my view were the unwelcome establishment of an interim 'unity government' on June 2 by the leadership of Fatah and Hamas, which undermined the Israeli approach of keeping the governing authorities in the West Bank and Gaza AS DIVIDED AS POSSIBLE.

The second element was Israel's strong incentive to weaken Hamas in the West Bank so that Israel could justify its moves in April to end direct negotiations with the Palestinian Authority and move ever closer to incorporating the West Bank, or most of it into Israel, and fulfill the expansionist zionist dream to move beyond the 1967 borders."
Richard is also Jewish.

Avner Gvaryahu was a sergeant in the Israeli Defence Force special forces from November 2004 to November 2007.

On 15 July 2014, he said this in The Independent:
"My first mission involved the seizure of a Palestinian home. I had never before had the opportunity to be inside a Palestinian home, and my squad was surprised for a moment by the fact that within the home lived an entire family, spanning three generations…

I remember asking myself: what do they think about all of this? What would I do if soldiers broke into my home? But I immediately repressed these questions and carried on with the mission… This was our daily routine, and as a result, the next time I didn’t really think about how the family whose home we entered felt…

I wasn’t bothered when we destroyed entire homes during search operations, and when my squad accidentally shot an innocent woman, and we quickly buried the incident and moved on…

During Operation Cast Lead I had been a civilian active with Breaking the Silence for over a year, but I was still shocked by the incidents I heard had occurred there. I remember a friend who had taken part in Cast Lead… This is what he testified:

‘In the morning we identified four men, aged 25 - 40, with keffiyehs, standing outside the house talking. It was suspect. We reported it to intelligence, specifying the house they were about to enter. Intelligence passed this on to the Shabak (Israeli Security Agency) who reported that this was known as a Hamas activist’s house. This is automatically acted upon.

I don’t remember what we used, whether it was a helicopter or something else, but the house was bombed while these guys were inside. A woman ran out of the house holding a child, and escaped southward. That is to say, there had been innocent people inside’…

The politicians that send us to perform these tasks don’t even pretend to promise hope for a better future. Just further use of force and violence. Our doubts about logic and justice don’t even interest us anymore… 150 killed in Gaza in the first six days of the operation, the vast majority of whom were civilians, and a quarter of whom were children. Millions of Israeli and Palestinian people live in existential fear that a rocket or a missile will fall on their heads…

The red line at which we stopped during Operation Cast Lead (2009), is the same line from which we commenced Operation Pillar of Defense (2011). The point at which we stopped during Pillar of Defense is the same place from which we’ve started Protective Edge. 
What will our next red line be? And when will we cross that one too? Only we can answer that question. It depends on us, and what we allow others to do in our name.”
Not just the racists, Fascists, Nazis and anti-Semites speaking out now, is it?

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