Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Her fifteen children were all killed at birth by village elders

On 16 July 2014, Ruth Styles said this in The Daily Mail:
“Buko Balguda, 45, from Duss, a Karo tribal village in southern Ethiopia's Omo Valley, is alone. The reason? Her seven sons and eight daughters were all killed at birth by village elders who decided that the children were cursed…

Ms Balguda is not alone. The concept of 'mingi' or cursed children remains a tenet of tribal life for the Hamer and Bana people, with elders insisting that mingi infants are killed before they can bring the rest of the tribe bad luck.

As a result - and despite efforts by the Ethiopian government to ban the practice - cursed children are murdered every day, whether by being left alone to be eaten by hyenas, thrown to hungry crocodiles or simply starved to death in a locked hut.”

Diversity, eh?

Let’s ship over all those fabulous Karo elders, their culture is absolutely certain to enrich us! Give or take a child murderer or two, this is what the PC Crowd and the social engineers have been telling us since the 1960s.

Alternatively, let’s put every MP and every media darling who ever used the terms 'diversity' and 'enrichment' in the same paragraph up against a wall and shoot them. If we did that a fair few folks who didn’t deserve to die would perish. But, boy-oh-boy, the rest of us would be a hell of a lot safer, happier and freer to live the lives we were born to live without them and their one hundred per cent guilty sidekicks.

Any who do not agree with this simple statement of fact are either deeply stupid, insane, a social engineer, an MP, a bought-and-paid-for media darling or a shiny-eyed anti-Fascist who’s never had a girlfriend.

Or a proper job.

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