Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Jew is a part of God, they have Godly souls

In his 21 August 2011 essay, What is the cause of anti-Semitism? the Czech-born American Rabbi, Manis Friedman, expostulates as stated in the graphic.

Thinks very well of himself and his fellow Jews, doesn't he? 'The Jew is a piece of God... we are of heaven, we have Godly souls.'

I guess this might explain why some Jews seem to think they have a divine right to control the rest of us in the way they do. And to award themselves huge bonuses when they've just bankrupted the world.

Leaving the rest of us to pay for the clean-up of their Godly partying.

Perhaps it also explains why we're always being accused of ant-Semitism when we are the least bit critical of Jewish misbehaviour. I mean, if you're the next best thing to God himself, we mere mortals really shouldn't be criticising, should we? They really ought to be allowed to do whatever they please because, hey, even though whatever seemingly godawful activity they happen to be involved in at any given time might seem pretty dire to we mere mortals, the infinitely fabulous type always knows better. It's bound to be for the best in the long run, God knows what he's doing and so does every last 'heavenly being' that, sadly, finds itself down here on planet earth having to put up with the rest of us.

Perhaps you think Rabbi Manis is a one off, a freak, that his pompous opionating probably counts for very little in the scheme of things. Well, The Huffington Post might beg to differ. This is how the Post, which has published a good few of his essays, describes him:
"... a world renowned keynote speaker... travels the world inspiring thousands to be better people. He is dean of Bais Chana Women International."
So, the chap who came out with the aren't-we-wonderful stuff cited above is no Napoleon-in-the-loony-bin whacko who forgot to take his medication. At least, he might be, but we're not allowed to say it. Or think it. He's a Jew, you see. A rabbi even. And the godliest of the Godly don't ever get carted away by the men in white coats.

I'm grateful to Rabbi Manis for something else he said in 'What are the causes of anti-Semitism.' 

Grateful because, if I'd said it, and an over-zealous, LibLabCon Plod had spotted it, I might have had some explaining to do down at the local Nick. Check it out:
"We find a disproportionate number of Jews in the world who don’t know what to do with themselves. It’s not an exaggeration that although we are less than 2% of the general population in the US, at the same time we are over 40% of all the cults... of all the revolutions and upheavals and changes that take place in the world. 
This is because we are not content; we sense that something to do with the very condition of existence needs to be explained, and we are not finding an explanation. So we’re ready to turn everything upside down and throw everything away and start all over again in order to find the justification for existence."
You get this? This is what so many have tried to point out over the years about the nature of so many of our Jewish brethren. They, much more more than the rest of us, are inclined to 'turn everything upside down and throw everything away and start all over again.'

Which, when it is our stuff the Jew is turning upside down and throwing away, might go a long way to explaining 'the causes of anti-Semitism.'

Anyone out there think Rabbi Manis might pour contempt upon anyone who thinks that 'revolutions and upheavals' are a good enough reason to dislike and/or distrust the Mr Wonderfuls of our earthly domain?

Here's how the heavenly fellow thinks those with 'Godly souls' should fight a 'moral war:'

I suppose, if you believe in the God of the Old Testament and you are intimately acquainted with the genocidal way he often operates, Rabbi Friedman's words won't come as much of a shock.

On the other hand, if you ever imagined that the Jew was a poor, cringing, much misunderstood and long-suffering nice guy who'd never dream of being nasty to anyone if only we horrid anti-Semites would stop picking on him, you might have to re-programme the odd few trillion brain cells.

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