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Would John Mann and those who prepared the Anti-Semitism report condemn these as anti-Semites? 

If not, would they think what they say is anti-Semitic? If the Jews featured below are telling the truth, why would the anti-Semitism gang demonise and perhaps criminalise them for telling it?

On 5 December 2012, Paul Eisen, who is Jewish, published the essay, ‘Why I Call Myself a Holocaust Denier’ on his blog.

This said:
“A child of six can see that something’s not right about the Holocaust narrative and the science simply confirms what I already suspect… I’ve read the literature, and it just doesn’t add up…

The notion of a premeditated, planned and industrial extermination of Europe’s Jews with its iconic gas-chambers and magical six million are all used to make the Holocaust not only special but also sacred. We are faced with A NEW, SECULAR RELIGION, A FALSE GOD with astonishing power to command worship… 
The Holocaust has key and sacred elements, the exterminationist imperative, the gas chambers and THE SACRED SIX MILLION. It is these that comprise the holy Holocaust which Jews, Zionists and others worship and which the revisionists refuse…

Why the witch-hunt, why the imprisonment of David Irving, Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf? And it’s not just them. What may be A MASSIVE LIE IS BEING USED TO OPPRESS PRETTY MUCH ALL OF HUMANKIND. 
The German and Austrian peoples who, we are told, conceived and perpetrated the slaughter; the Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Rumanian, Hungarian, peoples etc. who supposedly hosted, assisted in and cheered on the slaughter; the Americans, the British, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Italians (but not the Danes and the Bulgarians) etc. who apparently didn’t do enough to stop the slaughter; the Swiss who earned out of the slaughter, and the entire Christian world who, it seems, created the faith-traditions and ideologies in which the slaughter could take place, and now the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim peoples who seemingly want to perpetrate a new slaughter... THE HOLOCAUST OPPRESSES THE ENTIRE NON-JEWISH WORLD and indeed much of the Jewish world as well. STAND UP AND HAVE DONE WITH IT…

THE HOLOCAUST NARRATIVE IS A FALSE AND ABUSIVE GOD and I wish to put as much moral distance between it and myself as I can."
Does the Anti-Semitism Gang want more Zionism-friendly legislation enacted to protect the Jews cited above? We don't think so, do we? They want these silenced. They don't want the rest of us hearing what they have to say.

They do not want them imprisoned, oh no, they are Jewish after all. 

Imprisonment is for us alone.

Myra is correct. The phrase 'social media' is mentioned 68 times in the ant-Semitism report. 'Social media', the media produced by society as a whole, is what the Gang is after.

They want the news all to themselves.

THIS is what THEY want. FOREVER!

On 7 March 2001, Selig S. Harrison, director of the Asia Program at the Center for International Policy, senior associate of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace between 1974 and 1996 and senior fellow with The Century Foundation, was quoted thus by The Times of India:

"The CIA made a historic mistake in encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan. The US provided $3 billion for building up these Islamic groups... Today that money and those weapons have helped build up the Taliban...
They told me these people were fanatical, and the more fierce they were the more fiercely they would fight the Soviets... I warned them that we were creating a monster... 
Gen Zia spoke to me about expanding Pakistan's sphere of influence to control Afghanistan, then Uzbekistan and Tajikstan and then Iran and Turkey... That design continues."
In the 5 May 2011 edtion of The New American, Alex Newman tells us that 'Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were U.S. Government creations.'

On 30 July 2014, Dr Henry Makow said this on his own blog: 'Israel created Hamas to avoid peace.'

In the 6 September 2014 edition of The Diplomat, Zachary Keck tells us that 'The U.S. not only helped create ISIS, but also turned it into a threat to the United States.'

Selig, Alex, Henry and Zachary are Jewish.

If John Mann and co. succeed in having even more free-speech stifling legislation enacted, who will find it easier to 'get away with murder?'

The Taliban
Those who own and/or invented all of the above


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