Sunday, 17 August 2014

The creation of an extremist Caliphate

On 16 August 2014, David Cameron said this in The Telegraph:
“Stability. Security. The peace of mind that comes from being able to get a decent job and provide for your family, in a country that you feel has a good future ahead of it and that treats people fairly. In a nutshell, that is what people in Britain want – and what the Government I lead is dedicated to building.”
You’re full of it, Dave. 

You’ve been beckoning in the alien hordes and parcelling out the jobs to them hand over fist, just as your treacherous, New Labour predecessors did.
“We need to recognise that the brighter future we long for requires a long-term plan for our security as well as for our economy. True security will only be achieved if we use all our resources, aid, diplomacy, our military prowess – to help bring about a more stable world.”
Aid, Dave? 

Resources? Like the aid and the resources, you and your best pals, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, have been shovelling into Syria over the course of the last three years. You know, to defeat the Assad regime?

Your aid and resources created ISIS, Dave. They’ve got lots and lots of Yank firepower now. That’s why the opposing forces can’t compete.

That’s why Christians, Muslims and Azidis are dying in their tens of thousands. Because you created, and then armed to the hilt, a bunch of genocidal butchers.
“Today, when every nation is so immediately interconnected, (we’re all globalists now, eh Dave? Tony, Gordon and those who own them and you would be proud) we cannot turn a blind eye and assume that there will not be a cost for us if we do.”
I don’t want you to turn a blind eye, Dave. 

Nor, I’m sure, do most Brits. This time round we want you to go slaughter the slaughterous f***ers. Funny how, over the years, you’ve been so keen on getting stuck into folks who’ve never done us any harm but now you're all yak, yak, yak and very little in the way of action.
“The creation of an extremist caliphate in the heart of Iraq and extending into Syria is not a problem miles away from home.”

It’s not a problem? It’s a problem for the Christians. It’s a problem for all the innocents in Iraq and Syria whom these New World Order-built predators set their sights on.

Not a problem? Who writes your f***ing scripts you mindless toerag!
“Nor is it a problem that should be defined by a war 10 years ago.”
Pardon me? 

It shouldn’t be defined by an unnecessary, wholly unjust and brutal genocide that you, New Labour and all but sixteen Tories voted for? Yeah right. The sheeple and your LibLabCon collaborators might buy it but I doubt the internet billions will.
“If we do not act to stem the onslaught of this exceptionally dangerous terrorist movement, it will only grow stronger until it can target us on the streets of Britain.”
This is undoubtedly true. 

So, go on, ‘ACT!’ Take action! Bomb the sick b*ggers! Do what you did to the innocent 11 years ago! Do what you did to the innocent in Libya and wanted to do in Syria! Do what the US, the EU and their Ukrainian lickspittals are doing to those in east of that country who didn’t want to be associated with folks like you and Tony Blair.

Dave? Dave! You still there, Dave?
“We already know that it has the murderous intent.”
That’s been obvious for a long, long time. 

Makes you wonder why you and your elite chums were so happy to prop up such a murderous bunch, doesn’t it?
“Indeed, the first ISIL-inspired terrorist acts on the continent of Europe have already taken place.”
You’ve only just noticed, Dave? 

Where’s your head been all this time? Oh right.
“Our first priority has of course been to deal with the acute humanitarian crisis in Iraq.”
You’ve been helping out the distressed and fearful millions without anyone noticing, Dave? 

News to me.
“We should be proud of the role that our brave armed services and aid workers have played in the international effort. British citizens have risked their lives to get 80 tons of vital supplies to the Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar.”
What were you doing before that, Dave? 

You know when Christians and Muslims and Assyrians and all manner of innocents were being butchered all over the place? Oh, that’s right you were helping create the butchers. To ‘regime change’ Syria.

You’re a wonderful person, Dave.
“Britain has given £13 million to support the aid effort.”

Where did the other £11.87 billion go, Dave?
“We also helped to plan a detailed international rescue operation and we remain ready and flexible to respond to the ongoing challenges in or around Dahuk, where more than 450,000 people have increased the population by 50 per cent.

We must understand the true nature of the threat we face. We should be clear: this is not the ‘War on Terror.”
Not a ‘War on Terror?’ 

Tell that to all the headless corpses.

Script writer, Dave. Script writer.
“It is a struggle for decency, tolerance and moderation in our modern world. It is a battle against a poisonous ideology that is condemned by all faiths and by all faith leaders, whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim.”
As regards the ‘poisonous ideology,’ Dave, how do you feel about the poisonous Western, Saudi and Turkish ideologues whose backing saw the ‘poisonous ideology’ flourish and grow?
“Of course there is conflict between Shias and Sunnis, but that is the wrong way to see what is really happening.”
No, it isn’t, Dave.

It is precisely the RIGHT way. The West’s desire to weaken Syria and Iran (and humuiliate Russia thereby) is DIRECTLY responsible for the emergence of ISIL.
“What we are witnessing is actually a battle between Islam on the one hand and extremists who want to abuse Islam on the other.”

If this was true, you’d see more ‘nice muslims’ in our country condemning the behaviours of the ‘extremists.’ Instead of which, if they’re not poppping off to slaughter Christians, Assyrians and Azidis in Syria and Iraq or blowing up Londoners in the underground, the majority are keeping very quiet about such behaviours over here.
"These extremists, often funded by fanatics living far away from the battlefields, pervert the Islamic faith as a way of justifying their warped and barbaric ideology – and they do so not just in Iraq and Syria but right across the world, from Boko Haram and al-Shabaab to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.”
Say that again, Dave. 

The bit about being ‘funded by fanatics.’ He did say that, didn’t he?

You see, ladies and gentlemen, what the animals at the top of the tree one hundred percent rely on is the general level of ignorance and apathy at the bottom. As long as you aren’t paying attention, they can spout whatever nonsense they want.

The Saudi despots ARE fanatics, Zionism is fanatical, and the tame politicians who are forever playing the knickers-off groupies to these, are the ask-no-questions camp followers of this fanaticism.

There will be the odd multi-billionaire, fractionally outside the N.W.O. orbit, who contributes but the majority of ISIL cash will have been provided by the aforementioned national governments.
“This threat cannot simply be removed by airstrikes alone.”
It could go a long way to removing it, if the will was there to use it. 

Remember what we did to the Iraqis trying to get home in 1991? The ‘Highway of Death’ between Kuwait City and Basra? No quarter was shown then. No mercy.

Lots and lots of over-cautious quarter being shown now, isn’t there?
“We need a firm security response, whether that is military action to go after the terrorists, international co-operation on intelligence and counter-terrorism or uncompromising action against terrorists at home.”
More than firm, I’d say.

No quarter, no mercy time.
“On Friday we agreed with our European partners that we will provide equipment directly to the Kurdish forces; we are now identifying what we might supply, from body armour to specialist counter-explosive equipment.”
ISIL have got tanks and lots and lots modern weaponry. 

Wouldn’t fancy body armour against tanks. The Kurds have just one tank and it’s 57-years-old. Dave and his ‘European partners’ are so generous when they don’t want to be, aren’t they?
“We have also secured a United Nations Security Council resolution to disrupt the flows of finance to ISIL, sanction those who are seeking to recruit for it and encourage countries to do all they can to prevent foreign fighters joining the extremist cause.”
Getting bored now.
“Here in Britain we have recently introduced stronger powers through our Immigration Act to deprive naturalised Britons of their citizenship if they are suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. We have taken down 28,000 pieces of terrorist-related material from the web, including 46 ISIL-related videos.“

So we can’t let the sheeple know what your protégés are up to? Yeah, that makes sense.
“And I have also discussed the police response to this growing threat of extremism with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.”
On 10 June 2006, The Guardian reported thus:
"A secret high-level Metropolitan police report has concluded that MUSLIM OFFICERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BECOME CORRUPT THAN WHITE OFFICERS BECAUSE OF THEIR CULTURAL AND FAMILY BACKGROUNDS… The document was written as an attempt to investigate why complaints of misconduct and corruption against Asian officers are 10 TIMES HIGHER THAN AGAINST THEIR WHITE COLLEAGUES.

The main conclusions of the study, commissioned by the Directorate of Professional Standards and written by an Asian Detective Chief Inspector, stated: 'Asian officers and in particular Pakistani Muslim officers are under greater pressure from the family, the extended family ... and their community against that of their white colleagues to engage in activity that might lead to misconduct or criminality'...

British Pakistanis live in a cash culture in which 'assisting your extended family is considered a duty'."
Just the lads to sort out the odd Jihadi within an 'extended family,' eh?
“The position is clear. If people are walking around with ISIL flags or trying to recruit people to their terrorist cause, they will be arrested and their materials will be seized. We are a tolerant people, but no tolerance should allow the room for this sort of poisonous extremism in our country.”
Even more bored.
“Alongside a tough security response, there must also be an intelligent political response. We know that terrorist organisations thrive where there is political instability and weak or dysfunctional political institutions.”
And where the leaders of a society are, actually, on their side.

You know, when a society’s elite sees the indigenous population as their enemy? When they see their interests and those of the even more elite types who own them, more likely to be threatened by their own folk than the imported terrorist?

As it is with us.
“So we must support the building blocks of democracy, the rule of law, (the rule of law made by gangsters who despise us?) the independence of the judiciary, the rights of minorities, (like those who’ve gone to fight with ISIS?) free media (like the media owned by Rupert Murdoch?)… and a proper place in society for the army."
For the army?

Is that why you’ve been downsizing and under-funding the military so much?
“None of these things can be imposed by the West.”
The West tries really hard to do so, though, doesn't it?

AFGHANISTAN – 2001; IRAQ – 2003; ARAB SPRING – born December 2010 – killed off by mid-2012; LIBYA – 2011; SYRIA – 2011 until God knows when; UKRAINE – 2014 until God knows when – all wars to impose the Western elite's idea of ‘democracy’ upon people who were minding their own business and perfectly content with their own carry on until the Daves, disastrously, intervened.
“We are in the middle of a generational struggle against a poisonous and extremist ideology, which I believe we will be fighting for the rest of my political lifetime.”
Blah, blah, blah.
“This is a clear danger to Europe and to our security.”
It is. 

And folks like you, Blair, Brown, Clegg, Miliband, Harman, Straw, the military-industrial complex and the international financiers made it all happen.
“It is a daunting challenge. But it is not an invincible one, as long as we are now ready and able to summon up the political will to defend our own values and way of life with the same determination, courage and tenacity as we have faced danger before in our history. That is how much is at stake here: we have no choice but to rise to the challenge.”
Thing is, Dave, your values are not mine and neither is your vastly over-privileged way of life.

The values and lifestyle of the political elite revolve around power, ambition, kudos, the trough and whatever else is in it for them. For me, they revolve around the happiness, welfare, security and survival of the British people.

I wish those I care for would do their sums. If they did they’d know that you and those you kow-tow to are every bit as much their enemy as the ISIS assassin. Most, as yet, don’t know this. But social media is seeing the concerned and investigative catch up fast.

This growing awareness, not ISIS, is what the Masters of the Universe, their tame Prime Ministers and their bought Presidents most fear.


  1. Absolutely agree. Time for a bit if civil unrest to make the point IMO before the police finally show their true colours

    1. Sounds good to me. let THEM see your rage. Fear may work wonders. Very little else seems to.

  2. Great article. Hate to nit-pick, but noticed an error:

    'any harm but now your all talk' -> you're

  3. Any grammatical errors, bloopers or even poorly constructed sentences, let me know. Nit-picking required and, once picked, gratitude inducing.

    All the best and thanks.