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The British establishment has been hoodwinked?

On 4 July 2014, The Daily Express quoted from a letter sent by Taj Hargey, Imam at the Muslim Educational Centre in Oxford, to The Times.

This said:
"There is no Koranic mandate for female facial masks. It is not culturally common for Pakistani women to conceal their faces, and no one, including women, has an unqualified right to dress as one pleases in public.

For too long the British establishment has been hoodwinked by Muslim zealots that the burka/niqab is intrinsic of Islam. It is nothing of the sort: it is pre-Islamic, non-Koranic and ipso facto un-Muslim. For this reason alone, all right-thinking people should reject this imported Saudi fad on compelling religious, social, sexist, security and health grounds.
If Muslim women are banned from hiding their faces in Mecca or when they perform their daily prayers, why is this archaic tribal rag given any legitimacy in contemporary Britain?

This Saudi-financed campaign is just another salvo in the battle for the hearts and minds of British Muslims. If Britain's liberal and human rights industry fails to recognize this, we will all live to regret it."
We've been regretting it, right out loud and in the face of the parliamentary PC Crowd for 60 years, Taj.

According to Trevor Philips, in his gloating tome, The Windrush, back in the 1950s, 90 percent of the British people wanted ALL immigration stopped.

Enoch Powell spoke out on our behalf in 1968. Our enemies in Westminster, those the dumbed-don and drugged-up vote for, vilified him for doing so. Raft after raft of race law intended to demote us and promote the immigrant was introduced before and since, in the main at the behest of the Jewish Board of British Deputies.

And so we are where we are now. More than half a million foreigners have been piling in to our country every year since Tony Blair and co. decided, secretly, to 'rub the right's nose in diversity' back in the year 2000.

This deliberately encouraged 'legal' migration, doesn't include more than two million legal immigrants who are thought to be living, working AND claiming benefits in Britain as we speak.

The 'right,' cited in Andrew Neather's whistleblowing essay, by the way, has always been a euphemism for the 'no more immigrants' Briton of the fifties. You know, the working-class 'man on the Clapham Omnibus' type who wasn't too keen on sharing what he and his ancestors had worked so hard for and sacrificed so much for with an alien horde whose ancestors had created sweet b*gger all worth sticking around for?

Taj tells us that the Saudis are behind the Burka/Niqab fad. They're behind lost of other stuff we don't like as well.

The ISIS folk currently wreaking havoc in the middle east was, and still is, funded by them. The Qataris, of 2018 World Cup fame, also pitch in. As, ar least in the early stages, did the very present insanity that is The Great Satan.

Cameron and co. tried to do their bit by offering to fight alongside the Jihadi beheaders in Syria but, thankfully, a persona non grata, (whom we're all encouraged to despise) intervened and enough MPs voted against making was upon the Syrian regime to make the difference.

Ask yourselves why the mainstream media has never informed you of the cited undesirable's role in preventing another catacysmic intervention, ladies and gentlemen. Could it be that they do not want us to think that someone whom they so routinely demonise might have got such a crucial matter so very right, when they, the 'British establishment' was in the process of getting it so very wrong? Again?

The Saudis also funded the Mosque-building programme that has seen so many rise to dominate the skyline of our country in recent times. Many of the hate-preachers that preach in these mosques are also inspired by the brand of Islam sponsored by Saud.

Perhaps you wonder why our government does nothing to curb the activities and philosophy these mega-rich primitives? Well, the aforementioned epithet 'mega-rich' should give you a clue. Not only are the Saudi sitting on a sea of oil, they own much of our National debt. In other words, they bankroll our corrupt and spendthrift politicians.

Such politicians state that they are elected to 'lead,' as opposed to 'serve,' the British people. Which is why, for sixty years, they have been importing 'diversity' into our world.

It 'enriches' us, apparently. We would not have been thus enriched if they hadn't been allowed to lead us one to such enrichment. We would have been stuck being what we'd always been if they'd been forced to do what we wanted.

Remember this the next time a high-rise full of immigrants robs us of a bit more of our green and pleasant land. Remember this when your child is the only one in his classroom for whom English is not his second language. Remember this the next time they shove up a Mosque where the local pub used to be.

Remember this when a Saudi-backed Jihadi beheads someone you love on the streets of old England.
'If Britain's liberal and human rights industry fails to recognize this, we will all live to regret it... For too long the British establishment has been hoodwinked by Muslim zealots.
They recognise it all right. The 'British establishment' was planning to rub our noses in diversity long before Neather and his New Labour masters happened along. Sinister Machiavellians, of the sort that held down the masses in the Soviet Union, began their insidious takeover of what once was exclusively ours (or so we thought) long ago. They now have us gripped tightly by the hair of our heads and, whenever the fancy takes them, they shake.

Those we vote for are at war with us and the world our ancestors made. Immigrants are their footsoldiers, political correctness, the media brainwash and the finances of Saud and Rothschild/Zion are their weapons of mass destruction.

Some questions for you:

1) Why would you vote for those who lied us into the Iraq slaughterhouse?

2) Why would you vote for those who wanted to take us into a war with Syria, allied with the ISIS Jihadi?

3) Why would you vote for those who wanted to rub your nose in diversity by importing huge numbers of unwanted foreigners?

4) Why would you vote for three mainstream political parties that, for decades now, have kowtowed to the stone-age mentality of the Saudis?

5) Was the British establishment 'hoodwinked' or in cahoots?

One more:

1) Why would you vote for a child molester, or someone determined to keep parliamentary paedophilia under wraps?

When an immoral and decadent few rule your world, it isn't difficult to figure out why they do what they do.

P.S. Taj Hargey has form in the common sense stakes. Check out what he has to say regarding Muslim paedophilia.

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  1. This is most enlightening, and crosses the T's and dots the I's on alot of what Ive been suspecting for sometime now. This article makes everything fall jnto place. The question is, what can be done to stop it?