Monday, 23 June 2014

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is not gloating or triumphant

On 20 June 2014, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown patronised us thus in The Daily Mail:
"White boys and girls from poor or working-class families are achieving lower grades in school than children from immigrant households. Pupils with Chinese and Indian backgrounds are at the top of the educational pile, followed by students of Bangladeshi, African, Pakistani and Caribbean origin...

Why are such ‘white British’ boys and girls, who are those most in need of breaking out of the cycle of deprivation, still unable to do so despite major government reforms and hopeful initiatives?

I am an immigrant, born into the Asian community in Uganda, whose two children have done as well as I wished for them and better. But I am not gloating or triumphant."
And, ladies and gents, if you believe that, if you believe this quintessentially ungrateful immigrant isn’t ‘gloating or triumphant,’ please, invest in another head. 

One with a brain inside.
“As someone of the Left, I find this research data on ethnicity and achievement depressing and troubling…"
No you don’t, you find it orgasmic and joyous.
"Non-white families still seem able to get their children to strive and get good results." 
Rub it in, YAB, that’s what you’re there for. It doesn't matter whether it's all spin, b***ocks and bull, you just carry on right on rubbing.
“Many highly successful black and Asian pupils from modest backgrounds who attended large comprehensive schools have gone on to make the very best of what was on offer.”
Because black and Asian pupils are better than white, British pupils, that’s what you mean, isn’t it, YAB?
"The truth is that aspiration lifted them, made them fly."
And lack of it has seen us Brits deservedly mired in the mud?
"Steve McQueen, the director of 12 Years A Slave that won a Best Picture Oscar, for example, went to Drayton Manor High, close to where I live in west London. I know several high-achieving Caribbean men and women whose single mums taught them to work hard and be the best."
Yeah. And I know a hell of a lot more Caribbean low-lives whose absent dads weren’t around to stop them turning into gangstas, drug dealers and pimps.
"Ten years ago, Bangladeshis were near the bottom of the educational achievements list, yet now the children of waiters and takeaway owners from that community are entering Oxbridge and Parliament."
One wonders if positive discrimination had anything to do with it?
"When I was young, my family was economically insecure, dysfunctional and unhappy…"
No wonder you turned out like you did.
"We migrants are these days resented by many in this country, but as Sir Michael says, we have much to offer this nation."
He’s a civil servant, YAB, reading the script from a little, red book of b***ocks.
“I have mentored white working-class children whose families had no faith at all in education.”
No wonder they had no faith! Who wants a deeply patronising migrant lecturing their kids? Who wants to be instructed by a PC snarler whose every second essay expresses disdain for the people who made this a country every last third world reject on the planet dreams of living in?

God, I’d rather have my kids taught by Cuddles the Monkey than her.
“I can’t understand this indifference, this apparent INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND how learning, rather than BECOMING A CELEBRITY OR WINNING THE LOTTERY, paves the way to a better life.”
Nice one, Yaz. The social engineer distracts the gullible with bread and circuses as ten million aliens hoover up the future and all because the British are inherently stupid. Yeah right.
"Of course, good teachers, THROUGH SUPERHUMAN EFFORT, can get white working-class pupils to succeed academically."
'Through superhuman effort.' Like it, Yazzer. Mere humans couldn’t possibly get this slack-jawed bunch to learn their times tables, could they? It isn’t subtle but, hey, who cares about subtlety when your sticking it to the Brit?
"It is important to understand the underlying causes of this PERSISTENT WHITE UNDERACHIEVEMENT, which the efforts of politicians and the inspirational work of excellent teachers seem unable to address. I believe a sense of fatalism may be one factor, the deeply embedded working-class notion that NO ONE SHOULD ‘GET ABOVE THEMSELVES’."
And if we’d all been allowed to carry on getting ‘above ourselves,’ as we were for a while there back in the fifties and sixties, where would you be, Yaz? Wouldn’t some white, British high-flyer have your job, your house, car, lifestyle and CV?

Yasmin knows that the British working-classes were dumbed-down, drugged up and degenrated deliberately via the ‘efforts of politicians’ and on-message PC teachers who always put the poor, little darlings who couldn'’t speak the language and were never to be offended first.

She also knows how dispiriting, uninspiring and joyless the classroom has been for so many indigenous British children over the course of the last fifty years.
"Sir Michael suggests parents who don’t read to their children, don’t ensure homework is done and don’t attend parents’ evenings should be subjected to fines. I can certainly see why he thinks IT'S TIME TO GET TOUGH. But I fear that punitive measures could backfire. A far better idea would be to educate parents so they are up to the job."
Yep. Every school needs a left-wing harridan teaching them how to be good, unquestioning little teletubbies doling out the freebies to the next generation of immigrant better-thans.
"The answer is to try to stop them from repeating the BAD PATTERNS OF THEIR OWN UPBRINGING."
There’s that person who isn’t ‘gloating… triumphant’ and rubbing it in again.
"About ten years ago, I was invited to talk at some community schools in west London about my career, life story and ambitions."
No BNP, National Front or even UKIP folks are ever asked to give such talks to kiddies.
"Two of these schools were trying out what they called ‘family learning’. Most of the school intake was from a large housing estate which had severe social problems and ethnic tensions."
Ah, yes. The type of housing estate that breeds up up the gangstas, drug dealers and pimps that have contributed so unfailingly to all the 'ethnic tension' over the years. Know what you mean, YAZ.
"But in a quiet classroom with dedicated teachers, tensions seemed to subside and all parents, including those who were white and disadvantaged, seemed to develop essential parental skills in the process.

Some had brought their infants in buggies. I sang old nursery rhymes to these babies and some of the mums asked me to write out the words as they didn’t know them." 
 You're such a fabulous person, Yaz. It’s remarkable how so many just can’t see it.
"I have another, more radical, suggestion. As most migrants have a very strong work ethic, ambition and faith in education, WE SHOULD ARRANGE FOR WHITE WORKING-CLASS CHILDREN TO LIVE WITH SUCH FAMILIES DURING HOLIDAYS…" 
It really is beyond astounding, isn’t it? The lady wants the children and grandchildren of those who built and maintained an empire, who made a country that she was desperate to get to (in order to get away from the country her own ancestors had built), to live with foreigners in order to learn how to be decent, contributive and societal non-Chavs.

Astounding just doesn’t cut it.
“I have sometimes taken on such kids too, usually after teachers have asked me to. Though it was tough, at least three out of five did, I estimate, benefit from what this immigrant had to teach them.”
Immigrants are so wonderful, Yazzer. So unspeakably fabulous. I just wish we could get them all over here, you know, to teach us how to be as fabulous as them?
"One is now studying to be a TV cameraman, another a teacher. You have no idea how proud I am."
Oh, we do, Yaz. Your pride goeth before you all right.
"And here is one, final offer: I’ll gladly do the same for another young person from a poor white background — hopefully with encouragement from their family. Other immigrant professionals could, too. Every little helps."
Funny, isn't it? Ever since the 1950s, the British people have been demanding that ALL immigration cease and ALL the absolutely fabulous folk be refused entry. In fact, most wanted those already here to be sent back.

Isn’t that weird? Why would they want people like Yasmin, totally magnificent folk who only have their best interests at heart, to be kept away from their deeply stupid kiddies.

Here’s a clue:

What do think, ladies and gentlemen? Do you think someone who could say such things REALLY has the best interests of your children at heart? I don’t. I think she’s in the business of maximum contempt, maximum disrespect and the oh-so superior finger-wag. She wants you to think that you are of no-account and every last alien is ‘superhuman.’

Well, if that was the case, every last alien would have built societies for themselves that were worth living in and we wouldn’t have them all living in ours.
“These under-performing ‘White British’ children deserve a better future… The rest of us must do our bit… As they say in Africa, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.”
Kind of makes you wonder why so many Africans are raising their kids in British towns and cities, doesn’t it? As opposed to African villages.

Much respect to African villagers, eh, Yasmin? We don't really think so, do we? Alibhai-Brown has a track record of disrespect for the indigenous. Before she landed on us, this is what she thought of Africans: 
"We loathed, most of us, not all of us, there was a loathing of black-skinned people. Kampala in the evening became an Indian city. It belonged to us.”
As for our ‘white British’ under-performers, they surely do ‘deserve a better future’ than the one they’ve been saddled with recently. But with Machiavellians in charge of our world who seem hell bent on ensuring that every last Brit-loathing immigrant is ushered to the top of the greasy, careerist pole as soon as they get here, I’m afraid that ‘better future’ is a very long way off.


  1. Recent research seems to indicate that white children perform badly in schools in minority majority areas of big cities, and that this may be a factor influencing 'white flight' among parents. An article in the Evening Standard 0n 10/12/2013 titled 'Ofsted alarm over exam results of white pupils'. The first paragraph read:

    'The school results of white British children in parts of London are now so low thet are a major cause of concern for Ofsted, a report revealed today.'

    The boroughs of London where white children obtaining five GCSEs are at least 5% less than the country as a whole are Newham, Tower Hamlets, Barking and Dagenham, and Islington. Now study the map and charts in this article 'Why have the white British left London?' Here are the listed boroughs in terms of decline in white population.

    1. Newham -37.5%
    2. Barking and Dagenham -30.6%
    5. Harrow -28.5

    Tower Hamlets is not in the chart because there must be hardly any white people left there and Islington has had a -5% decline in white British.

  2. Go for a job in the UK - you have to fill out a 'diversity monitoring form'. Why? To ensure that natives are barred from work simply because of the colour of our skin.

    Try to get an education - you can't. All the courses are liberal brainwashing designed to make natives feel guilty for existing.

    Need Healthcare? Don't bother with the NHS! The staff are almost exclusively non-native, many don't speak English, most are incompetent and hostile to natives. The NHS is the Native Hating Service, providing no healthcare to us an existing pretty much to give immigrants work, and illegals free healthcare, while we do without.

    So our children do badly in school? What else do people expect when they have been demoralised and taught that they are vile 'haters' who deserve to be third class in a third world country!