Monday, 9 June 2014

When we rape, we feel free!

On 8 June 2014, Kitty Knowles and Chiara Rimella reported thus in The Sunday Independent:
“The Congolese soldiers march through the night, but not towards battle. In the dark, they are hunting for women who have fled their homes in Minova to hide in the bushes. The women know that if they are seen, they will be raped and maybe killed.

The commander gives an order. ‘Go and rape women,’ he says. The soldiers obey…

Nzgira was one of the victims on that night in November 2012, when the mass rape took place. Three men attacked her at once, two of them from the front. She says: ‘The other said he wouldn't go where the others left their dirt. So the third took me from the back. I thought I was going to die.’

The women had been raped by militia groups before, but this time their Congolese brothers were their torturers. ‘I didn't see their faces,’ says Nzgira. ‘How do you see someone who is hitting you in the eyes? How will you know someone who is inserting a gun barrel in your mouth?’
Masika, the founder of a rescue centre for rape survivors, said: ‘They made me sit and started touching me,’ she remembers. ‘All the children were around me. Then they started to rape women from the dormitories [of the rescue centre].’
Masika was 15 when she was first raped by a schoolteacher. Later, the militia raped her and her two daughters before killing her husband. After being cast out by her parents-in-law, she decided to offer counselling and shelter to other women who had experienced the same trauma…

She has now become a target for the rapists. ‘Since I have been doing this work, I have been raped three times,’ she says. ‘I have been beaten, tortured and left to die.’

The mass rape in Minova was not an isolated instance. Research from the American Journal of Public Health says that in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 1,152 women are raped every day, or 48 women every hour.
Despite the Congo's conflict officially ending in 2003, fighting has never stopped, claiming more than five million lives since the war started nearly two decades ago…
The day after the army attack in Minova, 130 rape victims arrived at Masika's displaced women's camp. Seventeen of the girls were under 18. The youngest was 11.

‘The pain of these women is created by Congolese men,’ says Masika, who is featured in a new documentary by the award-winning film-maker Fiona Lloyd-Davies. ‘Every day, they take the women and rape. You see a three-year-old child who has been raped. Why would they do that?’

Rob Williams, the chief executive of War Child UK, a charity working to reduce rape in the Congo, says … ‘We've seen cases where sticks have been used, or bottles, or rifle butts, or even bayonets,’ he says. ‘Obviously, there is very little about sex there, it's mostly about an experience of horror and power.’

This kind of rape is experienced by both men and women, with victims often dying from their injuries…

The stigma surrounding Congolese rape survivors often means they are more likely to be cast out from their villages... ‘Rape destroys communities as well as destroying people,’ Williams says… ‘In some countries, it is not normal to investigate rape, as it isn't seen as a high priority,’ says Williams.”
Soldiers in Lloyd-Davies' documentary described their actions thus:
“The commander gave us an order and he was the one who started to do it… There was shooting everywhere. He told us to surround him so he wouldn't get shot. Then he started raping.”
“We met other people and we killed just for the sake of it. We raped, we destroyed everything. Everything that was in our path.”
“It's true that we raped here. We found women because they can't escape. You see her, you catch her, you take her away and you have your way with her. Sometimes you kill her. When you finish raping then you kill her child. When we rape, we feel free.”
This is what the British establishment has beckoned into our country against our express wishes.

This is what the race laws protect. This is what the media eulogises. Here are the forbears of hundreds of lawless gangs who terrorise their own communities and ours on the streets of Britain's big cities. This is what we must ‘cohere’ with. This is ‘enriching.’ Here is the PC Crowd’s ‘diversity’ in the raw.

When they rape, they ‘feel free.’ Perhaps they feel even freer when they ‘kill her’ and ‘kill her child.’

They aren’t all like that? No, I suppose they’re not. The women are certainly better than the men. But much more than half of all the young adults who come here from the sub-Saharan regions are men.

How many of the half decent ones carry the AIDS virus? At the end of 2001, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS estimated that 1.3 million Congolese were living with HIV/AIDS.

But perhaps there aren’t that many DRC folk living here? Well, in 2001, there were just 8,561 Congolese people resident in our country. But that’s not the point. War and savagery is endemic throughout the continent. It stretches credulity to imagine the soldiers who testify above could or would want to adjust their behaviours to fit in with ours if they ever made it over. Besides, how much damage can 8,561 non-natives do to an indigenous population? Especially when such folk are protected and promoted by the establishment?

Check out the damage just a handful of immigrants managed to inflict upon the British people here.

The 2011 census tells us that 1.8 million black people were living here in 2011. We do not know how many of them think like the dog soldiers and 'commanders' of the DRC military.

What we do know is that those we vote for have been prepared to allow in ethnically and culturally similar folk in huge numbers.

When we said we didn't want them. Again and again and again.

As I have said on many occasions, ladies and gentlemen, the powers-that-be are at war with us. Foreigners are their footsoldiers, political correctness and the media brainwash their weapons of mass destruction.

Every last unwanted immigrant who ever felt ‘free’ to rape, kill, steal, seal drugs, pimp and otherwise harm a man, woman or child of native British origin in our country was aided and abetted by those who brought him here.

And, of course, those who voted for them.

More than 22,000 residents of Newark cast their vote for LibLabCon on 5 June 2014. In other words, 55.3 per cent of those who bothered to register their opinion voted for even more of what the three major parties have given us over the course of the last 60 years.

In the future, when the alien hordes ship over from the DRC and similar national basket cases, send them to somewhere that is still 93 per cent white and British. Let the complacent and uncaring we-don’t-care-as-long-as-it-isn’t-happening-to-us types have a little of what we in the big cities and towns have had to endure for so long.

Newark would be my choice.

P.S. At this moment in time, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, where 1,152 women are raped every day, is, officially, at peace.

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