Tuesday, 10 June 2014

You have to be black, homosexual and a woman to work at the BBC

On 3 October 2005, Rik Mayall, of 'The Young Ones,' 'The Young Statesman' and 'Bottom' fame, was quoted thus by The Sun:
“You have to be black, homosexual and a woman to work at the BBC. That’s why they didn’t like Bottom. They were two men who were heterosexual and that was the problem...

The BBC banned Adrian and I from being on TV, for being heterosexual or known to disagree with the Government…

British TV used to be the finest in the world, now it’s totally imploded.”
Rik, who died suddenly at his home yesterday, wasn't my favourite comedian but he was funny enough once in a while. For the honesty expressed above, I thank him. Shame he didn't clue the unenlightened in on the over-preponderance of Jews in high BBC places in his Sun revelation but you can't have everything.

Perhaps, his fondness for the Hebraic strand affected his perception of demographic unfairness. His wife, Barbara Robbin, is Jewish, you see, as are their three children therefore. His previous love, Lise Mayer, who wrote 'The Young Ones' with Rik and Ben Elton, is also Jewish.

As is Ben Elton.

Keith Chegwin, a sometime BBC insider of 14-years standing, evened up the score somewhat when, during a 14 September 2006 edition of the BBC2 comedy series, Extras, he put the following question to Andy Millman, Ricky Gervaise's character, in the sitcom, 'Extras:'
"The BBC, still run by Jews and queers, is it?"

Check out a few of the Jews who 'run' the BBC here.

R.I.P. Rik Mayall.

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