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Michael Fabricant's tweet was utterly appalling!

After Yasmin Alibhai-Brown took part in a Channel 4 News debate with Rod Liddle, in which she said, ‘I have no words for how much I loathe you’ to the Spectator columnist, Conservative MP, Michael Febricant, tweeted thus on 20 June 2014:

“I could never appear on a discussion prog with @y_alibhai I would either end up with a brain haemorrhage or by punching her in the throat."

Which, in this modern age, was a very foolish thing for an MP to say. The PC Crowd were on to it immediately and the vilifications began.

Alibhai-Brown herself, said this in The Independent:

"It is a complete shock that an interview with someone who is a polemicist on Channel 4... makes an MP from a ruling party say what he said. I mean, what is he saying, that it is ok to fantasise about and want to beat up a woman because she expressed a view?…
To him an Asian woman should be selling cigarettes in a shop and cooking curries and can’t be out there like me.”
When Fabricant attempted to apologise, she responded thus:
“It was not an apology, it’s almost worse, and it is not acceptable. A few years ago, a Tory councillor tweeted that I should be stoned to death – this is becoming a tradition obviously and they have to do more than ask for an apology…

I think he should resign. They should at least withdraw the whip. I think people are really shocked, and women’s groups are up in arms…

It just shows they expect people like me to be their servants, and servicing their needs, and not to have equal rights as we speak they really haven’t moved on."
Hmm. Fabricant wishing to take part in a discussion with a uniquely aggressive female means he wants that same female to be a ‘servant… servicing his needs.’ Bit of a logical quantum leap there, Yaz. Fabricant punching you in the throat doesn’t equate to ‘servant… servicing his needs’ either.

Of course, it may do in PC Land where you live.

There followed a blizzard of tweets commenting on the above on the 20th and 21st of June.

A selection of these are posted below.

After the renowned parliamentary blogger, Guido Fawkes, posted the YAB v Rod Liddle video on Twitter, Philip Maurice Evans wondered:
“Why do media keep giving her the oxygen of air time?”
I replied:
“Because the media, along with politician and PC Crowd, is, in his own homeland, at war with Whitey.”
On 19 June, the journalist Ed West had tweeted this:
“I love Rod Liddle, and if that's wrong, I don't want to be right.”
To which I responded:
“One wonders why YAB was never taken to task over this. (See graphic below) Actually, in a PC age, one doesn't wonder at all.”
After Fabricant tried to apologise again, this time on Twitter, Alibhai-Brown replied:
“The tweet was offensive & your 'apology' useless. Tories like you think people like me should be ayahs or selling you curry.”
She does love the downtrodden servant thing, doesn’t she? She certainly seemed to be enjoying sticking it to the ‘pale, male and stale’ (David Lammy, MP, quote) Tory tosser who trod upon her delicate little PC tootsies. Oh yes, our Yaz, isn’t past working the bee in her bonnet for all its worth, all right. Just how big a bee occupies her headgear can be seen here.

Downing Street was quick to distance itself from Fabricant’s comment, and later reinforced the displeasure thus:
"The Prime Minister thinks that Michael Fabricant's comments were completely unacceptable and in poor taste.”
The ubiquitous gay Marxist, Owen Jones, tweeted:
“This isn’t the standard ranting anonymous troll. This is a Conservative Member of Parliament.”
I replied:
“Compare Fabricant's anti-YAB misogyny with YAB's genocidal anti-White racism. Verdict?”

On 20 June 2014, Gloria De Piero, MP, shadow minister for women and equalities, was quoted thus by The Guardian:
“Michael Fabricant's tweet is utterly appalling and he must apologise personally to Yasmin Alibhai Brown immediately. It is unacceptable that views like this persist in the Conservative party. David Cameron needs to be clear about this and set out what action he will be taking."
She later tweeted:
"What a disgusting thing to say @Mike_Fabricant. I think you shld apologise to @y_alibhai."
I responded thus:
“You say Fabricant's tweet was ‘utterly appalling.’ How much more appalling is genocidal racism? (See graphic above)
The Guardian added:
“She (Alibhai-Brown) dismissed Fabricant's attempts at an apology. ‘He has not apologised. I do not call this an apology. This is him trying to get out of a difficult situation and he's actually making it worse.’

Alibhai-Brown, a Muslim who came to Britain from Uganda in 1972, said she felt like Fabricant was ‘encouraging’ people who have previously threatened violence against her. ‘These guys find us unbearable,’ she added. ‘I think they still think Asian women should be their ayahs, their nursemaids, or selling them takeaways. We can be out here being assertive.’

Over a series of tweets, Fabricant attempted to make amends for the comment…

1. ‘It appears that some people who don't know me think I actually go round punching 'in the throat'. Not true.’

2. ‘If anyone believes I would seriously threaten someone with violence, I of course withdraw and apologise.’

3. ‘I am afraid I know I would get v angry if I had been on the Ch4 debate last night. Glad it was Rod Liddle and not me!’

To Alibhai-Brown, he said: ‘Sorry @y_alibhai if you actually thought I would punch you. I actually don't do that sort of thing. But you are utterly infuriating! Xx.’

Fabricant was also criticised for retweeting a comment saying the journalist should be deported.”
After blogger @JamesDelingpole and news service @BreitbartLondon commented upon the situation, I tweeted this:
“Yaz wants an apology from Fabricant. I want a treason trial for this.” (Above graphic introduced)
The Independent newspaper tweeted:
“Language like Michael Fabricant’s is too often shrugged off and tolerated.”
I replied:
“Why'd you censor the info when I pointed out Alibhai-Brown's racism at Independent? Why'd you “tolerate?” (Above graphic introduced)
JC tweeted:
“Clearly the @Independent thinks that Alibhai-Brown's racist statement was perfectly reasonable.”
I added:
“Indeed. But my bringing it to the attention of the British public was not, apparently. In PC World truth is the enemy.”
After Michael Fabricant tweeted this:
“So just for the avoidance of any doubt: I am v sorry for tweet. It was wrong to joke abt punching + I completely withdraw and apologise.”
Alibhai-Brown replied:
“It was not a joke but a violent urge, unacceptable from an MP. DO YOU NOT GET THAT? Feeling that urge again?”
@fascistCOW replied:
“There's an awful lot of people who get a violent urge when you open your mouth. #racist”
@BullshineBilly added:
“Is this the same brown woman that wants to see the end of the white race?”
I replied:
“That's her. Talk about immigrant ingratitude… (graphic introduced) She is hated by many in this country. Which is fair enough. She certainly hates us.”
After Darshna Soni posted this on 19 June:
"Rod Liddle: ‘I'm not terribly keen on Islam.’ Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: ‘The bigotry bursts out of you,’ 
I replied:
“Strange how the nastiest of the non-white media darlings think we should love & respect them when they so obviously loathe us.”
At one point ‏@Marty_Caine tweeted:
“I'd say @Mike_Fabricant got a result if @y_alibhai doesn't want to speak to him, every cloud has a silver lining and all that ;)
To which Joanne Stowell replied:
“She's entitled to her opinion at that time, white men have been racist forever!”
I replied:
“You serious? You sticking up for someone who wants we white folks gone?” (Graphic introduced)
And added: “If I said I wanted Asians to be "lost species" (I don't), I'd be jailed.”
Joanne responded:
“Do you realise how idiotic you sound. YAB was lashing out just as Fabricant was showing his misogyny!”
 I replied:
“You WERE being serious! OK for her to hope Whitey dies out but not OK for Whitey to despise her?"
And added: “Sounds like the very definition of treason, Ms Stowell. May you be first on YAB's to do list.”
She disappeared after that.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown never replied to any of my tweets. 

Nor did Gloria de Piero, The Independent and Owen Jones. All ignored the evidence of YAB's genocidal racism.

James Fabricant didn't reply either. This was sensible given my outspoken track record.

Fabricant is Jewish. In this instance, the evidence of jokey, if daft, humanity in the face of a snarling carbuncle otherwise known as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, makes him more of a true Brit to me than otherwise.

Fret not, James, your entirely reasonable dislike of Ms Alibhai-Brown is widely shared.

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