Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blood-boiling PC tokenism at the Beeb!

On 20 June 2014, The Telegraph told us this:
"One in seven BBC presenters and actors is to be black, Asian or minority ethnic within the next three years, it has been announced, as Lord Hall pledges to improve diversity. Lord Hall, the director-general, has promised 15 per cent of on-air BBC staff will be black, Asian or minority ethnic by 2017, along with one in ten managers.

Critics have already condemned the policy as ‘absolutely ridiculous’, claiming recruitment should be conducted irrespective of race and without the ‘PC tokenism that makes people’s blood boil’.
Speaking at the BBC’s Elstree Studios, Lord Hall promised the corporation aimed to be ‘beyond reproach’ on diversity issues, as he announces a new group of advisors including comedian Lenny Henry, athlete Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, and broadcaster Baroness Floella Benjamin.
He has now confirmed a set of targets for the BBC, to be fulfilled over the next three years. Lord Hall said:

‘The BBC gets much right on diversity, but the simple fact is that we need to do more’…

British broadcasters including the BBC have previously been accused of failing to represent Black and minority ethnic talent fully, with Lenny Henry along those calling for positive action. But the new proposals have been criticised as ‘political correctness’, with Conservative MP Philip Davies accusing Lord Hall of imposing a ‘completely racist policy’…

‘I think it’s absolutely ridiculous,’ he said. ‘It think it’s political correctness. This is the sort of PC tokenism that makes people’s blood boil’.”
Political correctness.

Yep. The PC Crowd are in charge at the BBC all right.

'Jews and queers.' That’s who Keith Chegwin, a sometime BBC insider of 14-years standing, says is in charge of the BBC. Mind you, he was only delivering the lines written for him by Ricky Gervaise.

In a 14 September 2006 edition of the BBC2 comedy series, Extras, he put the following question to Andy Millman, Ricky's character, in the sitcom, 'Extras:'
"The BBC, still run by Jews and queers, is it?"

Now that is NOT politically correct. In this modern age, to state the facts as baldly as this is 'racist.' Unfortunately for the usual suspects, Ricky Gervaise was just about the biggest thing on British television at the time and was well nigh untouchable, so, interestingly, very little was said.

Here's something the sadly departed Rik Mayall said in a 3 October 2005 edition of The Sun:
“You have to be black, homosexual and a woman to work at the BBC."
I’d lay a pound to penny on the fact that no Jews and no queers will be pensioned off when they're making room for even more of Rik’s ‘black’ folk. Perhaps a few old, white women will disappear down the rabbit hole but, for the most part, it will be indigenous British men who will be given the old heave-ho.

And, trust me, the BBC won’t stop hiring the Michael Grades, the James Hardings, the Alan Yentobs, Jenny Abramskies, Danny Cohens and Ian Katzes to run the place either. The Lennies and the Floellas may be the visible face of the PC policy but, behind the scenes, the PC strings will continue to be pulled by the Jew.

Positive discrimination, that’s what it’s called here. In America they call it affirmative action. Everybody’s happy because everything’s ‘positive’ and ‘affirmative.’ Trouble is, it’s only positive and affirmative for the beneficiaries.

There will be an unhappy and aggrieved majority out there somewhere who not only do NOT benefit, they also lose out considerably when appointments are no longer allocated according to merit.

Oh no, it’s not the least bit positive or affirmative for those who made this a country that everyone else on the planet wants to come to. It’s negative and infuriating that those we never wanted here should be given preference over us, time after time after time.

We don’t accept this state of affairs. We do not accept the endless demotion and disenfranchisement in the land our ancestors willed to us. To US! Not to anyone else! To US!

Too bad you say, it’s a done deal, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Well, take heed, all you ill-intentioned social engineers. If you light the blue touch paper things tend to go bang, don’t they? Just because they haven’t so far doesn’t mean to say that you can carry right on forever doing what you do without consequence.

Some day soon you’ll filch one last diamond for your New World Order house of cards and everything will change. Just like that.

All the Lord Halls, all the Lenny Henries and all the PC anti-Brits at the Beeb better be ready to run when it does.

EastEnders is 'twice as white' as the real East End warns BBC Trust boss as she calls for 'authentic portrayal of modern Britain.'

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