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Farage and his gang are encouraging hatred of the outsider!

On 12 May 2013, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said this in The Independent:

“Don’t be fooled by Ukip’s charm, it is xenophobic and creates fear… Farage and his gang are encouraging the hatred of the outsider, blaming them for all ills…

It is morally repugnant and makes us all unsafe. Think of how people were incited to turn against those unlike themselves in Bosnia before the war, or Germany in the 1930s. Think and be afraid, very afraid.
This time UKIP was aided and abetted by cowardice, complicity and inertia. Now politicians must find gumption and take on this malevolent force.” 
By 31 March 2014, she was saying this in the C4 documentary, ‘Nigel Farage: Who are you?'
“What has to happen, between now and the elections that are coming up, is that the media has to be kind of controlled in terms of how often Farage gets to rule the airwaves.” 

An advocate of censorship when democracy doesn't provide the required result, that would be you, eh, Yasmin? Well, let me tell you, setting a Brit-loathing attack-bitch upon those who have just given her a home can be pretty censorious as well. Don’t you think that the powers-that-be would have known what a demoralising effect the drip, drip, drip of anti-indigenous, immigrant-partial venom would have upon us over the decades?

Control isn’t just exerted by cutting out the stuff that might encourage the controlled to behave in ways that don't suit the controller. When discouragement is routinely preached, the effect upon the congregation is liable to render the need for censorship redundant, so accepting of their lesser status will those subject to the interminable ‘you-are-not-worthy’ mantra become.

After ramming their foreigner-first policies, together with raft after raft of Brit-bashing race law, down our throats for so long, I guess the social engineers had a right to expect better than UKIP. Remember all that time and effort spent insisting that ‘diversity’ must be celebrated? (Even as our little girls were being drugged-up, gang-raped and prostituted) Was it all for nothing? Surely Yasmin and co. were entitled to believe that the dumb British herd had been pacified for good and all?

It appears not. I guess all the relentless and unwarranted denunciation from the beneficiaries of British altruism must have caused some to question their original generosity.

Anyway, those who bestrode the people of the West like some vast Bolshevik Colossus aren’t used to being jocked off and some want us subject to even tighter controls as a result. That's what encourages the 'hatred', Yaz. Are we supposed to allow the 'outsider' to push and prod us in directions we don't want to go for evermore, just so he can feel a little less 'unsafe?'

We don’t hate the outsider, Yasmin. We just don’t want him along with half a million of his fellows, piling in on top of us year in, year out. Nor do we want him presuming to manage our affairs in his own best interests once he gets here.

Our ancestors made the safe, harmonious world that you once sought sanctuary within. Our ancestors willed that world to us. Not to you, to future half millions or to the non-indigenous multitudes already here. It is not, was not, and never will be yours, or theirs, to control.

I don’t care if you feel unsafe, Yaz. You deserve to feel unsafe. You are the very epitome of a ‘morally repugnant’ human being. The system that nurtured and promoted you has demeaned and demoted us to the point where the nastiest of the erstwhile outsiders can now casually advocate our extinction without the least misgiving.

During the 4 June 2006 edition of Dateline London, Gavin Essler posed this question to an African immigrant:
"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?" 
 This was the response:
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who arrived here as a refugee from Idi Amin’s Uganda in 1972, was responsible for this inciteful, ‘xenophobic’ remark. Was she ‘encouraging… hatred’ of the insider here? Was she making us feel ‘unsafe?’ Does she want us to ‘be afraid, very afraid?’

‘Malevolent force?' UKIP has nothing on you, Yasmin. Nor does the BNP, the National Front or even Mosley’s Blackshirts. None of them ever called for the total eradication of the ‘outsider,’ an outcome implicit in your heartfelt ‘lost species’ testimony. All they ever wanted was separation from those who had aggressively imposed themselves upon their world.

Yasmin's not shy of expressing her contempt for UKIP, Farage and his supporters in the social media either.
The 'no more pussyfoot' person has a long track record of disrespect for the indigenous.

Before she got here, this is what she was thinking of Africa and Africans:
"We loathed, most of us, not all of us, there was a loathing of black-skinned people. Kampala in the evening became an Indian city. It belonged to us.”  
As you can see, she is so confident of her unassailable position as the Dark Queen of Political Correctness, she blithely admits her racist mindset!

A thousand and one indigene-bashing race laws for us, none at all for the hate-filled Alibhai-Browns. Ah well, all's fair in love and war, so they say.

And they are at war with us, ladies and gents.

They really are.

As far as I know, Alibhai-Brown has only once been accused of racism, and then hesitantly, by those who count.

In the 25 August 2008 edition of ‘The Wright Stuff,’ she said:
"It would be great if you lot just went away; white, middle class men.” 
To which Richard Bacon responded:
"Is that not a racist comment?" 
Smirking, Alibhai-Brown replied:
"Of course". 

A complaint was made to Ofcom but, of course, nothing came of it. As far as I know, no one, not the BBC, not the police or the judciary, certainly not the press, the politicians or the PC Crowd, not even the long-suffering British public, has ever questioned the right of this pathologically ungrateful Muslim refugee to want the white man gone.

I guess that's why she gets to preach genocide (never mind 'racial hatred') without fear of the consequences.

If you're not a native-born Brit, there just aren't any.

On 25 June 2007, Alibhai-Brown said this in The Independent:
"For many years, those who should have held him back from his impulses and excesses were too in awe of his powerful image, too grateful to him personally for the New Labour victory, too susceptible to the charm he turned on with such alarming ease. And we - black and Asian Britons - genuflected even more humbly before this messiah come to deliver us from the horrid Tories. I confess I was one of them." 
'We black and Asian Britons genuflected even more humbly before this messiah come to deliver us from the horrid NATIVE BRITS.' That’s what you meant, isn’t it, Yaz?
"When Blair came into power, Britons seemed to be at ease with racial difference."
Not me and most of the rest, Yaz. We never wanted you here and, to be perfectly frank, if you all f***ed off tomorrow, we'd blow you racially different types a kiss on the way out.
"And, believe it or not, with immigration." 
Oh no, Yazzer. You’re a liar or you’re stark raving bonkers if you think we Brits ever fell for the 'immigration is good for you' thing. Anybody who ever wanted a bunch of jumped-up Brit-loathers like you piling into the country, sneering at us, ethnically cleansing us out of our own ancient stamping grounds and taking all the top and bottom jobs, is an immigrant themselves, as nuts and nasty as you, a slithery-up-the-greasy-pole jobsworth or a suicidal lemming.
"Britishness itself was finally changing and opening up to its many-hued citizens, too long kept at the fringes."
'Kept at the fringes' like you, Diane Abbot, Oona King, Trevor Philips, Lenny Henry and all the pop stars, newsreaders and football players you mean?
"The Stephen Lawrence inquiry (one of a few admirable New Labour race initiatives) made white Britain wake up to the evil of racism." 
Ah, the native-bashing knobkerry at it's most nobbly.

Here’s a bit of factual 'evil' for you, Yazzer. If you were to extrapolate the stats in the 2001 Census with those in the 2005 British Crime Survey, you would find that, in Britain, an individual black person is 110 times more likely to murder an individual white person than the other way around. An individual Asian is 20.5 times more likely.

And the facts and figures in the 2005 BCS were compiled before one black man and three Asians blew up 52 people in London.

I think you would have to agree that these British dead would not be figuring in your 'admirable New Labour race initiatives' equation, now would they, Yazzer?
"After the first term, our society shifted into… dangerous fragmentation and unwarranted paranoia." 
We started fragmenting as soon as the Windrush arrived in 1948. In fact we started fragmenting in 1941 when the Yanks started shafting everything in a dress whilst we were away fighting on behalf of Big Business and the New World Order. By the time of the Nottingham and Notting Hill riots, we were well jigsawed.

As for the 'unwarranted paranoia.' ‘Scuse me, Yaz, but I get paranoid every time you say things like 'I want them (white men) to be the lost species in a hundred years.' Whether such paranoia is unwarranted, well, if you knew that we were planning to genocide your lot, wouldn’t you be a tad concerned?
"The Leader promoted imperial fantasies while embracing reassuring black people such as Trevor Phillips." 
Yeah, I loathe him for the imperial fantasies and Trevor-up-the-bum bit, too, Yaz.
"The left supported immigration and abhorred the victimisation of incomers." 
But, interestingly, they never seemed to abhor the 'victimisation' of the indigenous. You know, all those who kept on getting mugged (old, white ladies) and drugged up, raped and turned to prostitution (young, white girls) by the black and brown types?

"The alchemist Blair mixed right-wing populism with left-wing platitudes; rabid capitalism with moral purpose; illiberalism with patriotic posturing, religious fervour with global politics…

He has broken up our nation… Under his tent we squabble and terrorise each other."

Er, under his tent WE squabble and YOU terrorise, actually, Yaz.
"The divisions have deepened between black and white Britons… settled folk and migrants… The major reason for this becoming so noticeable now is because it’s happening in the leafy suburbs and not just the no-account tenements." 
When you’ve got 22 Romanian Gypsies living on one side of you, 50 Pakistani postal voters living on the other and a bejewelled Jamaican Yardie living across the street, even the doziest ‘I’m not racist but’ is liable to notice that his neighbourhood isn’t what it once was.

PC destroyers like you could get away with the pretence that everything was happy-clappy in La-La land as long as the imported savagery remained in the inner cities. Now that it's everywhere, well, those with cash and clout always squeal the loudest, don't they?

You've been rumbled, I'm afraid, but not for the reasons you cite. Although I must admit, when Blair, Cameron and co. go a-slaughtering innocent Abduls in the East on behalf of sinister Jewish Neocons in the West, the Abduls in your own back yard are liable to want to revenge themselves upon the odd, innocent Brit.

And when they do, in an age when leafy suburbia is waking up to the threat to themselves, the powers-that-be were always going to get stuck in on behalf of their own, weren't they? Leafy suburbian anxiety + Iraq? Sorry Yaz, when the elephant in the room is, actually, standing on upper crust bunions, the quiet bit of the secret war is over, I'm afraid.
"And then there is Iraq, our undying shame."
Iraq is the 'undying shame' of certain media darlings. Tony B, New Labour and the Tories, actually, Yazzer. Oh, and the sheeple voters that maintain these in power. All shades of British Nationalism, however, you know your 'malevolent forces,' were totally against the war.
"Blair has taken us as low as we can go. Brown let him. Now the new PM expects to break from the ignoble decade and raise us up with resonant words. The desperate nation is once more vulnerable to the bringer of good hope. Careful now, hold back, stay alert and don't be swept away this time. Blair never learnt any lessons, but we must." 
We must, Yazzer, we must. However, as the lessons WE must learn are rather different to the ones the PC Crowd would be interested in, I'll let the newcomers to this blog check out how one high profile journalist, a former board member of the malign anti-British construct known as the Runnymede Trust no less, has expressed her gratitude to those who gave her sanctuary over the years:
There is an underlying assumption that says white is right. There is a white panic every time one part of their world seems to be passing over to anyone else. But it's foolish to panic about it. So what if we do become a majority? What difference does it make? The empire strikes back really. There was this extraordinary assumption that white people could go and destroy peoples and it would have no consequence. It astounds me."  
The making and remaking of any nation is not an easy task, and you need real guts and conviction to press on with it. This country has never appreciated the extraordinary contributions of immigrants... the need to make a new social contract between all the citizens and the state so that we know what we stand for".  
 "Hundreds of thousands of true sons and daughters of this great nation stormed into London to sound off about how deprived they are and how they feel victims of prejudice so bad that, according to the Prince of Wales, they are even worse off than blacks and gays.
How intolerable! My heart breaks at the thought of those poor, flushed apple cheeks of country Brits as they watch us blacks and those queers overtaking them in the gallop to privilege...

Oh I hear you yelping all right... Are those who object to my thinking absolutely sure that the Countryside Alliance really would like multiracial Britain to invade its pure little village? Would they welcome a beautiful temple or mosque to stand with the small church spires if a substantial number of us did manage to sneak in by cheating estate agents?...  
Most shameful of all have been the recent outbursts over asylum centres in countryside locations."  
"Bit by bit, the very essence of Britishness is being transformed... I will... spend my life helping to make a more inclusive and dynamic new nation, instead of making do with the decaying remnants of a long gone past."  
"Xenophobia and imperial arrogance lurk inside most white Britons. Until the people of this country can apologise for their imperial past, none of us can move on".  
 "Jack Straw... has said something that one can almost agree with... On GMTV last Sunday, Mr Straw asserted that much of the disgraceful behaviour of English hooligans abroad came out of a distorted sense of patriotism bound up with the 'baggage of empire'." 
"We must never underestimate the power of racism and xenophobia to influence resentful whites left behind in this bright, new, zappy digital age."
"Once, I'd have applauded anybody who publicly humiliated the English. Now, I feel more disquiet than wicked delight".  
"The numbers of refugees coming to Britain has been going down substantially since 1997." 
Whereas, more than four million arrived during the time of Tony and, in the year 2000, a secret report was prepared making the case for the mass immigration that made this figure possible. Alibhai-Brown may well have been aware of it.

And, despite promising to lower the intake to the ‘tens of thousands’, in 2013 alone, David Cameron welcomed 526,000 foreigners to our shores, all of whom were entitled to settle here permanently.

Strangely, when she get’s up at a different angle, the Brit-loather-in-chief can admit to this:
"If I were a white pensioner living on a street in Bradford where Asian men, braggarts and brawlers, pimps and dealers, had taken over, of course I would reach out for the meanest part of me and hate the whole lot of them. 
The endless stories of Albanian and Turkish warring gangs; of black men and gun crimes; of hideously deformed mullahs who think they have the right to incite, in the house of God, young Muslim men to hate; and Algerians accused of making poisons and killing policemen, have created a new anger and hostility to our presence across British society".
(‘Imagining a New Britain,’ an archetypal YAB wish-list, featured a black Queen Elizabeth on the front cover.)

Anyway, ladies and gents, that’s the real reason why Yasmin wants UKIP’s access to the media controlled. They are not part of a traitorous establishment that has socially engineered our world into the pockets of the Alibhai-Browns over the course of the last six decades. As such, UKIP could prove a major threat, not just to her livelihood but, if they were to allow compilations of anti-indigenous hatred such as this into the mainsrteam, UKIP could bring down the wrath of the ‘xenophobic’ upon her head.

The xenophobic, in this instance, being any who might wish to see a charge of treason brought against those who wish them and their kinfolk disappeared.

On 20 May 2014, Alibhai-Brown posted an open letter to Nigel Farage in The Independent.

In this she said
"You have sexists, racists, homophobes and cheats in your party... You seem to think that doesn’t matter, that 'eccentrics” are fun. That, to me, shows tacit approval of some very nasty people and ideas.

I feel that you viscerally loathe cultures and peoples outside your mean little Englishness.

You blame the EU, blame migrants and diversity for all the ills of the nation, which you must know has grown and maintained its position by being pro-European, open and cosmopolitan... I am a woman, Asian, Muslim and a migrant. I must repel you on all fronts.

And I, in return, don’t like, trust or believe anything you say."
I don't ‘blame the EU, blame migrants and diversity for all the ills of the nation’ but I do blame them for quite a few. As, do a great many more than me. If you put the foreigner first on the housing lists for over 40 years and would rather employ him than the native Brit, then diversity isn't going to appeal to many homeless and unemployed Brits.

If EU law encourages huge numbers of such extra-employable types to seek work here, that's won't endear many to the wonders of EU law either.

And if we can't deport foreign murderers, rapists and drug dealers because of their 'human rights,' is that spoosed to impress the taxpayer or those whom the criminals have harmed?

And then there's white flight. I expect Yasmin imagines the English family who ethncially cleanse themselves away from the 'bright, zappy' chap who moves in next door, they deserve to have their 'mean, little Englishness' discomfited.

Well, I'm for them. I'm not for Yasmin or the zappy chap. I suspect Nigel might favour them also. I know for an absolute fact those who vote for him do.

In this the 'lost species' lady have me and lots of other ‘xenophobes’ sussed. We prefer our own We find her views and presence amongst us offensive. She ‘repels us on all fronts.’

Can’t speak for Nigel though.

Perhaps the die hard member of the PC Crowd thinks an immigrant who wants those who gave her sanctuary done away with is just the ticket.

In which case, express your preference below.

Whom do you like, trust or believe the most? free polls 

The woman who wants us gone was awarded an MBE in 2001 ‘for services to journalism'.

Go here to view ‘Spare me the tears of the white working-classes’, and here for ‘The forces of hate are still with us’


  1. There are thousands if white, homeless people who had/have no chance of having families of their own in secure housing, while millions of immigrants get social housing and breed like rabbits. I was a homeless Big Issue seller in Camden in the 1990s. One day, a black woman came up to me at my pitch and told me "the black community is the big issue". That was the point at which I began to question the indoctrination of political correctness and finally began to allow myself to hate the imported third worlders, who do, indeed; hate white English people I am English/Italian myself.

    1. People ARE waking up. It's been an agonisingly slow process but it is happening. Political correctness is also no longer fashionable outside the colleges, universities, union halls and the Westminster village.

      The bad guys threw everything at UKIP and the people voted voted for them anyway. PC is losing its ability to frighten.

      Interesting times.

  2. Great article Shocking to see how such a loathsome detestable (the word list is endless) no-mark as this has attained such prominence, no doubt with a handy leg-up from white liberals and Jewish subversives.

    UKIP's success shows there are still a great many ethnic Britons of native Anglo / Celt stock who haven't been completely brainwashed by the nefarious elements within. Farage & Co. may be a bit short of the mark for full bloodied nationalists, but a good boot up the arse of the establishment is to be lapped up by anyone who wants to see our traitors routed root & branch.

  3. For us, as stated in response to the previous comment, these are interesting times. Such times are mirrored the whole world over. Huge numbers are educating themselves to the off-piste realities.

    What happens next? I don't bother trying to work out what happens too far ahead. Newark is the big thing now.

    And the future? We just keep pressing on towards it.

    Telling the WHOLE truth as we go.