Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Diversity, equality and disability at the BBC

In the Daily Mail article, 'BBC has race bias: Corporation's news boss says too many top presenters are white men, because managers recruits those who look like them,' James Harding, the head of news at the BBC, was quoted thus:
"On the issues of diversity, equality and disability at the BBC, my view remains that we, by which I mean me and every one of us who has the power to appoint and promote people within News and Current Affairs, have to do something determined about this.

Across News, we worry that we have a tendency to recruit in our own image, so all members of the News Group Board have taken a course in unconscious bias...

To those who say this is not enough, I agree. There is much more to be done on diversity across the BBC, on air and off it...

The BBC should, surely, be the best news organisation in the country to get a job and prosper if you come from an ethnic minority background, if you are a women, if you are disabled.

Our target should not be to be good enough, but to be to be much, much better than the rest. We have a long way to go."
Less and less white, British men to be employed in the nation's top media outlet!

Is their any other way of looking at it? Well, yes, actually, I should imagine the aforesaid statement could be even more precisely defined thus: 'Less and less white, British men to be employed in the nation's top media outlet, as long as they're not gay or Jewish.' Check out what BBC insider, Keith Chegwin, had to say about the matter in a 2006 edition of 'Extras:'

I really can't see James Harding, who is Jewish himself, handing out the P45s to any of his fellow 'own image' folk or to a homosexual minority that is so entirely media-appropriate from the PC point of view. Oh, no, the manufacture and management of the western world's 'news' needs lots and lots of atypical types to maintain the required reality-light standards.

I may be wrong of course. As Harding and his all new get-Whitey workforce round up the pale, male and stale types not on-message enough for the brave, new otherworldy incarnation of British Broadcasting at its unrepresentative best, it may be that the 'Jews and queers' will be the first to go. If so, I will be the first to apologise and the first to get down on my knees and kiss the boss's oh-so impartial bot.

But it ain't gonna happen, is it? Danny Cohen, Alan Yentob and Newsnight's Ian Katz will not be getting their marching orders any time soon. Oh, no, it will the snow-white, British indigene who'll be on his way out to make way for the Abduls, Mohammeds, Sanjays and Winstons. And, no doubt, at the very top level, for one or two more Jameses, Dannies, Alans and Ians.

Harding, who was, until he got the job at the Beeb, the editor of The Times, has previous form in the diversity stakes. Check this out here.

A for the prevalence of the Jews in the western world's media, well, Hollywood's been a Jewish town since its inception in 1910 and the recording companies, press, radio and TV stations are are mostly Jewish-owned, as well. But you don't have to take my word for it. For whatever reason the whistle-blowing insider blows, I'm always grateful for absolute confirmation of the stone bleeding obvious stuff that the powers-that-be insist isn't really obvious at all.

Take a look at Jews control the media.

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