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An iron ring from which there is no escape

Douglas Reed (1895 - 1076) was a widely read and influential Times journalist.

What follows is an extract from his 1939 book, 'Disgrace Abounding.
"There is only the one road, at present, leading to Carpathian Ukraine. It goes up hill and down dale for some hundreds of miles, and would need a great deal of improvement before it could be used for major military operations.

The population of this remote statelet only amounts to about half a million people. The evidence of the eye would suggest that about half of these are Jews; actually a sixth is probably nearer the truth. The remainder comprise some of the most miserably poor and racially mixed people in Europe; most of them do not themselves know what they are, but they know that they have nothing to eat.

Many of them speak two, three, four or five languages or dialects, and have been successively told in the last twenty-five years that they are Hungarians, Ruthenians, and, now, Ukrainians. The proportion of them who have any knowledge of what a Ukrainian is is very small. This is not very important; the only thing that is important for these people is that they should be lifted out of the misery in which they live. Never have I seen such poverty as reigns in Carpathian Ukraine.

Here, in these remote Carpathian hills and valleys, the peasant has a house without a chimney. And without flooring. He builds his fire on the stamped-earth floor and the smoke just rises and filters through the roof. Geese, pigs and goats, if he is lucky enough to have any, share the one room with him and his family. For food, he has insufficient quantities of maize bread, which is only just edible. If he has half an acre of land he may pull a rudely-fashioned plough across it himself, or turn it over with a spade. Money he never sees. He thinks with regret of the great days when he could at harvest time at least go down into Hungary and work on the big estates and bring back, as his wage, a side of bacon for the winter. That was wealth to him.

These peasants, their wives and children, live like animals. Even that is an under-statement. In many districts they are animals. I can see hardly any difference between their life and that of an animal.

In one district, round the villages of Svalava and Verezky, where there are a few small factories, inter-marriage and the drinking of methylated spirits has produced a stunted race of deformed and mentally inferior people. Their life is so hard and their wages so small that their only solace is drinking spirits. And as they cannot afford Schnapps, at 36 kronen a litre, they buy methylated spirits from unscrupulous dealers at 5 kronen a litre. It brings intoxication and forgetfulness of hunger in half an hour.

Carpathian Ukraine is a good place to study THE PERSECUTION OF A NON-JEWISH COMMUNITY BY THE JEWISH ONE. Here, for the first time, I saw the Eastern Jews in their native habitat. By the time they reach Budapest, Vienna, Berlin or Prague they are already Westernized. Here, as in Poland, you have the future raw material of your Hollywood film producers and screen stars, your international bankers, your slick Jewish journalists, for here, in Carpathian Ukraine, they are learning English too, before they set off for America in search of greener pastures AND ANOTHER PEOPLE TO EXPLOIT AND BRING TO RUIN.

Here you have a peasant population that has been plundered and bled white in centuries of exploitation, that has passed from one tyranny to another: Czars, kings, nobles, the Church, Russia, Poland, Hungary, and is now completely in the thrall of the Jewish community.

According to statistics, Jews comprise only about 15 per cent of the whole population, but they control all the money power, trade, commerce and banking. Their grip on the people is far more subtle but as vice-like as that of any dictators.

There is no escape for the peasant.

In Carpathian Ukraine you are far more acutely aware of the Jews than in other countries, because they wear the uniform of black hat, caftan, ringlets and beard. In every town and village you enter they thus thrust themselves on your gaze, and your first impression is that they must be numerically predominant, that there must be more Jews than non-Jews in the place.

This is in fact not the case. The reason is that they own all the shops and house property in the main square and in the centre of the town generally. The non-Jews live in the meaner streets and remoter quarters...

The Jews quarrel a good deal, and violently, among themselves, but at the approach of a non-Jew they close their ranks with a solidarity impossible to find among any other people in the world.

The wholesale trade is almost exclusively in the hands of the Jews. The downfall of the non-Jewish interloper is achieved by supplying his Jewish competitors with goods at prices which enable them to undersell him. If any Jew fails to fall into line the services of the rabbi are enlisted and heavy punishments may be enforced against him; he may be refused access to the ritual bath, or the Jewish slaughterer may be ordered not to kill his chickens for him.

The peasant is entirely in the hands of the Jews. If he has any money and wishes to buy anything, he must buy it from a Jew. If he has no money, and needs to borrow some for his taxes or his mortgage, he must borrow it from a Jew. If he has something to sell, he can only sell it to the Jewish dealers. If he wishes to hire a plough, he must hire it, at a high rate, from a Jew.

Most sinister of all, if he wants to drink, and alcohol forms his only solace, he must go to a Jew for it, for the great majority of the alcohol licences are in the hands of Jews.

If he goes to law, he puts money into the pocket of the Jewish lawyer, for in Carpathian Ukraine only 19 of the 160 lawyers are non-Jews. To litigate against a Jew, in these conditions, is for him an almost hopeless proceeding.

It is an iron ring, from which there is no escape."
This is Stalin's Soviet empire in 1939. 

The Jew is doing very well at every level but the moral one, isn't he? And the non-Jew is doing very badly. Why should that be, do you think? In a land where, after millions had lost their lives in the most atrocious circumstances, liberty, equality and fraternity were supposed to be flourishing. You know, ever after in the blood of patriots?

Clearly, in this bit of the Bolshevik jigsaw, such ideals and aspirations were non-existent.

Who learned about about the role played by the Jews in the Russian Revolution at school? Who was taught about the Ukrainian Holodomor, a very real Holocaust? No takers? No one did so? I certainly didn't and I was lucky enough to have had a grammar school education.

Well, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kaganovich, Sverdlov, Voroshilov, Yagoda, Uritsky and many other elite revolutionaries were Jewish. Kamenev's father was Jewish, as was Lenin's grandfather.

Lazar Kaganovich, Stalin's brother-in-law, was the man most responsible for implementing the Holodomor, which saw somewhere between four and ten million die. Most of these were peasants, somewhat similar, one supposes, to those for whom, according to Reed, there was 'no escape.' Who were the same sort of desperate folk for whom the revolution was, allegedly, supposed to have been staged.

Such unfortunates were, for the most part, starved to death, deliberately so. Those found hoarding food or grain were shot.

Perhaps such events had something to do with the creation of the abyssal vision witnessed by Douglas Reed in 1939. Perhaps, as he suggests, ('Czars, kings, nobles, the Church,' Jews) it had always been that way. Anyway, if that was the case, I think we can safely say that the revolution had done nothing to improve the lot of those who were, in 1938-39, living 'like animals' in this Jew-run hell-on-earth.

Anyone out there think Reed must be an anti-Semite to write such an unflattering essay? Well, if so, he certainly wasn't a Nazi sympathiser. He spoke out strongly against appeasement of the Nazis in the run up to WWII and he was warning his readership of German militarisation and Hitler's martial ambition before he became Chancellor in 1933.

Indeed, as Wikipedia tells us, 'his book Insanity Fair (1938) was one of the most influential in publicising the state of Europe and the megalomania of Adolf Hitler before the Second World War.'

That's the trouble with 'anti-Semitism,' the Jews, those with the power to create worldwide recessions and start major wars, would have you believe that any criticism of their behaviours is a sign of mental derangement at best and genocidal intent at worst.

Usually though, it's more to do with common sense and the evidence of one's eyes than any of that old b***ocks.

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