Wednesday, 23 April 2014

An abortion will further her career

On 20 April 2014, The Sunday Mirror quoted wannabe 'Big Brother' housemate, Josie Cunningham, thus:
“I’m finally on the verge of becoming famous and I’m not going to ruin it now. An abortion will further my career. This time next year I won’t have a baby. Instead, I’ll be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house. Nothing will get in my way...

Channel 5 were keen to shortlist me then they found out I was pregnant... Then they suddenly turned cold. That was when I started considering an abortion. After the operation I will be going back to them and asking if they will still consider me.

I’ve also had loads of other offers to further my career and I’m not willing to give them up because I’m pregnant."
Before deciding to abort, she had scanned picture of her unborn child and tweeted it.
“At first I thought thank God it’s a footballer or a doctor and not a Big Issue seller and they have money. Suddenly I was pregnant and I could get free dental work on the NHS, so I got a tooth straightened for cosmetic reasons, and it all seemed great."
Then she began to have second thoughts:

“But then I started to think. I didn’t want to be famous for having a ­footballer’s baby or for being the girl who had a kid by someone who paid for sex. I want to be famous for being me, Josie Cunningham, a glamour model and celebrity in my own right. If I want to do that I need to put my career first. I want the attention to be on me, not on who fathered my child...
People will disagree with my actions. They always do, but I don’t care... I’m a good mum but this is ­something I have wanted for so long. I can’t give up my big break for anything...

To begin with I stopped drinking and started a super healthy diet but I’ve totally relaxed now... The other night I treated myself to a couple of frozen Smirnoff ­cocktails and I can’t stop smoking...

People ask me what I’m craving and the answer is Smirnoff Ice! Once this is all out of the way I hope I can go back to my life and the opportunities will still be there...

I have a documentary which will hopefully be done towards the end of the year and another reality TV show is ­interested... It’s all happening and finally all the hate I’ve have from the public over the NHS boob job is worth it...

All those people who have trolled me and hated me for being me are going to be put in their place when I make it. Why should I give that up to have a baby?”
Why indeed? 

In this world, Josie, the one made by the global elite and LibLabCon, you are behaving precisely as they want you to behave. The way they planned for their dumbed-down, drugged-up and degenerated project-fodder to behave.

You are the ghastly quintessence of all their Frankenstein dreams.

The Mirror explains Jodie's 'boob job' thus:
"She begged NHS doctors for a breast enlargement in January 2013 to take her from a 32A to 32DD, claiming years of bullying over her flat chest had ruined her life.
But she later revealed her ambition to become a glamour model was the real reason to go under the knife. Her idol is Katie Price and she revealed she longs to be the star of her own reality TV series."
That's what the Katie Prices, the Jodie Marshes and the 'Only Way is Essex' girls are for, you know. 

Grotesquely unappealing blow-up bimbos such as these are created so that gormless nonentities like Josie can gawp at, idolise and, eventually, attempt to emulate them. A world full of such artificial and self-obsessed airheads is much more easily controlled than a world full of science graduates, you see.

Price, high-priestess-cum-Queen-Mum of the blow-up bosom, collagen lips and cut, paste and polyfilla brigade, is Jewish.

P.S. Josie's 'footballer' has agreed to pay for her abortion.

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