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Female genital mutilation

On 21 March 2014, the BBC reported thus:
“The first UK prosecutions over female genital mutilation have been announced by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena, 31, of Ilford, east London, will be prosecuted for an alleged offence while working at the Whittington Hospital in London. Hasan Mohamed, 40, of Holloway, north London, faces a charge of intentionally encouraging female genital mutilation…
About 140 million girls and women worldwide are living with the consequences of FGM. Dangers include severe bleeding, problems urinating, infections, infertility, complications in childbirth and increased risk of death for newborns…

The UK has in the past been compared unfavourably to other countries over the issue, such as France where there have been more than 100 successful prosecutions. MPs have said it is ‘unforgivable’ that there have been no UK prosecutions since laws against FGM were introduced nearly 30 years ago. This was despite more than 140 referrals to police in the past four years.

The Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 replaced a 1985 Act, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, raising the maximum penalty from five to 14 years in prison.”
So, an act to prevent this dreadful imported crime was introduced 30 years ago and yet, until now, no one was ever prosecuted. 

This despite the certain knowledge that many, many young girls were being subjected to the practice in this country. Many resident here were also taken abroad to have the procedure performed.

LibLabCon, eh? Once in a while they may, for cosmetic reasons only, outlaw a crime committed by their immigrant footsoldiers. However, as regards prosecuting them for it, well, if you’re lucky you might get them to do something about it 30 years down the line.

On 19 March 2014, The Guardian told us that ‘3,939 FGM patients had been treated across 31 NHS hospital trusts in the capital… between 2009 and 2013.’

As I said, ‘certain knowledge.’

On 21 March 2014, Martin Webster, for many decades a leading light in the nationalist movement in Britain, had this to day:
“It has been announced today that the first prosecution in Britain for ritual female genital mutilation (FGM) has been launched. The impression some elements of the media, and certainly a lot of politicians, have been giving is that the discovery of this vile alien mutilation of young girls has only recently been made known to the authorities and that they have been prompted to take action as a result of a recent episode in a BBC TV hospital ‘soap opera’ which dealt with the subject.

In fact the issue of the ritual ‘infibulation’ of African woman, mainly Somalis and Nigerians, was brought to widespread public attention in an issue of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour broadcast nearly two decades ago on Thursday 19th January 1995.

The only publication which gave any significant coverage to that broadcast was the obscure ‘extreme right wing’ paper ‘Choice,’ published by the late Jane Birdwood (the Dowager Lady Birdwood)."
The article Martin refers to, which he wrote himself, is featured below.

Martin continues:
“Another medical issue which, to its shame, Woman’s Hour, along with all other BBC current affairs programmes and indeed the media in general, is keeping quiet about is the routine abortion of unborn female babies, simply and solely because they female.

This Massacre of the Innocents is being perpetrated by various types of Asian immigrants. How many unborn females are being killed in Britain in this way has not been specified. It must run in to many thousands, perhaps scores of thousands, every year.

Woman’s Hour has been quiet on this topic because the programme is totally dominated by aggressive leftist-feminist harridans who are determined to uphold the current de facto situation of ‘Abortion on Demand’, as distinct from abortion for legally and medically determined reasons, which is what the public thought it was getting from Parliament when the law on abortion was changed in 1967.

The reason why a majority of parliamentary politicians and elements of the media are keeping quiet about this homicidal behaviour is the same reason why they have been so coy about female genital mutilation: these ghastly facts undermine the lies they have told over the past 60 years about how coloured immigration has brought Britain ‘cultural enrichment.’
 The politicians, along with the police, are also mindful of the fact that coloured immigrants now constitute at least half of the population of London and a higher proportion than that of many other cities.
As the riots in London of August 2011 showed, disaffected alien mobs are willing and able, when ‘provoked,’ to loot and burn down city blocks. Those riots also showed that the Police are now unable and/or unwilling to crush such eruptions.
The Establishment multi-racialists have painted themselves into a corner, and they just do not know what to do.

But we do. ‘We are the people of England, and we have not spoken yet’.
This last sentence refers to the recurring theme of G.K. Chesterton’s poem, ‘The Secret People.’ This can be accessed here.

As you can see from the 'Choice,' article, some were speaking out strongly about these things twenty years ago. So, 'the impression some elements of the media, and certainly a lot of politicians, have been giving' isn't just wrong, it's dishonest.

Lynne Featherstone, Lib Dem MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and the Coalition's Minister for Overseas Development, had this to say about the issue in 2013:

"You are not going to put 20,000 sets of parents in prison in this country. Prosecution would be a good message but this is very deeply embedded. I don’t think we should underestimate that what’s been going on for over 2,000 years can just be turned around.”


So how on earth were people who are still stuck in the stone age ever going to 'enrich' us, as you politicians are wont to say? How was the presence of such primitives ever going to to benefit the British people? It wasn't, was it, Lynne? That's not the real reason they're here.

Anyone out there want to know the real reason? Check out what Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the original incarnation of the EU, was planning way back in 1925.

As for not being able to imprison 20,000 sets of parental criminals, I've got a much better idea, one that will save us all bundles in corrective surgery and benefits. Why not just send the b***ers back? They've been cocking a snook at our laws and customs for more than thirty years now, surely such overt contempt should not be tolerated?

It's all gone quiet over there. In the Global Village.

So why now, ladies and gents? Why are THEY doing something about FGM now? Well, as Martin and Gilbert Keith both imply, the people of England may be on the verge of 'saying' something. The politicians, and those who own them, realise this. The thought, quite rightly, terrifies them.

That’s why they’re doing something now.

Thirty years too late.

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