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Treason at Unite - Jack Dromey, MP, in 2007

On 20 January 2012, Chris Moncrieff said this in The Daily Mail: 

"Jack Dromey, the shadow housing minister, secretly accepts £60,000 in payment from the trade uniion Unite - a grave breach of parliamentary rules - and is merely told to be a good boy in future.
If you thought that the revelations of the MPs' expenses scandal and their money-grubbing ways had ushered a new era of trust and honour into the political world, then you should think again. It almost defies belief that the the committee of MPs who examined his case let him off with no more than a rap on the knuckles on the grounds that he was 'new and inexperienced' as an MP.
That is simply unadulterated rubbish. Dromey may have been an MP only since 2010, but he is married to Labour's deputy leader, Harriet Harman, he is a 63 year old man, he has served as Labour's treasurer and has had three decades of experience in various senior roles as a trade union official. And they say he does not understand the political ropes!
The blunt verdict on the MPs who judged him must be either one of ludicrously naive innocence or an attitude of 'treat him gently, he's one of us'. Either way, the outcome is shameful."
From 2003 to 2010, Jack Dromey, husband of the Labour Party's high priestess of political correctness, Harriet Harman, was the Deputy General Secretary of Unite. In that position he is on record as having said these things:
"Our economy needs migrant labour, they are essential. It would be impracticable but also immoral to deport half a million people. Who would clean? Who would cook? The time has come for a debate around amnesty for those workers".
Dromey has also said:
"We will act as the champion of migrant workers, they enrich our life. Migrant workers should be organised and not marginalised. We will confront the cancer of racism in the workplace. We will ensure action in parliament. We will combat racism in the community. The brain-dead boot boys of the BNP will never have a place in the T&G."
He said something similar in a speech at the TUC conference on 15 September 2004:
"I love living in Herne Hill/Brixton, with its thriving Afro-Caribbean culture. Next door is Peckham with the largest African community in Britain. I know of no more decent and hard-working peoples. Give me the Peckham African community any day to the brain-dead BNP boot boys of Burnley.

Our task is not to fear migrant workers, but instead to welcome them to our shores".
If you need any more convincing of the treachery at the heart of elite Socialism in this country, watch the up-to-date version of trades union leadership slither in the 'Treason at Unite' YouTube video below.

The interview was conducted in 2007:

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